What’s Your Provocative Halloween Personality?


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Let’s have some fun: It’s pumpkin picking time! Without scrolling down first, choose your favorite Jack O’Lantern from the spooky pumpkin patch below! Got it? Good! Now read on to see what your pick reveals about your Halloween personality, and what fun, sexy, and provocative costumes you should dress up in this year to match that style!

Pumpkin #1: Flirtatious Fangirl

Hey, flirty fangirl! You like Halloween because it gives you a chance to show off your awesome costuming & makeups skills, and it’s an opportunity for you to wear your past (and this year, disused) convention costumes. If you chose this pumpkin, you are likely into all things nerdy, geeky, and AWESOME, and you feel pretty passionately about at least a few “fandoms”. Prove your loyalty this Halloween with some flirty, fan-worthy costumes that you can accessorize to your heart’s content…because you know that anything worth doing is worth doing extra…and because sometimes it really is OK to rely on store-bought costumes! Great choices for you would include everyone’s favorite psycho but sexy Suicide Gal (pictured left), or the wildest student in the Wizarding World with the Spellbinding School Girl costume, which is on sale and also available in Curvy sizes! Don’t forget to add a magic wand…one for the costume, and a different one for at home! 😉 Keep it simple or armor up the Killer Robot Costume for a great Stormtrooper look (bad aim not included), or show that you’re ready to marry your ghostly Beetle boo as the iconic 80s-tastic Beetle Bride. You can even represent your Disney love in a grown-up way with the Wishful Thinking costume (there’s no trapping you in a lamp!) or as a romantic Oasis Princess. Now make a wish, and go wait in line at the bar instead of the autograph table!

Pumpkin #2: Historical Hottie

Greetings, Historical Hottie! You like Halloween because of the glamour and mystery of it all. It gives you a chance to dress up in gorgeous garb from your favorite periods in history, or channel legendary characters, real or fictional, from the past! Show off your love of bygone glam as a goddess of Immortal Beauty, sparkle as the Queen of the Nile completed with Cleopatra face jewels, or fierce it up as a powerful “Glamazon” Warrior…at least you can carry a big sword without being accused of compensating for something! Decade costumes are the natural choice for you, whether you opt for a 20s flapper, easy to make from a great dress (you know you all have one from New Year’s Eve…we had such high hopes!) by adding wigs, gloves, and a glam headband…or a dreamy 70s flower child. You would also love to throw on some tall boots and rock a pirate look, from the sexy Swashbuckling Siren to the brazen Pirate Beauty (pictured right) or the ruffly, lacy, corseted Pirate Wench costume paired with our frilly pirate hat! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun, amirite? Speaking of bottles, you could also go as everyone’s best friend, the Saloon Gal, or as the courageous Cowgirl that frequents the tavern in these here parts. Now get along, little doggie, and have a Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin #3: Classic Cutie

Halloween has probably been your favorite holiday since you were a kid. You probably have fond memories of dressing up every year and being whatever you wanted to be, running around door to door collecting candy like a cute little crazed demon! You love the classic iconography surrounding Halloween (pumpkins, bats, skeletons, ghosts, devils), but more on the cute side than the creepy side, and you love an opportunity to build a fun a DIY costume that no one else will have! For a Halloween costume that’s equal parts provocative and creative, start with a simple costume starter and go wild adding fun accessories to build your perfect look. Try cute ghost, a classic black cat with a sleek bodysuit and accessories kit, or pick up a mask and tail to go with our Reptile Jumpsuit, and you’ll be the sexiest dinosaur or dragon that ever roamed the earth! A Dark Angel or Golden Angel look sets up the perfect opportunity for the “did you fall from heaven?” pick-up line, if that’s what you’re into! Career costumes are a great fit for you as well, no matter how realistic or fantastical…do you want to be a nurse or a ninja? An arresting police officer or an Alluring Assassin? Even a sweet but sexy School Girl or a flirtatious French Maid would be perfect fits…they’re classics, just like you!

Pumpkin #4: Sporty Shorty

Halloween is fun, but definitely takes a back seat to your first love, which is sports! Your athletic prowess knows no bounds, and you never back down from a competition, from beer pong & billiards to soccer & softball. The mere thought of ever “letting someone win”, especially to impress a guy, makes you cringe. Show that you’re in it to win it this Halloween as a Champion Boxer or Tackle-ready Football Player. Get your head in the game as a sexy cheerleader, either ready to Score (pictured right) or bragging about being Daddy’s Girl. Too girly for you? Bust out your cargo pants and combat boots and report to the party as a hard-as-nails Battalion Babe. We know the world of sports is a little dead this year, so make light of a bad situation as a Dead Zone Zombie, or at least make sure you win the pun contest when you show up ready to hit the links as a super-cute “Golf Tease”. You’ll be ready to play on a fun fall night in any of these sporty, sexy costumes that show off your skills at the party…even if you’d rather be home watching a game.

Pumpkin #5: Spooky Boo

Halloween for you encompasses at least the entire month of October, which you prefer to call “spooky time”. You’re drawn to the dark and macabre, and you probably have some “Halloween decorations” up year-round as home decor! Your yard is decorated as a graveyard, pirate ship, or haunted house and it’s almost scary enough to keep the neighborhood kids away! You have planned a different horror movie to watch at least every weekend, possibly every night…and none of them are too scary for you! You should go as the scariest, sexiest skeleton at the party in the Scantily Skeletal body suit. Both give you an opportunity to go as dark and scary as you want with your makeup. Break out of your crypt as a luscious Mummy, give everyone the creeps as a spooky spider on a spiderweb, or darken up a classically hot witch costume like the Pentagram Princess or the Wicked Wicked Witch dress…don’t forget to add a gorgeous long hooded cape for spooky effect and for warmth! If you really want to go all out towards haunting people’s nightmares, DIY a fiery devil or a dark dry well demon look and they’ll think they only have seven days to live, or be a Day of the Dead diva complete with amazing makeup or a fitting mask! You will be hauntingly hot no matter which provocative disguise you choose for yourself this year!

All of the costumes and accessories linked in this post were available for online purchase at the time of writing. There may be even more fun and surprising costumes and accessories in various sizes and colors available at a Lover’s Lane store nearest you! They’re all going fast, though, so shop soon for the best selection! The Intimacy Advisor would like to wish you a safe & socially distanced but still sexy & sweet Halloween! And hey, you can’t go wrong by adding fashionable masks to any look you choose this year! Have fun and happy haunting, Lovers!

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