Sex and the Body


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1. You miss out on the health benefits regular sex provides.

Keep in mind that when we mention sex, it doesn’t always mean with a partner. Solo sex – aka masturbation, which we love to talk about – gives many of the same benefits, since it’s really all about the orgasm. On that note, regular orgasms increase serotonin and oxytocin levels, which improve cardiovascular function as well.

It’s not just bodily health, too. Studies have found that consistent sexual activity (which also includes masturbation) improves the function of your hippocampus, the part of the brain most closely tied to memory. Some scientists have stated that boosting sexual activity may even be able to reverse the effects of both aging and stress on the brain.

2. Your stress levels might increase.

Speaking of stress, one of the best things about sex and the body is that sex can inhibit it. Hand-in-hand with the health benefits above, the hormones released when orgasms are had aid the body in rebounding from stressful times. If sex helps you relieve stress, and you stop having it, it stands to reason you might have a more difficult time coping with it.

One study done in Biological Psychology found that people who had recently engaged in some lovemaking responded to stressful situations with lower blood pressures than those who had not. If you’re feeling stressed out, hit the sheets – partnered or solo! Try the Hitachi Magic Wand for some self-love or the Pino Couples Ring with your partner.

3. You could get sick more easily.

One way that sex and the body are crucially connected is the correlation between regular sex and a better functioning immune system. One study discovered that those who had sex at least once a week also happened to have increased levels of an important antibody known for increasing resistance to common illnesses like the cold. When your immune system is strong, not only do you get sick less often, but your body is able to fight it more quickly.

4. Your desire to have sex may decrease.

One of the biggest problems couples face is mismatched libidos. When one person wants to have sex much more often – or much less – than the other, it can be difficult to find the right place to meet in the middle. But if you stop having sex because you just don’t feel like it, it might be harder to come back out of it.

In fact, it might even be more difficult to get and stay aroused, for men and women alike, after long periods of abstinence. The simple truth is that the more you have sex, the more you want to have sex. Here’s another situation where some self-love might come in handy for keeping sex and the body in a good relationship with one another. Want to orgasm but feeling a bit too lazy to actually have sex? Try the Classic Rabbit Vibrator for her or the Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator for him.

Sex and the body can’t help but be intimately connected, but did you know just how much of an effect having – or not having, as the case might be – orgasms really has? As if you needed an excuse to hop in the sack more often – partnered or solo! Turn yourself on with the perfect sex toys for her and sex toys for him, always discreetly available online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.

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