Romance Awareness Month 2020

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Good news, Lovers!  August is Romance Awareness Month.  Not that you need an extra excuse to be extra romantic, but it can’t hurt either, right?  For 28 years now, Lover’s Lane has been in the business of helping couples achieve “More Romance, More Intimacy, More Often”®.  One of our ways of doing this involves our amazing private-label products that are ONLY available at Lover’s Lane (pictured below, and linked throughout the post)!  These aren’t generic, off-brand products we slapped our label on, either.  These are high-quality, famous maker products which have been specially cultivated into a collection of amazing sex & romance basics just for us! We have many long-time fans of these products, and we know we will make you one, too, if you give them a try.  Now is a great time to try them, too, as they are all 20% for the entire month of August (or while supplies last)!  Read on to see how these private-label products from Lover’s Lane stores,, and can boost the romance factor in your bedroom & beyond when you follow three simple concepts:  Keep it Clean, Keep it Smooth, and Keep it Intimate!      

Keep it Clean!

While some people initially scoff at the idea, there is actually nothing more romantic than introducing a new sex toy into your bedroom.  Whether you give a toy as a gift or bust it out in the heat of the moment as a surprise, adding toys to your lovemaking routine shows that you are thoughtful, passionate, and committed to your partner’s pleasure.  If you have never used toys as a couple before, it shows that you are open and willing to try new things in the name of love.  If you are seasoned romantic toy users, bringing home a new one you’ve both had your eyes on shows that you’re adaptable and willing to do whatever you can to spice things up to the fullest!  

Any time you’re using sex toys, though, it’s important to remember to keep them clean.  This is where our private-label toy cleaners come in to play.  We have the Lover’s Lane Cleansing Toy Wash Spray, which is available in both 8 oz. and 4 oz. bottles (perfect for travel), as well as the Lover’s Lane Foaming Toy Wash.  Both are antibacterial, fragrance free, and safe for almost all sex toy materials, and which one you use is just a matter of personal preference.  Whichever one you choose, coat the entire surface of the toy with the cleaner, let it sit for a moment, then scrub with your hand or a soft, lint-free cloth while running under warm water.  It is a good idea to clean toys both before AND after use, every time.  Even when they are cleaned and stored properly, they can still gather dust & debris that you don’t want to put near your intimate bits, so a quick spritz and rinse before and a more thorough cleaning after will do the trick!  Also, make sure to always leave your toys out to dry thoroughly in the open air, at least overnight, before you store them in a bag, drawer, box, or throw pillow (sorry, those two products aren’t included in the 20% off sale).  In a pinch, you can clean toys with soap and water, but a toy cleaner is going to be safer for your body and your toys, and they are made to condition and preserve the materials so your toy will last longer.  Stock up on toy cleaner this month so you can take care of the toys that take care of you!  

Keep it Smooth!

Spontaneity is fun and frisky, but it is actually very romantic to plan or schedule your sexual encounters from time to time.  This gives you both time to prepare, and do some things that can make those moments extra special.  One of the easiest ways to get ready for a sexy, steamy, date night in the bedroom is with intimate shaving.  Maybe shave just a little more than you (or your partner) typically would as a fun surprise?  They’re sure to take notice, and your soft, smooth skin will thank you if you treat it right!  If you’re new to intimate shaving, check out the first part of this post, then slather on the Coochy Shave Cream in Dark Angel.  This fragrance is made exclusively for Lover’s Lane, and has a clean and soapy scent with hints of sensual amber and bergamot.  It’s slightly fruity & floral, with just a touch of musk that makes it appropriate for men and women.  

Keep your skin & your sex as smooth and silky as your sheets!

The other important way to bring smoothness into your sexytime is with lube!  Lube reduces friction and helps you both feel nothing but pleasure for the duration of your lovemaking.  Lover’s Lane Organics Lubricant is a water-based lube meant to supplement the body’s natural moisture while providing necessary moisture and comfort for your most sensitive areas during sex.  LL Organics Lube is available in convenient 3 oz. and 1 oz. travel bottles, and a little bit goes a long way.  It is 100% naturally based with organic aloe, and it’s paraben free, glycerin free, latex condom safe, perfect for toys, and is pH balanced so as to not throw off the delicate balance down there.  Start your night with lube from Lover’s Lane, and you will always have smooth sailing.

Keep it Intimate!

Make sex a special occasion with a sprinkling of our Spread the Love faux rose petals.  You can up the romantic mood of your room and elevate it to resort level by forming a heart on the bed with the petals, hide them from your lover and have a sexy scavenger hunt, or surprise your lover by making a “trail of breadcrumbs” to lead them from the door to your arms (and naked body) after a long day of work.  They are colorfast, too, so you can even float some on the water of a luscious bubble bath where you can soak and sip champagne together.

Finally, max out the romance anytime you want with a quick roll of Lover’s Lane Instant Sexy pheromone perfume.  It’s a convenient purse & pocket friendly roll-on in a mature flirty floral scent, and can help you turn on your partner and turn up the mood anytime you want.  Pheromones let your body chemistry do the talking and will let your lover know exactly what you’re after…they’ve even been said to help you seem more attractive and sexually confident if you’re out looking for love!  And whether you’ve been with your partner for weeks or decades, a quick dab of Instant Sexy will give them the hint that you’re ready to play.  It’s always nice to lock eyes, sync heartbeats, and feel like you are the only two people in the world, even if it’s only for a short while.        

Wishing you a month of renewed and rejuvenating romance, intimacy, and sex!  Love on, Lovers!  


~The Intimacy Advisor

Tryst v2 Bendable Multi Erogenous Zone Massager w/ Remote

From one of the most trusted names in adult toys – Doc Johnson – comes this game changer in the couple’s toy category…but it can definitely be enjoyed solo, too!  Remember those little bendable, poseable rubber & wire critters from your childhood?  This toy is the very grown-up version of those!  Its bendable, vibrating arms hold whatever shape you put them in, so they will help keep the toy exactly where you put it.  It has ergonomic curves so it will be comfortable however you use it, too, whether for solo play or between you and your partner.  It has three tiny and quiet but powerful 10-function motors that will be sure to tickle your fancy no matter what erogenous zones you use it on.  Made of body-safe, hypoallergenic, and luxurious Velvet-Touch Silicone, this baby can be used internally or externally, and it is versatile enough to be limited only by your imagination.  It also comes with a wireless remote control with intuitive button controls, because once you find the spot, you won’t want to move it!  Click here to buy online, or bring one home from a Lover’s Lane store today, for sensual stimulation you’ve only dreamed of.

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