Romantic Tension: How to Use It for Better Sex

Romantic Tension: How to Use It for Better Sex
POSTED ON October 5, 2017

We’ve all experienced tension before, and it’s usually not the kind we want. But there’s a certain kind of tension that feels electric, as if someone set off fireworks inside our bodies. This is romantic tension: the ultimate tease between people that sends sexual desire through the roof. In some ways, sexual tension is the perfect form of foreplay. Read on to get turned on!

Playful Banter

Romantic tension isn’t all about physical signs; verbal communication is crucial for furthering your sexual chemistry. A seductive look can only take you so far, so incorporate flirtatious talk in your conversations to step it up a notch. Playful phrases in response to flirty comments creates a back-and-forth banter that shows just how much chemistry you both have, whether you’ve been together for two month or two decades. Sexting is, of course, the long-distance version of this.

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Bedroom Eyes

Whether it’s date night or simply a normal evening’s dinner, romantic tension is extremely easy to cultivate. Sultry eye contact is the best way to start. ‘We mean sex’ eyes, staring deep and holding contact for longer than casual conversation calls for.

If you’re a guy, this is especially important for women because direct, lingering eye contact is intense and shows you’re actually looking at them. Whether it’s a first date or you’re married, gazing at each other with “bedroom eyes” is a classic move to increase the romantic tension.

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Touch and Graze

Light touching or simply grazing against someone is a sure sign you’re comfortable with them and engaged in the interaction you’re having, but it doesn’t have to stop being an exciting feeling for long-time partners. When they least expect it, lightly caress their lower back or chest. If you’re out at dinner, the possibilities of what you can sneakily touch under the table is a surefire way to light the fire long before you get home.

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Romantic tension is something that two people build together. Whether it’s with the cutie you’ve been eying at work or as a way to spice things up in your relationship, sexual desire can be heightened in all kinds of situations.

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