Pick your Pumpkin: A Provocative Costume Picker

by Kristin T.

October 20, 2022


Halloween is just around the corner, so if you haven’t picked your costume yet…it’s time! Luckily for you, Lover’s Lane has a huge selection of hotter-than-hot costumes to help you be the life of the party. We’re putting your personality to work to help you narrow down all the amazing choices. First, pick your favorite pumpkin from the lineup below:

Now, read on to see what your selection means about you. Your chosen Jill-O-Lantern will illuminate some traits that will guide you to the best costume for you! You’ll be the hottest pumpkin in the patch (and at the party) once you make your perfect pick!

Flirtatious Fangirl

If this is your pick, you likely live in the realm of fantasy and fiction. Comic book villains, sexy superheroes, video games, and historical fantasies with rabid cult followings are all up your alley. Choose a costume to match your sexy nerd aesthetic with the mystery solving Brainy Babe or a questionably scientific Mad Scientist! You can also show off your high technology in high fashion in the Wakanda Forever ‘fit or Reigning Panther catsuit. As much as you like to root for the heroes, for Halloween you’re also willing to vamp it up as a villainous vixen. Being an irresistible Poison Temptress or curvy Poisonous Villain will allow you to wrap your tendrils around anyone you want this Halloween! Finally, if you’re looking for a couple’s costume to fit your flare, pair the 4 pc. Valiant Gladiator for him with the 5 pc. Warrior Princess for her. Your looks will slay enough to keep the dragons at bay long into the night.

Hardworking Hottie

If you picked this pumpkin, you may have an “all work, no play” reputation. It’s time to shatter that perception (and the glass ceiling) by strutting into your spooky soiree in a career-inspired costume. Picking a fantasy job and glamming it up will prove to your friends that you know how to cut loose and have fun. Show off your ambitious assets in the Riveting Darling costume in standard and curvy sizes. If you dream of a career in the clouds, literally or figuratively, the Elevated Pilot Costume or 4/20 Nurse High will both take you to new heights. While jobs like maid, firefighter, or police officer may not be glamorous IRL, they ARE super sexy, and picking one of these costumes will leave you ready for the bedroom afterparty, too!

Classical Cutie

If this grinning gourd was your pick, you are likely a traditionalist, at least when it comes to Halloween, and treasure all things sweet but just a little spooky. If the classic Halloween iconography like witches, skeletons, bats, and black cats is your favorite, reflect that with your costume choice! The drop-dead-gorgeous Sugar Plum Witch and Sweet as Candy Corn Witch costumes will both leave your admirers with a sweet tooth. A sharp black cat or sultry skeleton costume both leave everything and nothing to a haunted (or horny) imagination. Dark fairy tale costumes are a good fit for you, too. For a couple’s look, try Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf. Or go all out as the undisputed classic queen of Halloween in the Immortal Mistress costume in standard and curvy sizes. Bonus points if you act in character!

Sporty Shorty

If this tough-looking lantern is your pick, you’re probably the jock of the group and you don’t care who knows it. Your favorite parts of the Halloween party are competing at beer pong and sneaking away to watch the football game on TV. Embrace your athletic affinity in the Roughhousing Referee costume, and you can call for foul play if you see it! All eyes will be on you if you show off your hottest rodeo fashion in the Out West Cowgirl or Wild Wild Cowgirl costumes. We know you’ll win the mechanical bull riding contest, too! Show your fighting spirit as a World Champion Boxer or dangerously curvy Dragon Ninja. If you’d rather cheer from the sidelines, the Cheer You On (daddy) or Go Bby Go sexy cheerleader costumes will help you show sexy team spirit in and out of the bedroom.

Spooky Boo

If you chose this creepy carving, you love Halloween because of all things dark and spooky. Horror movies and murder podcasts give you life, so why not enjoy a season that celebrates the scary? Tease and terrify fellow partygoers as a Killer Clown or murderous Wanna Play? Doll. Even a Clown Cutie can be frightening to someone with the right phobias, or go for the classic stabby character of Miss Krueger. Going all out with hair and makeup will take the Rosas Day of the Dead costume to contest-winning levels of creeptastic, and someone will vant to take you home in the 2 pc. Piercing Beauty Vampire costume. No matter what you choose, or even if you build your own ‘fit from pieces you own and dark and daring Halloween accessories, you’ll be too sexy to be truly scary.

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