New Year, Sexy New Attitude!

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Three goals to help you have the best sex ever in 2020.

It’s a new year!  Time for people everywhere to make resolutions and set new goals, with the intention of having their best year yet!  A lot of these goals are frequently health related…go to the gym more, lose weight, eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, get more sleep…the list goes on.  However, there’s one aspect of our overall health many people simply forget about when they’re setting these goals, and that is sexual health.  We all have needs and desires, and getting them met is important to both our physical and emotional health.  It’s easy to get so caught up in the business of everyday life, and spend so much time focusing on other aspects of our health, that thoughts about sexual wellness simply go out the window.  

There’s also the problem that there is more of a stigma surrounding sexual health.  Most people wouldn’t hesitate to go to their doctor if they had a worrisome health problem arise.  If you burn or cut yourself, you’d likely go to urgent care for treatment without much thought.  You wouldn’t avoid telling your friends if you were going to the dentist for a nagging toothache because you’re embarrassed by it.  But when it comes to sexual health, the opposite is true. We don’t think about it, we don’t talk about it in polite company, and we don’t actively seek treatment or help to solve problems we may have.  Hopefully the information in this article can serve as a jumping-off point for many people to start to end that stigma, and start actually paying attention to and taking care of their sexual health needs.  The more open and honest you can be about things with yourself, your partner, your doctor, and your trusted friends, the better things will get for everyone!  Go into this new year ready to empower yourself, inspire your lover, and even offer advice to friends, and you just might have a VERY sexy 2020!    

Goal #1:  Have More Sex

Unless you’re one of the lucky few that has a hopping sex schedule down to a science, this is a sexual resolution almost everyone can benefit from making (and keeping).  Having sex increases endorphins (the happy hormones) in the brain and keeps you feeling fulfilled and attached in your relationship.  If you’re a couple, this looks like communicating with your partner and keeping an eye out for opportunities to have sex.  While it is always more fun to keep it spontaneous, if you have to schedule it in to make sure it happens…do that!  Studies have shown that sex at least once a week keeps couples feeling happier and more connected.  The emotional afterglow you get from sex can linger for up to two days, so the more frequently, the better.  There’s no number that’s right for every person or every couple, but if you’re currently having sex less than once a week, set that as your goal and stick to it!  If you don’t presently have a partner, don’t let that be an excuse to neglect your sexual needs.  Make sure you, too, schedule some “you time” into every week.  It can be even easier when you don’t have to match your partner’s schedule! Turn on some videos or light candles to set the mood, use your favorite toys, and do whatever you need to do to love yourself right into some incredible orgasms!  You’ll get the same lasting emotional boost from your solo orgasms, too!

Goal #2:  Try New Things

Because of the aforementioned stigmas on sexual health care, one of the most frequent things we hear from first-time visitors to Lover’s Lane is, “I was embarrassed to come in here and look around” or, “I was uncomfortable asking for what I was looking for”.  While most health problems have straightforward solutions and a certain place you go to fix it (Can’t see clearly? Go to the eye doctor for glasses),  sexual health needs are not that cut and dried.  Some couples who are really struggling with their sexual relationship may find a sex therapist helpful.  Some individuals with medically related sexual difficulties may find relief by talking to their doctors and trying a prescription medication.  But the vast majority of couples just need a little help to spice things up and smooth things out in the bedroom.  That is where advice and products from Lover’s Lane come in…all you have to do is try something new!  Here are just a few of the product categories we sell that can bring a sexy new twist into your sexy new year:

  • Lubes & Glides:  Friction can be the number one killer of comfortable, long-lasting sex.  And if you’ve never used lubes at all, or if you’ve only used drugstore lubes, you’re definitely missing out.  The high-quality, specialty lubes sold at Lover’s Lane include something for everyone.  There are organic lubes, lubes for sensitive skin, flavored lubes to enhance oral sex, and even lubes that can help prevent and heal painful micro-tears and damage to tender mucous membranes.  Your Romance Specialist will be happy to let you demo various lubes on your hand, and explain why they will be perfect for your needs.  Toy safe, condom safe, non-sticky, you name it…they can help you get exactly what you’re after so your next sexual encounter or self-love session will be nothing but smooth sailing.
  • Toys: Some people think there’s something shameful or embarrassing around using sex toys, but why should there be?  There’s nothing shameful about taking care of your sexual needs and wanting a great orgasm, and that’s what they can provide, even for people who can be harder to please with sex alone.  Toys come in so many different styles and for so many types of use.  You can use them solo, as a couple, or for some fun mutual masturbation.  There are toys that focus on the clitoris or the G-spot for her, and strokers, pumps, and prostate toys for him.  Women, especially, have a hard time climaxing from vaginal sex alone, so the addition of a great clit toy to your bedroom routine may give her the time of her life and fill something that’s been missing…and it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of…toys simply meet a sexual desire that you physically cannot on your own, period. Some toys can seem expensive at first, but they will give you many years of pleasure, and besides…isn’t your orgasm worth it?
  • Enhancements:  A lot of these can be a great option for individuals or couples struggling with certain aspects of sex, but for whom pharmaceutical options are too much or not quite right.  Lover’s Lane carries oral supplements for men and for women that use traditional herbal ingredients and can enhance arousal, sensation, stamina, and even natural lubrication.  There are gels to help men prolong their erection and delay ejaculation to give him more time to please his partner.  There are clitoral gels that can make sensations there even more intense so the lucky lady is SURE to come!  Communicate with your partner about what needs you may have in this area, and then let a Lover’s Lane Romance Specialist help you find what is right for you!

Goal #3:  Talk About It

The most important step you can take toward embracing this sexually empowered new you is to be open about it.  Talk to your partner about your deepest desires and strangest fetishes, and listen when they tell you about theirs…we promise, everyone has some!  Cuddle.  Be intimate with one another.  Be present when you’re spending quality time together, and make sure you know each other’s signals when they want that quality time to turn into sexy time.  Be confident and comfortable talking about your sex life and what you can do to enhance it…and then go to Lover’s Lane together and discuss what you need to make it happen!  Keep the bedroom for just sleeping and sex, and make sure your sex always feels special and important, and not like a chore you’d rather avoid.  Starting off in some hot lingerie or with a sensual massage is a good way to accomplish that!  Tell your partner what really turns you on, and even what they can do differently, and you’ll be in perfect sync in no time!  After all, couples who  Play Together . . . Stay Together®.  And when your friends ask why you have that “glow” about you, be brave enough to tell them about all of the amazing sex you’ve been having, the great self-love you’ve been spoiling yourself with, and what has helped you get there!  Happy 2020, Lovers!

Cheers to a happy, healthy, confident, and SEXY 2020!


~The Intimacy Advisor  

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