Sex Lessons

by Former author

November 1, 2021



Ears are common erogenous zones for both men and women, which is no surprise as the many sensory receptors make them very sensitive to the touch. Stimulate those nerve endings by light massaging, squeezing, kissing, and biting to pack plenty of powerful pleasure.

Mouth & Lips

Male Erogenous Zones

Itshould go without saying, but the mouth and lips are another center of male erogenous zones that shouldn’t be ignored. You might think of making out as something you did as a horny teenager, but kissing also triggers the release of oxytocin, which boosts intimacy and helps bring you together. Close your eyes and go in for the kiss!


Male Erogenous Zones

Women love to have their necks touched, and so do men. Stroke and kiss the nape of the neck and the back of the neck to target these male erogenous zones that might not be a part of your regular sex routine.


Male Erogenous Zones

The chest is a potent symbol of masculinity, so it’s no surprise that men love having some attention paid to this area. Massage, kiss, and caress his chest, taking care to go slowly and focus on touching. Male nipples can be quite sensitive too, but not everyone likes to have them touched so you should make a point to ask.

Groin Crease

Male Erogenous Zones

The groin crease isn’t just for women to visually feast on. This part of the body (the crease at the top of the thighs) is a very sensitive area. Gentle touching, massaging, blowing, and even biting are some ways to give this spot some attention.

Inner Thighs

Male Erogenous Zones

Proceeding directly from the groin crease we come to the inner thighs, male erogenous zones that can be all too often neglected for the direct stimulation of the penis nearby. Nevertheless, this is a powerful area for pleasure. Touch, kiss, and bite accordingly.


Male Erogenous Zones

The most obvious among the male erogenous zones, but nevertheless worth pointing out in any guide to these pleasure zones. From sex toys like c-rings and chastity cages to how to give the perfect blow job, the opportunities are practically limitless. Take care of the frenulum specifically, which is the area where the glans meets the shaft on the underside of the penis right under the head and features nerve endings that are comparable to those in the clitoris.


Male Erogenous Zones

Another area you should ask before just diving into, the scrotum (the tissue surrounding testicles) is basically a powerhouse producer of arousal. All those nerves make the scrotum one of the most sensitive male erogenous zones! Hold and cup this area gently, in addition to stroking, rubbing, and massaging. You can also use toys like the Thick Boy Girth Enhancer, which boasts a specially ribbed design with a scrotum ring.If he’s interested, you can also explore the scrotum during oral sex for even more intensely pleasing sensations.


Male Erogenous Zones

The perineum is often cited as one of those male erogenous zones you should be paying more attention to, probably thanks to its not-so-glamorous location in-between the anus and the scrotum. Nevertheless, the perineum includes nerve endings that travel from the anus and thighs all the way to the pubic bone that can produce extremely powerful sensations. A c-ring like the Master Series Taint Teaser is a great way to experiment with this zone, stimulating it while simultaneously providing erection enhancement.


Male Erogenous Zones

The seeming forbidden zone of male erogenous zones, the prostate can be the key to incredibly pleasurable and powerful orgasms for any man – should they dare to explore it! The male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, the prostate can be reached directly through the anus and massaged with either fingers or a prostate massager like Master Series Cobra P-Spot Massager or Universal Prostate Probe. If this is too much for him, the prostate can also be massaged indirectly through the perineum. Try applying some pressure to this area when giving him a blow job or a hand job to experience some of the effects.


Male Erogenous Zones

Although it might seem like more stereotypically feminine enjoyment, men like foot massages just as much as women do. Never mind the fact that massaging just plain feels good, but the hells of the feet are believed by some to actually contain pressure points that can trigger sexual arousal. Trade foot massages one night, and who knows what might come next? (Hint: probably you two.)Whether enhancing the experience with erotic lingerie for the eyes to enjoy or adult sex toys for a few other choice spots, anyone can master the male erogenous zones. Get our guide to female erogenous zones to round out your sexual knowledge, and explore even more with adult podcasts for your sexy listening pleasure and why couples should have sex every night.