Most Popular Fetishes: For the Kinkiest Among Us

Most Popular Fetishes: For the Kinkiest Among Us
POSTED ON July 11, 2017

It’s pretty common for most of us to keep our kinkiest desires to ourselves (or share them with a select few, if they’re lucky). Some of the most popular fetishes are ones we all have indulged in once or twice before, and there’s good reason why we tend to enjoy them so much. There’s also plenty of reason why we tend to keep our fetishes secret, as well. Read on to learn a thing or two about some of the most popular fetishes out there. You might even recognize a couple of them…

Foot Fetish

It’s safe to say there’s a negative stereotype to this fetish, often referred to as creepy or weird, primarily because it has nothing to do with any of the sexual body parts. From feet alone to socks or stockings, the foot fetish is actually one of the most popular fetishes. It was even studied by Sigmund Freud, who offered the explanation that the fetish develops in some people because the human foot resembles a penis. This, somehow, can create the fetish, which consists of 90 percent of the fetishists being male. So ladies, don’t be too alarmed if your guy admits he’s had a foot fantasy or two.

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While this is a pretty common fetish, it’s one that opens the door to a lot of questions about why so many of us like it. Is it the light and lingering sting, or the fact that it’s a reminder of many of our childhoods? Whatever the reason, spanking is often seen as a form of domination or submission, when one person usually takes on the role of being the dominant, in-charge one. The area where our backsides meet our thighs is considered to be an erogenous zone, which can lead to arousal when met with the right amount of pressure and frequency. No pain, no gain, right?

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Speak of the devil, domination is one of the most popular fetishes for many people for many reasons. The number one reason is simple: power. People like to hold the power in many situations, and the bedroom is not exempt. From being tied up and handcuffed to assuming the top position, being dominant sexually comes in several forms. Many assume that men are always the one to act as dominant. However, many women like to call the shots when it comes to foreplay and sex. It’s really just a matter of what the individual wants. Some men like to be dominant, some like to be dominated, and the same goes for women. Whatever floats your boat!

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Role Play

Of course, we can’t forget what is possibly the most fun of the most popular fetishes. Role playing has long been a sexual fantasy for many, ranging from naughty nurses to sexy firefighters. There’s something about dressing up in a risqué costume, creating a scenario, and playing around with your lover that really heats up the moment. It’s no wonder why role playing is one of the most popular fetishes out there.

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Fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of. Almost everyone has one, and if they don’t it’s probably because they haven’t given any a shot yet. Our list of the most popular fetishes is a great way to unleash your inner sexual deviant, and will surely spice things up in your bedroom, as well. Don’t be shy and give them a try with adult sex toys for her and adult sex toys for him discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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