Plus Size Lingerie: All Bodies are Beautiful

Plus Size Lingerie: All Bodies are Beautiful
POSTED ON October 4, 2019

ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL! As the saying goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Beauty is not a set of rules or requirements no matter what society or anyone else says. You deserve to accentuate your inherent beauty regardless of your size. This particular article is devoted to plus-size women, and we should definitely do one devoted to petite women as well!

While there are six different categories with ten different types of lingerie listed below, they're all not really that different from each other, except for lingerie sets maybe. Think about it (and the following statements are in general). Chemises are tighter babydolls. Bustiers have a little less structure than corsets. Teddies are a closed chemise. Robes are an open gown. I know lingerie is a lot more complex than that, but to a lingerie virgin, they may all look quite similar. Maybe I'm just oversimplifying things, but for each section I'll give you a couple sizzlin' and smokin' recommendations that are sure to drive that special someone crazy with desire for you!

Babydolls & Chemise

Oh Baby! That's what they'll say when they see you in the Oh Baby Plus Size Babydoll with lots of breast action and the mesh skirt, talk about hot. Since you deserve only the finest lingerie, here's the Finest of All Garter Plus Size Chemise Set.

Corsets & Bustiers

Corsets are known for having more structure to them to emphasize your curves, and the Embroidered Steel Boned Corset does exactly that! Bustiers are similar to corset but less focus on curves and generally more on breasts. Take the So Flattering Bustier for example.

Teddies & Rompers

Like I said in the first paragraph, teddies are like a closed chemise. Some, like the Show Me Strappy Plus Size Teddy, show a lot more skin than others like the Kitten Hailie Romper.

Robes & Gowns

Now I can't speak for other people, but to me, few things are sexier than a robe. They drive me crazy, as I'm sure they do for tons of other people. Especially the Chantal Robe, Oh... My... GOSH so so so hot. I don't mean to downplay gowns. I'm just really into robes. Sorry about the bias. The Duchess Plus Size Night Gown is spectacular though. It'll draw your lover's gaze and keep their eyes fixated on you.


The Lace-Up Front Suspender Bodystocking is a show stopper. That's it. Period. I almost don't want to talk about other bodystockings that's how jaw-dropping it is. However, there are a lot more good quality pieces that deserve mention. The Off the Shoulder Plus Size Bodystocking is another dazzling piece sure to heat things up.

Lingerie Sets

Lingerie sets is a big umbrella term for any combination of lingerie pieces. Some of the most common combos are the bra, panties, and a garterbelt. The Heart Cut-Out 3pc & Porsha Bra Set are great examples!


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