Reasons to Masturbate: The Scientific Edition

Reasons to Masturbate: The Scientific Edition
POSTED ON December 22, 2016

As if you needed any more reasons to masturbate, it turns out that the science behind orgasms is quite intriguing indeed. Sit back, relax, and join us as we lead you on a journey detailing the scientific benefits of masturbation you didn’t even know you were tapping into!

1. You need to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

Any woman will tell you that precious little pain in life is as frustrating and unwanted as the pains associated with life-giving abilities (yes, that includes birth itself). But other than giving birth, dealing with cramps is easily the next worst. Enter the orgasm, which can help relieve tension by relaxing muscles and re-directing your mental focus to distract from the pain. Try a simple but powerful toy like the Sensuelle Bunnii Bullet.

Reasons to Masturbate 1

2. You want to lower your risk of diabetes and improve your cardiovascular health.

Who doesn’t want to lower their risk of diabetes and improve cardiovascular health in one fell swoop? Luckily, these are some of the best scientific reasons to masturbate – this time, with benefits for women and men. We’re all familiar with the heart-pumping effects of the most intense orgasms; it turns out that the ability of orgasms to make the heart race has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, which in turn lessens your risk of suffering from heart disease and developing type-2 diabetes!

3. You want to build better support for your body with a strengthened pelvic floor.

Swinging back around to more reasons to masturbate for women specifically, it’s true that masturbation works out the pelvic floor, a part of your body that you might not think about too much – but one that is essential to your body’s flow of movement. With a strengthened pelvic floor, your spine will be better supported, your bones will be stronger, and you are likely to experience heightened core strength during pregnancy. We recommend a solid G-spot toy, like the delicately durable twin motors of the Rhythm Dandiya Premium Silicone Vibrator from Kama Sutra.

4. You want to improve the quality of your sleep.

It appears that science has given us plenty of reasons to masturbate – but this one might just be one of our favorites. Orgasms release oxytocin, which helps calm the body into comfortable sleep. Of course, you’re familiar with slipping into slumber post-sex, but you don’t need to have sex to get the same benefits – solo orgasms also suffice!

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We love to give our readers reasons to masturbate, from detailing how masturbating can make you happier to listing 12 reasons we love it to exploring the best time to do the deed. Science backs us up, too! Of course, if you need some toys to spice up the fun, Lover’s Lane has all the adult sex toys for her and for him you could ever need, always available discreetly online or at a store near you!


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