Moms Need Love Too!

Moms Need Love Too!
POSTED ON May 10, 2019

Hey men! Are you looking to get your woman an extra special present for mother's day? Chocolates and flowers, maybe even breakfast in bed are all nice and thoughtful but how about something to make her feel extra special? If you're not quite sure what to get, we've got a couple ideas for you!

Luxury Toys

Now, not all women do, but guys, if you don't already know, it's highly likely that wifey for lifey (haha alliteration) has a secret stash of sex toys. Now most guys have little to no skill with clitoris stimulation (ohhhh burn!!). However, this might not be you; your lady might be clinging to your side because you're the only guy she's ever met to make her orgasm. But for anyone that wants to give a different kind of gift, splurge on a high end toy.

There's a lot of different styles to choose from, and picking the right one can be a bit intimidating. So here's what we think she'll like the most. The Bi Stronic Fusion is one of the biggest fan favorites out there next to the Rave. With a whopping 64 different vibration patterns, clitoral stimulation, and a good size shaft, she'll be singing it's praises for a long time.

The Rave with a grand total of 21 five star reviews is a top tier g-spot toy that will rocket her into the absolute bliss of the mystical g-spot orgasm.

Enter the Volta! Sometimes it's just really all about the clit. With more than 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris (twice that in the penis), it's no wonder they call it the pleasure center. The Volta give it all the attention it could ever want, and then some.

After all May is Massage Month so why not surprise her with the Le Wand Petite? With 10 speeds and 6 patterns she'll reach the big O in no time 😉


Everyone likes to feel sexy. Sometimes people just need to right outfit to make them feel better about themselves in this age of rampant body dysmorphia and low-self image. For someone that may be the Beautiful Venice Babydoll or the Criss Cross My Heart Chemise.

A fun date idea would be to get some bridal lingerie and relive the honeymoon/newlywed days when you could keep your hands off each other. Imagine them in the Naomi Teddy or the Romance Chemise. What about a robe or a gown? I'd be surprised if they didn't like the Lacy Belle Robe Set.

There's still so many options too! You could have the Lace Boyshorts laying on the bed with a note like "tonight's attire" or "I can't wait to get you out of these." It's something small that's sure to put a big smile on their face. Or you could choose a lingerie set like the Elegantly Poised Bra Set or the Maya Set.

Bath & Shaving

Moms deserve a calm and relaxing bath, more often than they get them and Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity to provide them. And while a nice warm bath along with some mood lighting is nice, let's take it one step further. Bath bombs are a phenomenal starting place. If they want a bubble bath Sliquid has them covered with Soak - Cherry Blossom or maybe treat them to a new special wash with Sliquid Splash - Mango. Who doesn't like mango, like seriously?!

Shaving can be immensely troublesome so why not make it easier with some coochy cream? Dark Angel & Floral Haze are some of the more popular kinds but it's also available in Au Natural for a fragrance free formula. Last but by no means least, if she's into bondage, why not try out the Suction Handcuffs for some extra wet fun for the two of you?

Kits & Collections

With May being Massage Month we wanted to bring you the best massage kits and some top notch others to ensure the next time you two are alone will be spectacular. Now you might already be well acquainted with this first kit because it's the best out there (at least in my mind) but let me introduce you to the Garden of Edo Collection! I don't want to start talking about it because I might never stop, but it has 36 five star reviews, just saying.

Next up is Weekend in Bed III Tantric Massage. Whether you're able to spend the whole weekend in bed or not, this kit is sure to bring you and your lover to new heights of intimacy and romance that will enrich your relationship! If the grandparents can take the kids for a weekend then you might want to go somewhere and take the Getaway Kit with you.

Endless possibilities and hours of erotic adventure await you within the Oil of Love Mini Collection. Then unleash your naughty side with the Naughty Geisha Kit as your delve deeper into intimacy with your lover for a truly unforgettable night of pure passion.