New Age Sex Lingo

New Age Sex Lingo
POSTED ON January 25, 2019

Here on Intimacy Advisor, we like to keep you up to date and all the hottest and sexiest trends out there. That's why we're bringing you this unique article, not for dirty talk but just casual words and phrases focused around sex!

What's New

Talking- The pre-honeymoon phrase before both parties are officially in a relationship. This can be even before the first date, when there's no real label but you know there's some level of mutual interest, so you say: "We're talking."

Flirtationship- Most common in people with commitment issues. You've gone beyond just talking, but have yet to be in a relationship with this person. Generally starts after the second date and goes till you break up or officially start your relationship. Friends with benefits usually don't admit it, but they're in a flirtation ship with the added bonus of sex.

Sandwiched- A threesome in which the person on the middle receives the most stimulation, either by double penetration or by single penetration and being felt up by the other person. It is generally a girl between two guys but it could be any combination of genders and sexual orientations.

Dicked Down- occasionally used to refer to when a girl loses her virginity, and it was a positive experience. It's also used to refer to when a girl or a bi/gay guy had really good sex. For example: Oh yeah I got dicked down by Tony last night, it was amazing. It's also used in conjunction with "good dick" e.g. Jeremy gave me that good dick last night. or Steve dicked me down with the good dick, a solid seven inches.

Powerballing- When a guy swings his testicles in a circular motion during sex. Generally better while wearing a cockring.

Hook up- To have sex. I noticed that on the evenings or weekends my parents would inquire whether or not I was going to hook up with my friends, and then they questioned why I gave them weird looks. What I thought of as "get together" they thought of as "hook up" while in my mind that meant "getting down and dirty."

Pop that pussy- A popular phrase denoting a dance women do where they thrust their vagina forward or grind so hard on the dance floor that their partner can actually feel their pussy. Also less commonly referred to as the moment of penetration of a particularly healthy pussy making a noise similar to schlorp.

Fuck buddies vs Friends with Benefits- Although they might be used interchangeably, these two phrases have different meanings. The short answer is, fuck buddies value sex more than friendship and friends with benefits value their friendship more than sex, but still enjoy having sex with each other from time to time. Fuck buddies are usually friends of friends or even random people that hooked up once and knew they didn't want to stop having sex with each other, but had no romantic intentions.

Contrary to what some may think, the 21st century has had a lot less emphasis on sex in comparison to the 20th century when the sexual revolution happened. A lot of the phrases in this day and age are more focuses on the relationships surrounding sex rather than the act itself. For example, talking, flirtationship, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, netflix and chill, bae, etc.

Notice how there's a lot more terms for the spectrum of sexualities, which define the relationship we have with others not necessarily the process of having sex, more of the who than the how: bi-sexual, pansexual, asexual, polysexual, demi-sexual, metro-sexual, queer, etc.

Old News

If you've been living under a rock like the ever famous Patrick Star, or maybe you just took a break from mainstream "culture" for a while, here's what you missed:

Netflix & Chill- The social arrangement where one person texts another and at some point asks "hey do want to come over later? We can Netflix and chill." Which really means watch Netflix for five minutes then have it going in the background while you two have sex.

Bae/Side Bae- Oh the irony! This phrase is one big joke wrapped up in another joke. Bae is actually the danish word meaning "poop" which is funny to begin with, because, well, poop, but also when you figure out that the slang form of the word is actually an acronym standing for Before Anyone Else. So your B.A.E., in other words your poop, is someone you love so much you'll put them above everyone else, and it gets even better. So the side bae is essentially someone you're having an affair with outside of your relationship, meaning they aren't before your significant other yet you still call them "before anyone else."

Slob on my Knob- The resurfacing of this phrase may or may not be related to the 1999 HipHop/Rap song of the same name (that was 20 years ago!!) but when we asked a sample group of millennials what they thought the most current sex slang was, the first response for three out of seven of them was "Slob on my Knob" which as you might intuit means "to give a blowjob." Other answers included: fuck buddies, polysexuality, pop that pussy, and that good dick.