Choose Your Own Sex-venture: A Spring Fling

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Sexy storytime is back, Lovers!  If you’re new to our “Choose Your Own Sex-venture” stories, here’s how it works:  Read the opening paragraph, then scroll down to the first two color-coded “teaser sentences”.  Make your choice and read the paragraph of the same color…that’s what you and your lover have to do! Continue to pick your path by repeating that process for the next two steps.  

Do the best you can to follow the romantic and erotic tasks through each of the three stages of the sexy springtime “story”…suggestions have been left intentionally gender-neutral and generic so you can play the way that works best for YOU!  Most importantly, don’t get too hung up on the details or required items if you don’t have them…make the best with what you DO have, and just have fun with it!        

A Spring Fling

Spring is in the air, and you finally have a day to spend together…just the two of you with nothing planned!  It has been a long winter and a difficult year.  You haven’t been able to go on many outings or special dates like you used to, so you’re ready to make this day one for the memory books!  Sometimes it takes a truly special date together to remind you of the magic of when you first met.  Spring fever has set in, and you’re both feeling frisky and ready to frolic…through the flowers and between the sheets…but you know you need some bonding time first to set the mood right.  You’re both ready to embark on your spring fling, but You have some decisions to make along the way.  First, take a look outside…what’s the weather like?  

It’s gorgeous outside!

or. . .

It’s not looking so great.    

A beautiful spring day awaits outside the window, and you want to take advantage of it!  Grab a blanket you don’t mind getting dirty, and a bag or basket to pack some food in…you’re going on a picnic! Pack simple sandwiches at home, pick up charcuterie from a nearby store, or just get fast food on your way…it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular.  Don’t forget something to play with, too…you want this day to remind you of the fun you had when you first started dating.  Throw in a badminton set, a soccer ball, or some roller blades.  Head to your favorite park and setup your spread.  Eat, drink, and be merry together, and make sure there’s plenty of kissing and cuddling going on to set the scene for later!  If you wear some fun and springy lingerie or a bright mesh thong under your clothes, you’ll both be excited to head home and embark on the rest of your date.      

Typical spring…it’s either already raining or threatening to do so!  Don’t let a little rain ruin your special day, though. Opt for an indoor date starting with a romantic candlelit lunch or dinner.  Even something as simple as a frozen pizza can become romantic if you light some candles and turn on the charm!  Make your partner’s favorite meal, order carry out, or heat something up…the food doesn’t have to be fancy.  Light the candles, dress up, and make romantic conversation with your lover over dinner…maybe recount your favorite times together, tell them why you fell in love with them, or even exchange romantic promises for sexual adventures you want to get up to later.  As long as you’re connecting and making memories by candlelight, you’re in for a night of sexy surprises!      

The meal portion of your date has been amazing!  You ate delicious food, did some bonding, had some fun, and hopefully laughed together more than you have in a long time!  Now you’re cozy at home and ready to head to the bedroom to up the ante on playtime!  Since this date is all about having fun, what better way to continue than with toys…the grown-up variety?

What a great idea! We’ll get our pleasure chest!

or. . .

Ehh…toys are for kids…not our thing.

You always jump at the chance to bring your favorite sex toys into your love life, so today is a great opportunity to use them together!  Try out a few possibilities and see what turns you both on the best!  Maybe one person plays with their favorite clitoral vibrator or stroker while the other watches and pleasures themselves?  There are no rules when it comes to playing with toys…just do what comes naturally and feels good! Maybe you both play at the same time, having a hot mutual masturbation sesh until you just can’t resist jumping each other’s bones?  You can even play as a couple by involving a strap-on, a couple’s vibe, or teasing and pleasing your lover with a powerful wand toy while they squirm in delight.  You can engage in partnered sex, too…if you even need to!  As long as you finish your play session with your naked bodies close to each other, sweating and panting from the amazing orgasms you’ve both had, you’re doing it right!

It’s ok that you don’t want to involve toys this time…you can have just as much fun with your hands, your mouths, and your naughty imaginations!  You both know you’re DTF, but you also know how important it is to make time for foreplay, too.  You both get hot and heavy with it right away, pleasuring one another with your fingers, your lubed-up hands, and especially your mouths.  Give your partner oral like you’ve never given them before…they’ll wonder what’s gotten into you…but they certainly won’t mind!  Make it extra tasty with some flavored lube, or comfort your gag reflex if necessary with a deep throat spray.  Maybe you can make it mutual and get in a 69 position while you drive each other crazy with your oral delights.  When you both finally tire of the teasing tongue torture, you’ll be ready to flow into the hottest sex of your life…or at least this week!  This is definitely turning out to be an unforgettable date!  

You’re both still coming down from the high of the amazing intimacy (and orgasms) you just shared, but you’re not quite ready to bring your sexy spring fling to a close yet.  The longer hours of daylight mean you don’t even have to start thinking about bedtime just yet, so…how do you want to wrap up your amazing day of love and luxury?  

A peaceful, romantic afterglow sounds lovely.

or. . .

An Oscar-worthy performance would be a fun finale!

You are just absolutely luxuriating in each other’s company…their scent, the feel of their skin against yours, the warmth radiating off their body…prolong those sensual feelings with a gentle but erotic massage.  Just your hands are enough, of course, but if you have a sweetly scented massage oil, or a warm glowing massage candle, even better!  Whisper sweet nothings in your lover’s ear while you smooth your hands all over their skin.  You just want this moment to last forever, and while it may not, the memories will.  When you’ve both shared enough romantic rubbing, head to the shower or a sensual bath together for a few final moments of closeness.  Let the warm water of the shower soothe away any remaining stresses while you softly scrub-a-dub your partner in their most erogenous areas for one last hurrah of sexy shenanigans for the night.  Finally you two dry off, put on your cutest, comfiest nightclothes, and head to bed in your favorite spoon position.  Sweet dreams will be had by all!      

You and your lover have always had a flair for the creative and the dramatic, and you’re not ready to go quietly into that good night.  Put on a show…for each other or together.  Give a sexy strip tease, dance on a pole if you’ve got one, or put on something hot and show off your moves grinding against their body.  If you both want in on the performer credits, try a slow and playful BDSM scene with flirty props, or enact a fetish fantasy you’ve both been curious about with a little role-play action…kinky costumes optional.  You might have so much fun putting on your shows that you slip back between the sheets for round 2!  Oops!  When you’ve finally had your fill of your own private theatre company, It’s time to wind down.  Make some snacks to refuel after all that carnal action, then snuggle up and watch your favorite movie together while you drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.  

Whether you follow these tips to a T or choose to make your own adventures in the bedroom, Couples Who Play Together, Stay TogetherTM…so we encourage you and your lover to take time to play as often as possible!  Let springtime be a reawakening for your senses and your sense of romance and intimacy with your partner.  With help from Lover’s Lane and, your springtime stories will always have happy endings!  

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