Cute, Cuddly, & Kinky Calendar: Naughty Holidays to Celebrate Throughout the Year

by Christopher J.

January 6, 2022


There’s truly no reason not to be naughty every day of the year, but there are plenty of reasons to celebrate naughtiness on a variety of special days throughout the year. These special celebrations are earmarked for you to feel free to be randy and passionate with your passion partner. It’s time to pull out your new 2022 calendar and mark down all the naughty holidays so that you don’t miss any of them!


Jan 6 – Beginning of Mardi Gras Season

It’s not just one day, it’s a season! It’s officially ok to eat king cake and wear costumes 24/7.

Jan 13 – Sex in the Shower Day

Get a clean and sexy start on the day with some hot, steamy sex in the shower. Then towel each other off and enjoy a dry disrobed dash to the closest bed to continue what you started in the shower!

Jan 15 – National Fetish Day

Take advantage of this holiday to flaunt your fetish, no matter what it is. Or better yet, take a risk and try something new! Break out the blindfolds, whips, latex boxers and briefs and fur-lined handcuffs and put them to good use!


Body Awareness Month

The whole purpose of this month is to focus on celebrating your body, loving every part of it and sharing and celebrating all those good feels with your lover’s amazing body.

Feb 7 – National Work Naked Day

This day has taken on a whole new meaning, now that most people are working at home, anyway. Schedule some special staff conferences with your partner.

Feb 13 – National Condom Day

Doesn’t have to be raining to break out your rubbers and body part overcoats. Stay safe while you’re knocking boots!

Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day

Remember the most famous love holiday of all with shared best practices! Make sure there are delicious chocolates and favorite beverages within reach at all times!

Feb 16 – Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday! Make love easy like you were in the Big Easy! Stimulate all of your senses with sumptuous seafood, fine wines, and great jazz and blues tunes. Touch and taste each other, too, and let those good times roll all day and all night!


Mar 3 – National Threesome Day

If you’ve always wanted to try a threesome, have an open discussion with your partner and decide who would be a good third party. Or try having a sexy virtual chat with that special person and make it a party!

Mar 14 – Steak & Blowjob Day

Ladies, treat your man to a great steak. Then finish off his meal with a rousing whipped cream-covered BJ for dessert.


Couples Appreciation Month

We’ve built an entire empire helping couples explore adventurous routes in their love lives. Focus on strengthening your relationship and building toward many happy years together.

Apr 14 – Cake & Cunnilingus Day

Men, now it’s your lady’s turn to be treated to the works. Make sure they finish their evening meal with a tasty piece of cake—and then you may dine on their delight down below.

Apr 16 – National Horny Day

We know, isn’t every day? But why not enjoy making this day an extra special occasion to light up your libido?

Apr 18 – Anal Sex Day

Just be sure to have extra lube on hand – and other body parts so you can slide comfortably in through the out door. Always helps to have a reason to give it a go!

Apr 24 – Lingerie Day

Consider this a consensual barely clad costume party. Help each other pick out a new lacy or silky outfit or role-playing uniform for this year’s sexy shenanigans.


International Masturbation Month

You may think you know every way to get a grip, but this month was designed to challenge you to try new ones or one of the increasingly growing tool kit of adult toys to help you get off. Go solo or make it mutual. Either way, happy endings are happy endings.

May 5 – Make Out Day

We also refer to it as Foreplay Day, because the best way to get a love friction fire started is by making out. If you haven’t done it in a while, use this day to brush up on your flirting, hugging, kissing and other related skills.

May 8 – Outdoor Intercourse Day

If you and your partner are the outdoors type, this is an ideal way to get warm on a cool spring day. There’s usually some place you can find a little privacy. Unless you’ve always wanted to explore exhibitionism, then it’s the right day to go public with your passions.

May 14 – Online Romance Day

Obviously, there are countless ways to locate romance online, but just be careful not to get scammed. Sometimes the exploration is better than the final exclamation.


LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Take time this month to celebrate the LGBTQ community! Originally meant to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969, this month focuses on honoring the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally. It’s a great time to recognize the contributions of people in your LGBTQ+ community, learn about the history, and find ways you can contribute to fostering a more inclusive society.

June 2 – National Sex Workers Rights Day

This holiday marks an event in 2001, when more than 25,000 sex workers in India gathered for a festival despite prohibitionist groups who tried to prevent it by pressuring the government to revoke their permit. Sex worker groups across the world have subsequently celebrated March 3rd as an annual, international event to promote health and human rights for sex workers.

June 9 – National Sex Day

Fittingly, this special day is held on 6/9, so make it a day to flip for your partner!

June 21 – World Kama Sutra Day

This intriguing ancient Indian Hindu Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life can open the door to either sex positions you’ve never tried or orthopedic pains you never knew were possible or both. Spend the day reading the verses, studying the images, and attempting said new positions.

