Ask A Romance Specialist: Last-Minute Valentine's Day & More

Ask A Romance Specialist: Last-Minute Valentine's Day & More
POSTED ON February 10, 2016

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, people have plenty of questions for our Romance Specialists! From last-minute gift ideas to some more specific sexual dilemmas, find out the answers to their burning questions below.

I waited WAY too long and now I’m stuck figuring out how to make Valentine’s Day special at the last minute. What kind of advice do you have for me? - Tom

First of all, you still have a few days left, which gives you plenty of time to stop by your
local Lover’s Lane to find the perfect piece of lingerie to complement your last-minute date. But if you want to make the day special, the best thing you can do is simply make it personal.

Since it’s last minute, maybe you’re worried about not being able to make reservations at her favorite restaurant. So, think outside the box! Is there an activity she loves that isn’t normally your thing? Show her that her interests matter to you by giving it a chance… perhaps a trip to the art museum? A spontaneous drive to her favorite state park? The pizza parlor where you had your first kiss – but not for pizza, just to recreate the kiss? The best way to make the day special is to create an experience together; memories last far longer than boxes of chocolates do.

My girlfriend and I want to experiment with electric shock. Where should we start? - Ronald

Electric shock
, commonly referred to as e-stim or electrosex, is still a relatively new way to experiment in the bedroom. For those new to the kink, it simply refers to the process of inducing sexual arousal via mild electrical currents applied to the body (brush up on the male erogenous zones and female erogenous zones while you’re at it – a few might surprise you!). It depends on the device, but typically e-stim feels like a gentle tingling at low settings and a heavy throbbing at higher settings.

When properly applied using conductive gel such as the Shock Therapy Electro Sex Gel, the current produced by e-stim toys stimulates nerves, which for many is considered an extremely pleasurable erotic sensation.

But you want to know where to start, so for beginners, we recommend the Shock Therapy Kit. It includes a digital power control unit, four adhesive pads, and an instruction manual. The controller has an LCD screen and comes with 3 pre-programmed patterns, but you and your girlfriend can experiment with over 100 unique stimulation combinations at the push of a button.

I enjoy giving head to my partner but have difficulty hanging in there until he comes. Any tips? - Tracy

First of all, you enjoy it – that’s already a huge positive when it comes to giving head and hanging in there. (For anyone who needs some more general tips on
how to give the perfect blow job, we have you covered.) One thing you might try is to add more stimulation with your hands during the blow job, which may bring him to orgasm sooner. You might also try a few oral enhancements, which can make it more fun for you, too. Some favorites of ours include the Sweeten’D Blow in Strawberry and the Minty Sanchez Blowpaste.

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