Plan A Valentine’s Day Seduction

by Christopher J.

January 7, 2022


If someone asked you what the most sensual part of the human body was, what would your answer be?

Well, if your answer wasn’t “the brain” then it should be! The best way to get yourself revved up for some good times is to build anticipation and excitement. Usually, this is done through foreplay, but what if you wanted to do something a little more… drawn out?

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, one of the best ways to make sure both you and your partner are ready for this special day is to build anticipation. It would be very easy to start by leaving little hints and suggestions each day of the week leading up to it.

Try a tiny scattering of rose petals in innocuous places – under the nightstand, on the bathroom counter, tucked into the couch cushions.

“Accidentally” leave out a receipt for some sexy lingerie, or leave a browser window open on a shared computer or on your unlocked phone, where your partner can catch a glimpse.

Text them heart emojis or innuendo at random once every day or so (you can even schedule texts to send when you know they’ll be free to look at their phone if you don’t want to disturb them while they’re working).

Leave little love notes on the pillow, or taped to the steering wheel of their car.

Drop hints or casual comments about reservations at their favorite restaurant, if you think you can get one and dine safely during the pandemic. If not, make sure they’ve noticed you buying the ingredients for their favorite romantic dish, and make comments about how excited you are to cook this one thing – it’s especially infuriating (and exciting!) if you manage to completely avoid acknowledging that you know that this is their favorite dish (and that they know you know, too!).

Try “hiding” some fancy chocolates in the freezer or fridge by tucking them behind some items that your partner is likely to move around during the week. Leave another note taped to the box or bar that says something like “Because I love you ;)”

If your partner tries to corner you about these hints, just wink and tell them “you’ll see soon enough,” or “Well, it’s Valentine’s Day soon, isn’t it?”

Then, on the day of, spring the full surprise on your partner: a romantic dinner on the table, fancy chocolate for dessert, rose petals in the bedroom, a sexy IOU on the pillow with a redeem date of February 14th, and lingerie on your body! It’ll be a night both you and your partner will cherish year-round, and a tradition to begin that will disgust your friends and family with how in love you two are.