June 22 – No Panty Day

The temperature should be just right to wear less, so leave the panties in the drawer. You never know what fun it might lead to and where.


July 4 – Independence Day

Exercise your freedom to have sex as much as you like today. There’s more than one place to experience a colorful fireworks show, too, so be especially patriotic in the bedroom this year!

July 6 – Kissing Day

Kissing makes the world go ‘round. Or was that love? When you kiss you can spin your partner’s world with both. So get those lips locking early and often!

July 14 – National Nudity Day

Some people enjoy spending the day au naturel. Others enjoy taking and sending photos of themselves in the all together. Either way, make sure you trust the people around you or that you’re sending photos to, if that’s how you roll.

July 21 – Handjob Day

It’s always good to know what’s on the task list for the day, and today’s assignment is pretty clear. Any questions?

July 24 – BDSM Day

This is the perfect day to give BDSM a try, if you still haven’, though you had your chance earlier in the year on Fetish Day. Just make sure your partner agrees, and then give dominance, submission, sadomasochism, bondage and discipline a good workout! Now, slave! Yes, mistress!

July 31 – National Orgasm Day

A day during which finding multiple ways to express intense physical pleasure vocally represents the preferred way to celebrate.


Romance Awareness Month

August should be plenty warm enough for those who like it hot. Your responsibility is to share summer romance outdoors as much as possible, with sex in the city or intimate courting in the country.

Aug 5 – National Underwear Day

Don’t be square! Cool off in your favorite underwear! Buy each other something new and then savor the private modeling show that follows.

Aug 23 – Go Topless Day

Another ideally timed summer seasonal celebration of topfreedom or the right of women to be topless in public where men are allowed. Many use this day to protest the laws in states where topless women are prohibited. However, being topless in private is perfectly acceptable – especially where men are allowed.


Sexual Health Awareness Month

Awareness of sexual health and the far-reaching impacts it can have in our lives has grown increasingly important. It no longer means simply taking measures to protect yourself against STIs or unplanned pregnancy. Rather, maintain your physical health so you can maximize your ability to enjoy fully the intimacies and pleasures of a robust sexual life with your love partners.

Sept 4 – World Sexual Health Awareness Day

Being conscious of your sexual health every day is vital and contributes significantly to your individual and relationship health, so lots to celebrate this month and this day!

Sept 23 – Bisexuality Day

This day is recognized by and unites the bisexual community, family, friends and supporters. It’s also intended to raise understanding about any prejudices regarding bisexuals by the straight or LGBTQ+ communities and often features events designed to educate and enhance awareness about the bilifestyle and biromance.


National Kink Month

What better time to get all your kinks out and know they’re being celebrated nationally. Do it for yourself, do it for your lover. No reason go get tied up about your kinky desires. Or maybe every reason to get tied up or try some new adventures to whip your sex life into a frenzy!

Oct 1 – Massage Day

After kissing and making out, a sensuous and well-oiled massage may be the optimum way to manipulate your love engines into action! Experiment with different scented and flavored oils and make a day of rubbing it all in.

Oct 17 – National Ass Day

No, this isn’t a political holiday! It’s a day to highlight and showoff the beauty that is your booty! So rustle up that favorite pair of cowboy chaps and boots or a colorful thong and let it all hang out, baby!

October 21 – International Fisting Day

Yes, it’s controversial and requires a great deal of careful lubrication, preparation and penetration. But many couples enjoy it as part of their randy repertoire. Primarily for the most bold and daring, remember to focus on slowly inserting all five digits and not punching your way into your partner’s private parts.

Oct 31 – Halloween

See if you can find a scary or naughty party costume that doubles as a bedroom costume and then get your cosplay groove on for some boudoir trick or treating!


Nov 4 – National Sex Toy Day

No more excuses. Take advantage of this day to try out a new adult toy or device and see where they take you. Hopefully, you’ll discover heights you’ve never achieved!

Nov 23 – Polyamory Day

On this day in 2011, the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled that the anti-polygamy law of Canada does not affect unformalized polyamorous households. Just remember when engaging in multiple romantic and sexual relationships that everyone involved consents!

Nov 28 – Spanksgiving

Take one for the team on his holiday intended to raise up a backside bonanza! Or try your hand at new paddles, floggers, whips and crops that take your partner for a good ride by the seat of their pants!


Dec 22 – Global Orgasm Day

A day when everyone around the world should be so focused on giving, receiving and enjoying orgasms that we will truly give peace a chance!

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so give an adult toy or device to someone you love, maybe something that you can both enjoy. Think about giving a specially planned romantic date or weekend trip to an exotic location. And don’t forget to stuff those fishnet stockings with goodies!

Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve

Time to transfer all of these dates – and maybe some new personal sex holidays you’ve discovered along the way – to your 2023 calendar! Happy Nude Year!

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