Romantic Date Night Ideas: 6 of the Sexiest

Romantic Date Night Ideas: 6 of the Sexiest
POSTED ON August 8, 2017

As much as we appreciate all things erotic and kinky, we also appreciate the beauty of true romance – so we’ve declared August as Romance Awareness Month! Check out six of the most romantic date night ideas for those couples who want to rekindle the romance that may have ended up on the backburner. Read on for real romance!

Couples Massages

Schedule a day that’s completely dedicated to the two of you. Couples massages are the perfect way to unwind and release any tension in your bodies. You’ll both leave feeling relaxed and connected afterward.

Up the romance: Give each other massages instead! Create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom for a night of sensual touches and intimacy. Use our Sweet Almond Massage Oil to create an even more pleasurable experience.

Cooking Together

Romantic date night ideas don’t have to be spent outside the home. Plan a night in that starts with a dinner prepared by the two of you, together! Play some music in the background while prepping the food and dance around to the tunes while waiting for the timer to go off – sneak a slow song in there to be extra passionate!

Up the romance: Set the dinner table with candles and pair the meal with chocolate-covered strawberries. Not only are chocolate and strawberries delicious, they’re also both considered to be aphrodisiacs. For even more tasty treats, try the Liquored Up Pecker Gummy Rings for a funny, sexy dessert.

Drive-In Movie

Find the nearest drive-in movie near you and see what movies are playing. Pick something a bit more on the romantic side to set the tone. What’s more romantic than cuddling together in a cozied-up trunk while watching a movie?

Up the romance: Take a break during the movie for a quickie in the backseat – just make sure the other movie goers can’t see you! In case things heat up even more, try the Frisky Finger Vibrator for discreet pleasure.

Relive Your First Date

Whether you can visit the exact location where you had your first date or you can somehow recreate the event, the two of you will surely be traveling down memory lane as you try this romantic date night idea. The scenery, aromas, and possibly even tastes of that first date will remind you two of when the romance started.

Up the romance: End the night with a bubble bath together. Reminisce on the day as you unwind in the water together. Don’t forget to add our Kissable Passion Bubbles with Sex Attractant to your bath for big, fluffy bubbles infused with pheromones.

Get Outdoors

For the outdoorsy couples, this is one of the most perfect romantic date night ideas just for you. Find the nearest hiking spot and spend all day at each other’s sides, taking in the beautiful scenery together. Burn some calories, enjoy the outdoors, and relish in each other’s company as the sun slowly sets. Pitch a tent to continue the outdoor adventures into the night!

Up the romance: When the sun goes down and things get chilly in the tent, heat each other up with skin-to-skin contact. Removing your clothes for direct skin contact warms you up faster! For some extra warmth, try our Aphrodisiac Warming Oil in Exotic Green Tea.

Get Crafty

Let loose your creative sides and spend the night painting, drawing, or whatever art suits you best. Add some fun to it by drawing or painting pictures of each other. When you’re both finished, reveal them to each other for surprises, laughter, and a type of intimacy you haven’t experienced yet.

Up the romance: Why not immortalize a night of hot sex by creating your own piece of art? With the Love Is Art (Cosmos Edition) kit, you can do just that! The best part is the secret thrill you and your partner can share every time a new visitor comes over and admires the beautiful abstract art hanging above your fireplace.

It can be easy to let the romance fade away when you’re in a long-term relationship. With these romantic date night ideas, however, the passion between the two of you will surely reappear. Take some time to yourselves and remember the spark that attracted you to one another in the first place. The romance is practically guaranteed to enhance your sex lives, too!

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