Prostate Play: An External Massage

Prostate Play: An External Massage
POSTED ON October 31, 2018

You've probably heard it proclaimed "the prostate, the male g-spot, or rather p-spot!" people and companies will try and sell you on the wonders of this untapped potential that will bring you unfathomable amounts of pleasure and completely change your approach to everything butt. While there is some truth to that, as stimulating the prostate does bring guys a lot of pleasure, the prostate is not the end all be all miracle organ. However, you should still pay attention to it.

From anal beads, to butt plugs, and the whole assortment of vibes and pegging, there's a lot of different ways to enjoy some good ol' fashioned butt stuff. There's nothing wrong with enjoying anal play no matter who you are. That includes all you heterosexual men out there. However, it's understandable why guys in general don't want to stick stuff up their butt. Good thing there's a way to externally stimulate your prostate. You can actually massage it and have multiple orgasms. That's right guys, multiple orgasms, not just a one and done.

The How-To

The prostate is located right below the bladder between the penis and rectum. Due to this positioning the area to massage is the perineum more commonly referred to as the taint, gooch, and grundle. While gooch and grundle have more serious backgrounds, the origin of the word "taint" is actually quite funny the word is said to have come out of the saying "T'aint a penis, t'aint a pussy, and t'aint a butt." Thus, taint, was born. Anyways, the first thing you want to do is get your favorite massage oil or even lube that won't irritate or hurt your genitals. Then use a good amount on the perineum and penis if this is your first time doing a prostate massage because you'll probably still need some penile stimulation to orgasm.

From here you're going to carefully apply pressure into the taint either by using your finger tips. If you feel the sudden urge to urinate, don't worry, that's normal because if you're pressing on your taint, your prostate is likely pressing on your bladder, which is giving you that feeling. Keep going though, that doesn't necessarily mean harder or faster, but it'll start to feel real good and that's when the fun really begins. Stroke your penis for additional pleasure and from there you can experiment with a variety of speeds, going harder, maybe even using your knuckles instead of your fingertips, just be careful not to brutalize your perineum.

Happy Halloween Lovers!

-The Intimacy Advisor


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