Rabbit Vibe: 4 Toys for International Rabbit Day

Rabbit Vibe: 4 Toys for International Rabbit Day
POSTED ON September 22, 2017

It’s International Rabbit Day, and we’re celebrating with a rabbit vibe for everyone! Browse all rabbit vibrators and keep reading to find out more about four of our favorites when it comes to this ever-popular type of sex toy.

Butterfly Stroker – The Starter Toy

The Butterfly Stroker is a great choice for those who are new to the rabbit vibe – although, somewhat ironically, as the ‘rabbit’-shaped clitoral piece on this vibrator is actually a butterfly, another popular version of the rabbit model. With its relatively low price, thrusting capabilities, and an array of speed and rotation powers – including 7 vibrating functions on the butterfly stimulator – this one is your best bet, especially if you’re totally new to the orgasmic powers of rabbit vibrators.

G-Spot Rabbit Vibe – The Goldilocks Toy

We call the G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator the Goldilocks toy because it’s juuuust right! After all, it is produced by The Rabbit Company, which specializes in this style. With the shaft’s focus on the G-spot – a not-so-elusive hot spot when you use this toy – and plethora of functions (including independent motors), it’s easy and fun to mix things up. The soft, nearly silky sensation of the silicone material is the cherry on top of this rabbit vibe.

Vanity Rabbit Vibe – The Mercedes of Toys

There’s nothing quite like a toy that retains body temperature for a natural feeling, which the Vanity Vr10.5 Vibrator by Jopen does with both power and style. Dual motors controlled independently combined with a rotating shaft – the sensation of which has been compared to a tongue – and rabbit-piece designed to hug the clitoris – the effect of which has been described by a reviewer as “heaven” – are key to this toy’s eminence.

Boom Cyclone Vibrator – The Creative Toy

If you’re looking for a truly inventive take on rabbit vibrators, look no further than the Boom Cyclone Vibrator. This toy features something quite different for the clitoris: a rotating tickler which can spin up to 9000 rotations per minute! The independent rotations of the turning wheel are perfect for intensely pinpointed stimulation – something to consider for women who have a hard time achieving orgasm.

It’s no secret why the rabbit vibe is so classic – few other toy styles combine internal and external stimulation as well as the rabbit vibrator does. Celebrate your body and the wonderful things it is capable of with a new rabbit vibe, always available discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!