New to Mutual Masturbation? Here’s How to Start

by Colleen G.

May 9, 2024


Just when you thought it couldn’t feel any more amazing to touch yourself, here comes mutual masturbation, the solo stimulation activity for two! Since May is Masturbation Month, learn some exciting ways to get your partner in on the celebration!

When you’re in the mood to create some in-person porn for your partner, or you’re horny but don’t have the energy for full-on partner sex, or you just think masturbating next to your honey sounds incredibly hot, mutual masturbation is here, and we are SO here for it!

Just as the name suggests, mutual masturbation happens when two (or more) partners pleasure themselves together, whether side-by-side or across the room or bed to give their partner a sexy show. We’re pretty sure it also counts if your partner can’t help but lend a hand or sex toy during the whole she-bang, too.

Just like all partnered activities, Lover’s Lane can’t possibly suggest a proper pleasure session without recommending some of our favorite adult accessories to double your fun. When you’re ready to show your partner exactly what you like in bed (and hint hint, this is a great time to teach them some new tricks!), grab yourself some of these lubricants, stimulating serums, and sex toys to enhance your solo-but-not-really-solo experience.

Start Simply with a Fabulous Lube

If you’re an avid sex blog reader, you already know the wonders of using lubricant for literally anything related to sexual pleasure. Juicing up your genitals just makes everything feel ten times better while preventing chafing or that annoying, dragging feeling across your skin when you forgot to prep for play time.

You can’t go wrong with a basic and affordable water-based lube, like Lovology Aqua Lubricant, or a thicker water-based formula, like Le Wand Waterbased Lubricant.

If you’re trying not to orgasm in, like, 2 seconds, start with slow, lubricated fingers and hands while enjoying the view of your partner as they do the same.

Increase the Intensity with a Stimulating Lube or Gel

Take your mutual pleasure up a notch by adding a liquid enhancement to your masturbation session. Arousal gels and creams, CBD lubes, and warming lubricants heighten sensitivity with the use of body-safe chemicals, like cannabis-based CBD or herbal additives.

Mojo Horny Goat Weed Libido Warming Glide creates a warming sensation that’ll inspire you to rub in this lube’s little helper: horny goat weed, an herb known to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Original Sin Intimate Glide with 1000 Mg of Nano CBD uses cannabidiol, a safe, non-psychedelic derivative of the cannabis plant that stimulates blood flow and relaxes the skin and muscles wherever you rub it.

For those who love a good, old fashioned his & hers adult experience, he can stroke himself with Mojo Niacin & Ginseng Penis Stimulating Gel while she massages herself with High On Love Diamond Stimulating O’Gel.

Pamper Yourself (and Your Partner) with a Plethora of Your Fave Sex Toys

Honestly, this is the best part of mutual masturbation. You both get to play with your favorite sex toys, exactly how and when you want, while your partner either watches from across the bed or gets to join in by taking your chosen toy into their own hands.

You know how we always recommend toys that work comfortably for couples for, well, couples play? Now’s the time to pull out all your favorite solo sex toys in front of your partner and finally give them their time to shine!

We recommend clear strokers for the dudes for obvious reasons, the main one being that (duh!) your partner can see your hard-on while you touch yourself. The Geo The Green Machine Stroker, Zero Tolerance Cyclone Stroker, and Lovergirl Crystal’s Viewable Stroker are all worthy masturbatory candidates.

And let’s just get this out in the open, straight guys. Male butt play is HOT to a lot of women! Your lady is going to get turned-on AF when you start working your way up to prostate pleasure with the Booty Buddies Silicone P-Spot 3-Piece Plug Set.

The babes also have multiple options to put on a show for their undoubtedly lust-sick partner.

Honestly though, what guy doesn’t want to sneak a peek at his partner while she pleasures herself with a dildo? If you’re into penetration just as much as your man, try thrusting yourself with viewer-friendly insertables like the Play Together Double The Pleasure Double Dong, Glow Stick Glow-In-The-Dark Heart Dildo, or Le Wand Hoop.

As long as you’re combining solo desires and partner sex, why not get creative with your clitoral vibrators while you’re at it?

The ultra-cute & quirky You’re The One Ducky Vibrator, Don’t Be A Prick Cactus Vibe, and Guac My World Avocado Vibrator are sure to pleasantly surprise your partner while dually satisfying your vulva with new sensations.

If you’re more old-school and prefer some rumbly rubbing with a less whimsical clit vibe, let us suggest the Jimmy Jane Form 2 Pro Vibrator, Love Essentials Pint-Size Pleasure Travel Vibe, or Love Essentials Madeleine Lay-On Vibrator.

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