Sex Lessons: Female Erogenous Zones

Sex Lessons: Female Erogenous Zones
POSTED ON June 30, 2015

You might think you know all there is to know about female erogenous zones, but we think a little refresher course never hurt anyone. From top to bottom, we’ll go over those special places you should be touching your woman – and some you may not have even realized could set off that spark!

EarsFemale Erogenous Zones

The ears are oft forgotten among female erogenous zones, but they shouldn’t be. Many women enjoy the sensation of caresses along the outer edge of the ear and sweet, soft kisses. This area is sensitive, so keep it light and close. The hot breath of your mouth, along with some whispered dirty talk, is practically a guaranteed turn-on.

LipsFemale Erogenous Zones

Once you’ve been together for a certain amount of time, kissing and making out tends to go out the window in favor of getting right down to the deed. Don’t let this happen, as the lips are a supremely intense erogenous zone for woman. Spend some time kissing during foreplay for a more intense sexual experience.

NeckFemale Erogenous Zones

With plenty of nerve endings, the neck is a favorite among the female erogenous zones for nibbling, kissing, and caressing. Depending on the desires of your partner, more intense sensations around the neck – such as firm grasps and even light choking – can feel absolutely amazing, as well.

BreastsFemale Erogenous Zones

In addition to caressing, licking, and sucking the breasts and nipples, there are many other ways to play with the best known of the female erogenous zones. If your partner has submissive tendencies and a desire to feel a little pain with her pleasure, nipple clamps are sure to provide a titillating experience.

WristsFemale Erogenous Zones

Everyone needs to pay a little more attention to wrists. Think about it: aside from when using handcuffs, how often do you really touch your partner’s wrist during foreplay? Turns out this hot spot is packed with nerve endings, so surprise your woman with some light grazing – finger and tongue!

AbsFemale Erogenous Zones

You spend so much time working out your abs, why wouldn’t you want to feel a little pleasure in this area, too? For some women, the erotic potential of abs is immense – in some rare situations, woman can even orgasm from abdominal exercise! (Naturally, this brings the sexy possibilities of Ben Wa balls to mind.) Stroking and caressing this area also builds up anticipation for the more direct contact that is sure to follow.

Lower BackFemale Erogenous Zones

It’s no secret that massages can be very, very sexy – we’ve even written our very own guide on how to give a sexy massage. Massage candles and massage oils are great ways to help you get into the mood, and a quick rubdown of the lower back can help relax the pelvis, leading to even greater sex.

ClitorisFemale Erogenous Zones

Ah, the clitoris: the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body, queen of female erogenous zones. Every woman is different, so try different types of touching to find out what she likes best: strokes as light as a feather, intense rubbing, and even tapping are just some touches to try. Clitoral vibrators are also a great way to provide incredibly stimulating sensations to this powerfully sensitive area.

Inner ThighsFemale Erogenous Zones

It should come as no surprise that the inside of the thighs are incredibly sensitive to the sensation of touch. With the multitude of nerve endings in this area, you would do well to stroke, lick, and caress her inner thighs. In fact, it’s the perfect way to lead into a round of oral sex.

KneesFemale Erogenous Zones

Much like the inner thighs but far less often considered, the back of the knees boast a great deal of nerve endings. She might be ticklish, so try some light kissing and even nibbling to test the waters. This is also a great area to massage with lotions or oils.

FeetFemale Erogenous Zones

Feet are no stranger in the world of sex; in fact, foot fetishes are some of the most common turn-ons out there. Whether or not you or your partner have a full-blown foot fetish, a soothing foot massage can be enjoyed by anyone after a long day of work, and with the right sensual sensations, is sure to lead to super hot sex.

Everyone should be familiar with all the female erogenous zones, from the obvious ones like the clitoris and breasts, to lesser-known pleasure centers like ears and even feet. Get some tips from our lessons in sexy above, combine with the perfect erotic lingerie and adult sex toys, and you might just have a night unlike any other next time you hit the sheets!

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