Men's Sexual Wellness: Why We Love Movember

Men's Sexual Wellness: Why We Love Movember
POSTED ON November 21, 2017

We love Movember! It gives us a chance to shine the spotlight on men’s sexual wellness and the role male sex toys can play. There are plenty of sex toys made just for guys, and you should have absolutely no shame in trying them out. Keep reading to learn more about some exciting types of male sex toys.

Prostate Massagers

Society as a whole is paying more and more attention to the prostate – or P-spot, commonly referred to as the male G-spot. The function of prostate massagers is quite simply to stimulate the prostate through massage, which often leads to incredibly intense orgasms! Anal play is a great way to discover new sensations during masturbation, or you can try getting your partner involved to show some love to your p-spot!

Some of our favorite prostate massagers include the Nexus Revo Stealth Prostate Massager and the Duke Prostate Stimulator.


Cock rings – also known as c-rings – are a great men’s sex toy to be used on their own or with your partner to enhance masturbation and sex. C-rings are nothing more than rings that go on the penis (erect or semi-erect), which you slide down to the base of the shaft. They restrict the blood flow, leading to highly engorged erections. When it comes to such toys, be careful to use the right size so you don’t get stuck with a c-ring in a terribly uncomfortable position! The easiest way to slide a c-ring on and prevent any problems is to pair it up with the right lube. We suggest the Toko Organica water based lubricant to ease the friction.

Some of our favorite c-rings include the Mio Vibrating Cock Ring and the Embrace Lovers Cock Ring.


Strokers provide incredibly realistic sensations via the textured tunnel inside each respective toy, which is specifically designed for penis stimulation. Most strokers have a ridged outside, which helps you grip on tight. Don’t try jamming your penis in there without applying lube to both the inside of the toy as well as the penis! The goal is to decrease friction to increase pleasure. The first time you use a stroker, it might seem a little tight, but these toys typically swell to get the right fit. Hold on tight and gently enter, then experiment with movements to find out what you enjoy the most!

Some of our favorite strokers include the Apollo Alpha Stroker 2, with a texture that simulates vaginal sex, and the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1 for a texture that mimics anal sex.

This Movember, we want to remind all the men out there that the sex toys aren’t just for women! Whether used on their own or with your partner, male sex toys promote both men’s sexual wellness and overall health, too. Not to mention, they’re also a great way to introduce unique types of stimulations to your sex life. Browse our entire collection of sex toys for him, always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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