Romance Awareness Month


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We hope your summer has been jam packed with trips, vacations, family, friends, fun, and so much more! While these are usually the highlights of our summers, it’s easy to get burned out and worn down. Through the hustle and bustle of busy summer life, it’s easy to skip over a few things. I know that I live my life with the constant fear of always forgetting something whether its a water bottle, my socks, or even my car keys. But one thing a lot of couples lose sight of is romance. We’re here to tell you three ways you can be more romantic in your life.

1. Feel Sexy

Feeling sexy is important because it helps you feel confident and overall better. A major part of feeling sexy is how you look, but we’ll get to that later. For now we want to focus on how you can feel sexy without that timeless lingerie or super cute bra set.

Massage oils are a great way to increase romance and intimacy. The close physical connection of skin on skin as you’re rubbing or being massaged by your partner is sexy and romantic especially with the enchanting Intimate Earth Bloom Massage Oil or the intoxicating Shunga Strawberry Wine Massage Oil.

Another way to feel especially sexy is to use science to your advantage. Yes, that’s right, we said science. It might not sound sexy but it’s sure to get the job done. We’re talking about pheromones. We’ve talked about them in some of our past articles like Look Good & Feel Good: Beauty Across the Board and Gift’s for Father’s Day. A budget friendly option for him and for her is the Couples Pheromone Kit – Seduce & Rebel.

2. Look Sexy

We want you to look your best for your lover but more importantly for yourself because we know you’re your own hardest critic. That’s why we’re bringing you some of the hottest stuff out there like the Alizee Teddy. This hot pink halter top teddy is sure to have them starring, at least until it comes off 😉

If you want to show more skin then the Ruffles and Bows Bra Set is perfect for you. Show off your breasts and butt while maintaining your tease game and they’re sure to go wild with desire. If teddies and bra sets aren’t your thing then try out a babydoll especially the Lovely Floral Lace Up Sheer Babydoll.

For guys, sometimes all they need is a comfy pair of pants to look good and feel good. Drawstring Pants are a comfortable and sexy option that’ll have your man looking sexier than ever. But don’t just take our word for it, see the twelve 5 out of 5 reviews it has on our website.

3. Play Sexy

People might not often think about it but games can be unbelievably romantic. They not only set the mood but continually perpetuate it providing an environment where you and your lover are aroused and excited to have a passionate night of love. The Lovers Choice Game does exactly that.

If you’re looking for something more in the area of stripping, the Take It Off Card Game is best for you. Or if you and your lover want to dive head first into some foreplay, check out the Sensations Game for an erotic night of fantasy fun!

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