National Kissing Day

by Former author

November 1, 2021


1. A kiss is a perfect opportunity to slow down.

So much of modern life is spent on the run – rushing off to work in the morning, speeding home in the evening, running around in circles trying to get everything else done in between – often with nothing but a quick peck hello and goodbye. Take the time to slow down and lean into the kiss; think of it as an oasis of sensual relaxation among the hubbub of your day, and it takes no preparation at all. Like meditation for the mouth, kissing is calming; National Kissing Day is a great excuse to remind yourself of that!

2. It’s all in the pressure.

The mechanics of kissing may seem simple, but being a good kisser doesn’t always come naturally. One of the simplest tricks to keep your kissing passionate without going over the top is to use just the right amount of pressure. Too much force and you could accidentally touch teeth; not enough force and you come off as lifeless. Strike a balance to achieve the perfect level of firmness!

3. What about your tongue?

Improper tongue action can make or break a kiss, so just keep it in perspective. You want to avoid using too much tongue, especially right off the bat, so start off with giving lips – your partner’s and your own – some love! Open your mouth slightly but not too much, pout your lips, and experiment with how the sensations feel. When you begin to use your tongue, don’t jab or stab; instead, imagine that your tongues are gently caressing one another.

4. What about your hands?

Kissing is about more than just your mouth, though; the deepest, most passionate kisses engage your whole body. Delicately use your hands while kissing in a way that’s not too distracting; run your hands through your partner’s hair, hold their face, stroke the back of their neck – even grab their hand and interlock fingers. If you’ve been together for so long that making out has become a thing of the past, make National Kissing Day your excuse to practice what to do with your hands when your mouths are busy!

5. Switch it up!

You don’t have to spend the entire time kissing with your lips locked, of course. You can use your hands here, too, when you step away from the kiss for a little bit of teasing – stroke your partner’s lower lip with your thumb while you look them in the eye. Another sexy tease is to brush your lips against your partner’s lips softly, caressing instead of kissing, slowly breathing in and out together.This year, celebrate National Kissing Day with a passionate make-out session with your partner – whether you’ve been together for two months, two years, or two decades! Show your love for each other with plenty of liplocking all year round. Supplement the smooches with sex toys for him, sex toys for her, erotic lingerie, and more – always available at a Lover’s Lane near you or discreetly online.

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