Next-level Nipple Play (for every level of lover)!

by Erica G.

April 9, 2021


Whether you consider yourself a lost nipple play n00b like the virtual lover above, or the best of the breast, there’s always room to upgrade your game and add some new moves to your repertoire.  Read on to learn some tips for keeping your nipple stimulation in the “Goldilocks Zone” of perfection for your particular lover.  Everyone is different, but everyone can enjoy safe, sensual, and sexy nipple play when it’s performed on their level!

Why Try Nipple Stimulation?

Stimulating the nipples during intimacy can help increase arousal which leads to more physical excitement. One of the most important (and possibly greatest) things about nipples is how different they are from person to person; they come in so many different varieties to love! But this also means that not everyone will be respond to nipple stimulation in the same ways, as is true of virtually all erogenous zones!  This may mean it will take some trial and error to figure out exactly how to drive your lover wild above the belt, but you’ll both definitely have fun exploring!

Adding nipple stimulation to your bedroom routine is a simple way to connect more intimately and awaken each other’s senses in new and exciting ways.  Nipple play can be considered foreplay to sex, or it may be the main sexual activity. For some people, it is even possible to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!! (I add the exclamation points because I am NOT one of those people ☹)

Let’s investigate some of the different forms nipple stimulation can take, depending on the sensitivity and comfort levels of the one receiving!

Sensitive Nipple Stimulation

If your partner is very sensitive to touch on their nipples, nipple stimulation can be of the gentlest variety.  Soft, simple brushing or caressing of the nipples with your hands is enough to be wildly effective! Even stimulating the nipples through clothing can be very arousing!  Once you’ve got your lover’s shirt off, though, touch or brush both sets of fingers against the nipples or use one hand to explore other parts of your partner’s body while one hand is occupied with the nipples. It’s amazing how much more is added to the sexual experience simply by intentional, directed touching.

Add some soft & sensual stimulation with a light and fluffy ostrich feather or feather tickler.  For even more romantic fun, brush on some edible body dust and lightly smooch it off of your lover’s most sensitive spots.  Remember, if your partner’s nipples are sensitive, you’re going for pleasure, not pain.  Keep your touches as light as possible; a little bit goes a long way!

As long as your partner enjoys this gentle nipple play, it’s okay to get your mouth involved.  Lightly circle or flick the nipples with your tongue, or give the nipples some quick kisses.  Try light pinching if your partner is up for a slightly heightened intensity!  Discuss what feels the best for you and your partner, and try different types of stimulation and levels of pressure to find that sweet spot.

Nipple Stimulation Kicked Up A Notch

If sensitivity is not an issue for your lover, you might want to add more pressure to your nipple stimulation, such as sucking and even gentle biting. Communication is key here; your partner might be afraid to hurt you, so if you’re on the receiving end of the nipple stimulation, you should let them know if they’re doing it just right, or if you want them to be a little more aggressive. Nipple play can get rough if you want it to! If you find that being too rough leads to pain or irritation (chafing is real…that skin is sensitive!), try incorporating lube into your nipple play to keep discomfort to a minimum.

Want to apply stimulating suction to your lover’s nipples without using your mouth? Try the Super Sucker Trio – a fun and unique way to increase blood flow and sensitivity to your nipples that doesn’t involve any pumping; just a turn of the knob and you control the amount of suction you enjoy. As a bonus, there is a third sucker that works great on your clitoris as well.

Kinky Nipple Stimulation

For the most intense way to explore nipple play, or even for those who have very low levels of sensitivity, nipple clamps are a powerful hands-free form of nipple stimulation. The best thing about nipple clamps is they allow your nipples to experience sensations while your partner’s hands (and your own) are free to stimulate other areas! The combination of feelings is sure to be the recipe for out-of-this-world orgasms. Nipple clamps can also make a great entry-level form of BDSM play to see if you are one of those people that can find pleasure in a little kinky pain.

If you want to give clamps a try, check out the First Time Nipple Teasers, which are rubber coated clamps that let you control the amount of pressure applied with a slight twist to each clamp. They are built to stay in place, and stimulate while your body moves, tugging on your nipples.

Feel the weight of these clamps, which help keep your nipples stimulated, while you again control the pressure, with a tweezer style clamp that are simple to adjust and keep in place during sex.  They will pinch and please in a hurts-so-good kind of way.

Already a fan of nipple play AND bondage? How about this combo– a ball gag with attached adjustable nipple clamps, leaving hands free for flogging, exploring, or being tied up.

If you are intimidated by all the hardware but still want to increase your sensitivity when it comes to nipple play, check out stimulating gels that help heighten sensation wherever applied. A popular gel is Slow Sex Nipple Play gel, which cools once applied to help your nipples tingle with excitement.

Nipple stimulation is not for everyone, and that’s okay; no sexual thing is! But if you and your partner are both interested in further exploring nipple play, this post, as well as our Titillating Tuesday guide is a great place to start. When you want to take your nipple play to the next level, check out all the great nipple play enhancement products online at, or stop by a Lover’s Lane near you!

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