Orgasm Edging: Explore the Art of Control

Orgasm Edging: Explore the Art of Control
POSTED ON March 14, 2017

While it can be tempting to race to have an orgasm, a little-known technique called edging can provide the heightened sexual experience you’ve been looking for, from longer-lasting sex to stronger orgasms. The benefits of learning to control and step back from that point of no return often outweigh a quick end to the race. Learn why you should try orgasm edging immediately, and – even more importantly – how to do it!

Prolong the Pleasure

Orgasm edging comes particularly in handy when you want to prolong the experience. Men who may worry about a premature end to their partner’s pleasure find that edging can be just the solution – and a highly enjoyable one, at that. After all, just reaching that point of no return is nearly as exciting as the release itself! Invest in some lube, such as Uberlube or Pjur Original Bodyglide, to ensure a comfortable ride all the way to the top. (Just make sure to use water-based lube rather than silicone-based if you’re using silicone toys! We like the Hydra Water-Based Natural Glide.)

Have Stronger Orgasms

Many men and women who practice edging report intensified pleasure when they finally do orgasm. Why the superior experience? It may have something to do with the continued workout of your pubococcygeus muscle, or “PC muscle,” which can improve sexual arousal as it gets stronger. Whatever the reason, we’ll take it!

Up Your BDSM Game

As we laid out in this benefits of BDSM post, the reasons to participate in dominant/submissive play are aplenty. But where does orgasm edging come in? It turns out that “orgasm denial” is a common aspect of BDSM, where the dominant will bring their submissive to the edge and back again. Whether you’re playing dominant or submissive, you’ll want to be familiar with signs for approaching orgasm – and how to control them.

How To Practice Orgasm Edging

Have we convinced you that you need to try orgasm edging? We thought so. Here are the ways to practice the art of control:

Switch up your routine

When it comes to masturbation, whether you’re using a toy or going au natural, you know exactly how to bring yourself to orgasm. But how do you slow things down? Switch up your routine! If you’re using a powerful vibrator, switch to a lighter speed or a less intense toy – we like the Classic Rabbit Vibrator and the Power Play Playful Bullet for the various speeds and settings you can cycle through. You can also using a different pattern or rotation than you usually do. Switching hands can be an easy way to invoke an unfamiliar touch, therefore building your pleasure more slowly and surely than you have before.

Practice deep breathing

Just like with meditation, controlling your breath can encourage a calming reaction in the body – including calming that urge to give in to your orgasm when you could prolong the pleasure instead. If you practice yoga, channel that same deep, slow breathing when you feel yourself nearing the edge. If you’re not used to controlling your breathing, the concept is simple: Breathe in slowly, focusing on the inhale, breathe out slowly, focusing on the exhale. And repeat.

Engage in mutual masturbation

We covered why mutual masturbation is incredibly hot. It can also be the perfect way to practice orgasm edging with your partner! As you practice together, you will learn to read the signs of when your partner is nearing orgasm, whether it’s in their breathing, vocalization, body language, you name it. It’s a sexy show to watch, and will help you understand when your partner is close – so you can slow it down, tease them, and build the passion all over again.

Whether you want to prolong, strengthen, or switch up your own pleasure or your partner’s, orgasm edging is a technique that comes with benefits for everyone involved. Browse all the sex toys and more we have to offer for her and for him, and, as always, our Romance Specialists are here to answer your specific questions! Click here or on Ask A Romance Specialist at the top of any blog page, or stop by your local Lover’s Lane to speak with someone face-to-face.