Places to Masturbate: 4 Risqué Ideas

Places to Masturbate: 4 Risqué Ideas
POSTED ON March 28, 2017

It’s no secret by now that masturbation is one of our favorite topics – such as why you should do it, when to do it, even whom to do it with. But what about where to do it? Today, we’re fantasizing beyond the bedroom. When it comes to places to masturbate, the possibilities are endless – as long as you are discreet! Check out four of our most risqué ideas below.

On a date

There are multiple reasons to add dates to your list of places to masturbate. Whether you’re at a restaurant or in a movie theater, slipping off to the bathroom for a quick orgasm can have multiple benefits: it might take the edge off, especially if your date isn’t going so well; or, preferably, it might heighten the mood of the evening – because once you coyly spill to him that you just got off, he’ll be calling for the tab ASAP.

If you love taking risks, you can even take care of yourself (again, we must stress discreetly) right at your seat beneath the tablecloth or in the darkened theater! The key is to be quick about it. Need a little help speeding things up? Enter the Deep Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe, which discreetly tucks away in your panty and comes with a remote to put control in your partner’s hands. Get even more ideas in our guide to fun sex toys you can bring on a date.


What is it about fresh air that gets the blood flowing to certain sensitive areas of your body? In fact, outside is one of our favorite places to masturbate because it perfectly complements our most natural urges. There are so many ways to try it: You might find a decidedly private spot in the budding woods, or even lay out a sleeping bag in your backyard on a warm summer night – is there anything more intimate than orgasming under the stars?

Toys that make the most natural addition to your outdoor forays include the Secrets Side-Tie Remote Vibrating Panties (also available in plus size), which you might even wear as you walk to your secluded area – and let your partner control the remote to turn you on when you least expect it.

You might also consider bringing your role play fantasies outside – become a jungle cat on the prowl through the woods in the Wild Cat Gartered Chemise With Cat Ears or a sassy Huntress stalking her sexy prey.

However, we strongly urge that if you take it out of the backyard, you always stay aware of your surroundings and don’t venture too far – or try to find campgrounds that offer a little more seclusion!

At work

Of all the risqué places to masturbate, at work might just seem like the most potentially disastrous. We’re here to assure you that it’s anything but, if you go about it the right way. Release some of your stress hours into the world’s longest day by sneaking off to the bathroom or into a deserted conference room (preferably one where you can lock the door!). True, all of the surrounding stimuli might be a bit too distracting, so we recommend putting some of the work on a vibrator such as the small-but-powerful, whisper-quiet Spunky Bunny Finger Vibe, privately providing the perfect solo quickie.

At home – just not in the bedroom

With all of these new places to masturbate, don’t forget about your home base. We’re not talking about the bedroom, though: Just about any room in the house is perfect for getting off. Use the shower for particularly wet encounters, making it even easier with the Dual Locking Suction Handle.

Really spice things up by turning up the heat in the kitchen! Get in a naughty mindset by dressing as a French maid, or press your bare body against the cold fridge while you use a glass toy from the sensuous Icicles line, like the No. 5 Swirl Dong, the No. 2 Ripple Dong Dildo, or the No. 14 Glass Plug.

Just make sure all your appliances are tended to before you leave the room!

Mix up your routine with these risqué places to masturbate. Just remember to always be smart, safe, and discreet! Find even more new things to try outside the bedroom when you check out all our unique adult sex toys and erotic lingerie offerings online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!


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