Nipple Stimulation: Why You Should Try It

Nipple Stimulation: Why You Should Try It
POSTED ON September 11, 2017

Nipple stimulation is a great way to show the breasts even more love. Paying more attention to the nipples is extremely easy and totally underrated. From simple caresses to licking and sucking to bringing in BDSM toys like nipple clamps, keep reading to find out more about how to explore nipple play and why it might just be your new favorite foreplay.

Sensitive Nipple Stimulation

One of the most important (and possibly greatest) things about nipples is how different they are from person to person -- they come in so many different forms to love! But this also means that not everyone will be stimulated in the same ways, as is true of the clitoris and virtually all erogenous zones, as well.

If your partner is sensitive, nipple stimulation can be of the most gentle variety. Lightly touch or brush both sets of fingers against the nipples, or use one hand to explore other parts of your partner’s body while one hand is occupied with the nipples. It’s amazing how much more is added to the sexual experience simply by intentional, directed touching. Try light pinching if your partner is up for a slightly heightened intensity!

Nipple Stimulation Kicked Up A Notch

If sensitivity is not a big deal, you might want to give your nipple stimulation motions some more pressure, such as sucking and even gentle biting, which are both natural progressions from licking anyway. Your partner might be afraid to hurt you, so you should definitely let them know if you want them to be a little more aggressive. Nipple play can get rough, too!

Kinky Nipple Stimulation

For the most intense way to explore nipple play, or even for those who have very low levels of sensitivity, nipple clamps are a powerful hands-free form of nipple stimulation. The best thing about nipple clamps is they allow your nipples to experience sensations while your partner’s hands (and your own) are free to stimulate other areas! The combination of feelings is sure to be the recipe for out-of-this-world orgasms.

Some of our favorite nipple clamps include the unique Master Series Nipple Press Clamps, the Master Series Amulet Bondage Ring Barrel Clamps for a heavy-duty experience, and the Velcro Collar With Nipple Clamps to create a deeply sexy BDSM-fetish aesthetic.

Nipple stimulation is not for everyone, and that’s okay: no sexual fetish is! But if you and your partner are both interested in further exploring nipple play, our guide here is a great place to start. Check out all nipple clamps and nipple play toys online or stop by a Lover’s Lane near you.