Presidents of Mischief: Top 10 Fetishes

Presidents of Mischief: Top 10 Fetishes
POSTED ON February 20, 2019

Here are the presidents of mischief, the top ten most popular fetishes around. The good new is besides maybe #8 you couldn't pick someone out in public and say "oh yeah, they totally have a ____ fetish. But we bet you'll never guess #9 ;)


Standing for Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism, the BDSM community is still largely misunderstood by the vast majority of the public, even though things are getting better. While I don't quite have the space or time to explain this community in its entirety, but I still wanted to address a couple things: 1) To partake in BDSM means you either experienced severe emotional trauma earlier in life; this is a myth. Aside from the narrative of the fictional Fifty Shades of Grey series, people who participate in BDSM are everyday people living regular lives just like you and me, which is the truth.

It's not like the only people that do it are on some far away secluded island in the middle of the ocean. If that were the case, we might not even know about it. It isn't some abnormality that only a select few are into either, actually a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than half of all women fantasized about beind dominated, and a little less than half fantasized about dominating.

Also, it isn't always about sex. Some BDSM sessions don't have penetration other sex acts at all. It maybe be all about domination or submission in a nonsexual way.Standing for Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism, the BDSM community is still largely misunderstood by the vast majority of the public, even though things are getting better. While I don't quite have the space or time to explain the community in its entirety,

#2 Voyeurism

This may be the most common, as anyone who watches porn (which is just under a third of the entire internet) engages in voyeurism. For those of you that may not know, voyeurism is receiving pleasure by watching another person, or other people, engage in sexual acts. Others like to watch their partner(s) masturbate in front of them or even watch them have sex with other people.

#3 Latex

Some people really like when themselves or their partner(s) wear latex. Like this mini-dress or this crop top. The skin tight look and shine is what attracts them, but what they really like lies beneath. This is usually seen as a beginner fetish or the gateway fetish because it easily lends itself to different kinds of sexual play.

#4 Spanking

This is a classic. What you hated in your childhood, you relish in your adulthood. Just kidding, just because you like spanking or being spanked doesn't mean you have any latent childhood issues. It's similar to BDSM, having this fetish doesn't make you a monster. There's nothing wrong with be honest with yourself and your partner about what you desire.

#5 Feet

The foot fetish is probably the most well known on this list. Men are more likely to have this one, but that's not to say that women don't or can't. Feet aren't necessarily aesthetically beautiful, so for all you non-feet lovers you might be wondering why this one has gained so much notoriety, and the answer is feet are an erogenous zone and whether you believe it or not, it can feel quite exquisite to have your toes sucked. Not that I know from personal experience 😉

#6 Furries

Potentially the most taboo fetish on this list, furries are essentially a unique kind of role play so much so that they deserve their own category. They dress up in furry animal costumes, assume the persona of animal character, and give it human characteristics. Now the Furry culture is no where near the BDSM culture, but they do share one similarity. It's not always about sex, or sexual acts. Sometimes it may just be platonically playing a character like an actor or an actress would, except you're in a furry animal costume.

#7 Role Play

Role play is itself a massive umbrella term. Certain types of BDSM, furries, and so much more are different kinds of role play. The most popular kinds are nurses, doctors, teachers, students, firefighters, cops, vampires, etc. During role play people assume a different character to act out their fantasies or the fantasies of their partner(s).

#8 Sex in Public

While this doesn't mean sex on the street corner, sex in the bathroom of a restaurant, in the teacher's lounge (because you as the principal couldn't keep your eyes of the hot new sub), or out in a forest or a lake maybe in broad daylight or a romantic midnight outing. Either way, don't get caught because it's sure to be SUPER embarrassing and chances are you'll never live it down.

#9 Balloons

Yes, this is an actual fetish that people have. Not yours truly, but people that do get aroused and pleasured by the inflation, deflatation, and popping of balloons. This easily goes hand in hand with the latex fetish. Ya know, balloons, latex. There's a certain excitement that they don't find elsewhere. Some people like to play with the balloons during sex, I guess the static makes things more electrifying, haha.

#10 Gerontophilia

This is attraction someone who is considerably older than you, generally the elderly. It tends to be more common in younger women liking older "more mature" men, but younger guys tend to like older "more experienced" women too. However, this isn't non-existent in homosexual culture, sure it's far less prevalent, but gay people can be gerontophiles too. A lot of old people still got it. Don't count them out just yet 😉


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