Most Intimate Getaway Destinations: Top 7

Most Intimate Getaway Destinations: Top 7
POSTED ON May 23, 2019

With May wrapping up, Summer is finally upon us which means vacations, traveling, adventure! Today we're bringing you the top 7 most intimate so you can have the steamiest summer ever!

Note: none of these are in any specific order

#1 Qualia

This is the ultimate beach resort. As in, one of the top ones in the whole world. Overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, this intimate hot spot is sure to take your breath away. Qualia means "a deeper experience" so dive deeper into nature and glut yourself on the natural beauty of the world around you, including your significant other who is probably chomping at the bit to jump your bones. Dive deeper into your love life in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

#2 Seville, Spain

Seville has its fair share of natural beauty but the real "wow factor" comes from it's man made beauty. You and that special someone can tour the city and wonder at all the awe-inspiring structures during the day then turn up the heat at night. If you're big into architecture or appreciate high culture and class then Seville should without a doubt be at the top of your list. Maybe you could hop over to Barcelona for a little more fun when you're done in Seville.

#3 Big Sur, California

This one is for all you the nature enthusiast(s). It's got beaches, forests, hiking trails, scenic coastline, there's so much to explore. The region is intentionally kept clear of a lot of billboards and other advertisements to enhance and preserve the region's natural beauty. You can admire the great Redwoods along with your partner's wood 😉 It's time to get out of town and go see the world! What better place to start than on the same continent? The great outdoors are calling, will you answer?

#4 Islamorada, Florida

Right up there with California, Florida seems to be the next most desirable travel destination in the US. However, for a nice romantic getaway, you don't want to be bombarded by hoards of other people. This is why Islamorada is so great. It's still a community focused on tourism (what part of Florida isn't?) but it's a hidden gem that you and your partner are sure to love. Located in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is composed of four islands each well suited for a relaxing getaway or an active adventure.

#5 Kyoto, Japan

Having about 2,000 shrines and temples, Kyoto is a hotspot for anyone that wants something different from what the rest of the world offers. Shinto & Buddhism are big beliefs and practices in the area if either intrigues you. One of the most alluring aspects of the region are the cherry blossoms. Imagine taking a ferry ride down a quiet river. You ease into a bend in the river and all you see is pink, pink all above you. The cherry blossoms line each side of the river and the branches grew up an over the river creating a canopy. How entranced will your partner be at the natural beauty of it all?

#6 Quebec City, Quebec

Go explore the quaint French-Canadian city filled with tons of romantic restaurants and tons of snow during the cold months. If you're a snow bunny then Quebec City should easily be your #1 destination. Then when you're done out in the cold you can go in and cozy up with each other near a fireplace or heat things up between the sheets. The best way to warm up is to have maximum skin to skin contact so strip down and cuddle up! Chances are you won't just be cuddling 😉

#7 The Best Place

So you might not have the budget of a Jeff Bezos or a Bill Gates, but as great as the destination may be, the real treasure of an intimate getaway is the person you're with. So maybe you go to the next city over or a couple cities over and get a hotel room for the weekend. Have the grandparents or someone else take the kids and have sometime alone together for once. Or if you want to kick things up a notch you rent a cottage on a lake for a romantic weekend getaway. However you do it, make the time count.

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