Resolve to O: Make 2018 Your Best Year in Sex Yet!

Resolve to O: Make 2018 Your Best Year in Sex Yet!
POSTED ON January 12, 2018

2018 is your year to reach the big O, and thanks to recent research, we have so much information about the how’s and why’s of female orgasms. That’s great news for women AND men, because now we have even more data to help us on our journey to sexual fulfillment! Read on for our four simple suggestions to improve your chances at orgasm!

1. Foreplay – Take Your Time

Your chances of orgasm increase dramatically the longer you spend on a variety of sexual activities, meaning other than intercourse. According to studies, women need at least 20 minutes of sexual activity before reaching orgasm. You may have heard that women can take longer to “warm up” when it comes to sex, so make sure to incorporate as much foreplay as you can both handle! Gentle stimulation, as subtle as a pat on the butt to a more “forward” intense and deep kiss, activates female sexual hormones, which activates the body’s response to stimulation, such as natural vaginal lubrication that makes penetration comfortable.

Guys, if you need help slowing yourself down, you might try a cockring or a desensitizer to slow your pace and match hers better. Her orgasm will feel incredible for you too, so it’s worth it for both of you to help her orgasm! Besides, there is little that can make the two of you feel closer than simultaneous orgasm!

Now, we’re not suggesting that you put the brakes on if things are already hot and heavy! By all means – carry on with what you’re doing because you’re doing it right! Foreplay is the place to start if you suddenly find yourself turned on, but your partner may need a little help to get up to your level.

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2. Clitoral Stimulation

Most women require clit stimulation to achieve orgasm – 86% in one study – so be sure it’s never ignored! This is a great reason to try a clitoral enhancer. Clitoral enhancers work by creating hot or cold sensations on your skin surface and by increasing blood flow, thereby increasing your body's natural sexual response. One of our favorites (as well as customers – read the reviews!) is Shunga’s Secret Garden Enhancing Cream. This longtime best seller features natural Peppermint Oil and Capsacin (from chili peppers) as active ingredients. These two get together and produce an intoxicating variety of hot and cold sensations that are different every time!


3. Find Your G-Spot

Here’s a fun sexual project for the two of you: tonight we’ll locate and stimulate your g-spot (also known as the Gräfenberg spot)! You can add a little “scientist and subject” role play to your investigative work, as he uses his well-lubricated finger (or one of our g-spot vibrators) in a come-hither motion about 1-2 inches inside your vagina to find the little treasure. Its surface should feel slightly rough, similar in size and texture to a walnut. A g-spot orgasm is intense and can sometimes feel like you have to pee, but fear not, that’s the extra lubrication a g-spot orgasm will release (aka. squirting, gushing, and female ejaculation)!

4. Add Oral Sex to Your Agenda

Oral sex takes all of our earlier suggestions and adds oral stimulation to the picture. An Australian study showed that 50% of the women surveyed who had only intercourse as their sexual activity achieved orgasm. That number increases to 71% when manual stimulation is added (touching and caressing with the hands). Add lingual stimulation (fancy term for oral sex!) and the number of women achieving orgasm jumps to 86%! We can’t emphasize enough how important oral sex is to your sexual fulfillment!

Try using any number of flavored lubes from Lover’s Lane that add flavor and aroma to the fun! We have to recommend the Wicked Sensual Care line of flavored lubes – they are sweetened with natural Stevia so they don’t have a strange after-taste.

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