Men's Gear: A World of Adventure

Men's Gear: A World of Adventure
POSTED ON November 26, 2018

Movember is wrapping up quickly and we've just scratched the surface on all the wonderful guy-centric topics out there, but instead of delving deeper that's wrap things up. For other helpful hints on his pleasure check out our article "The Dirty Details: Tips & Tricks for His Pleasure."

Prostate Play

Some guys aren't aware that the prostate is essentially their g-spot, also referred to as the p-spot. Other guys may know but don't explore out of lack of knowledge, fear, or potentially both. Fear not gents, for the time is now to experience the immense joy of prostate play. There's tons of toys out there to help you dip your toe in or dive straight in. All the way from butt plugs, vibrating or not, to bigger prostate toys like the highly rated Duke Prostate Simulator.

If you want to indulge in Prostate play but don't want to use toys, that perfectly fine. You can actually massage the prostate from the outside and orgasm from that. For more info on the technical "0how to" take a look at "Prostate Play: An External Massage."


Ah yes, the wonderful world of strokers, whether it's life-like or not realistic, vibrating or not, they all get the job done and provide you with a pleasurable adventure you won't soon forget. Strokers have many great applications: as a part of a couple's intimate time together, the single guy's Saturday night, or if he's away from his significant other for an extended period of time like traveling for work or something, the list goes on. But if you're looking for the best of the best, the Alphas of the stroker world then look into the Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 for a superior unmatched time.

Penis Pumps

Guys always act like the length of their genitals impacts or proves their masculinity, but we all know it's the motion of the ocean rather than the size of the boat that matters. However, penis pumps actually have a lot of different benefits for both him and her including increased confidence, stamina, and potential pleasure. It's time to grow gents, and live the life you have always wanted to!

Cock Rings & Fashion

Our most recent article covered this topic, but just to recap there's a good variety in male underwear and toys for him outside of strokers, mainly cock rings. There's also butt plugs, anal vibes, prostate toys, etc. Whether you're into boxers or briefs, g-strings or thongs, there's something out there for everyone. Do it up guys, she (or he, or they) wants a show just as much or if not more than you do, so get going and strut your stuff.

Happy Movember 2K18!

-The Intimacy Advisor


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