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Spotlight: Born between January 21st and February 19th, Aquarius is actually an air sign, despite the symbolism of the water carrier. Fellow air signs include Gemini and Libra, and all have great romantic compatibility with one another, by the way! Aquarians are sometimes considered the “weird hippies” of the zodiac. They march to the beat of their own drums, and when they make up their mind about something they want to go after, they do it; damn anything or anyone that would try to get in their way! This can make them come across initially as a bit aggressive or cold, but once you get to know them, they are intelligent bundles of energy and fun. They have a strong independent streak, though, and they don’t have time for drama or pettiness, so if you stir it up with them, be prepared for them to walk. Their original and unique nature can give them a bit of a freaky side, which is always a fun trait to draw out in new ways in the bedroom!

You’re starting your birthday month with chatty Mercury in your sign, so you’re ready to talk about anything and everything, and it might get freaky. Your lover probably already knows about your darker side, so maybe use this gift of gab to your advantage to talk about things with them now that are usually a little taboo. Maybe you’ve been wanting to introduce toys to your bedroom play but they’re not into it? You’ll have no problem explaining how great it will be for both of you! You have a bit of a rebellious streak to you right now, too, Aquarius, so don’t be afraid to show off and try things you’ve always wanted to but haven’t had the courage. Maybe perform a strip tease or a pole dance for your love and watch the magic happen! They won’t be able to resist your charm.

Pisces: February 20 – March 20

Unlike your Aquarian neighbors who want little to do with feelings, you’ve been quite caught up in yours lately, Pisces, and it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. Things have been kind of intense, but a huge positive shift is coming your way. Venus just entered Pisces on February 13th, and it feels right at home there. Greet that romantic, loving, powerful energy she brings with open arms. Embrace this as a time to reinvent yourself if you’ve been feeling stuck. The world is your oyster right now, and woe betide to anyone who would try to take advantage of you or get in your way. If you’re single, a true soulmate may enter the picture very soon, but if anyone you’re seeing give you weird vibes, pay attention! We know you love love, but not everyone is worthy of yours. If you’re coupled, make sure to spend some extra time with your partner right now, as they may be feeling a little shrugged off by you lately. Show them you care and are always there for them with a little trip together or a weekend in bed where they are your only focus!

Aries: March 21 – April 20

You are confident and in charge right now, Aries, so don’t squander that flow. Others in your life are picking up on this strength, including your lover, so you can impress them with your prowess in the bedroom right now, too. There may be some change or upheavals that started January 18th, but nothing you can’t handle if your relationship is strong. Sticking to your convictions and making sure your partner feels included in your life will keep your love life from going off the rails. Going into February might feel like things are moving too far or too fast. As you ride through these changes, though, just try not to be indecisive, and don’t make any major decisions hastily without discussing them with your lover. They have what it takes to help you get through these tense times, and you could use a good support person in your corner now more than ever. You won’t go wrong spending a cozy Valentine’s day in with your lover. Cook an amazing dinner for you two, then cozy up with some candles and a sensual massage to connect you and calm your nerves.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Your sex drive is high right now, and romance is at the top of your priority list. Don’t get discouraged by little complications that seem to keep arising no matter how hard you try to avoid them. You can tackle any difficulties that come your way with your careful attention to detail and supreme organizational skills. Whether single and looking or coupled, your romantic plans may have some monkey wrenches thrown in the works that will leave you questioning if it’s all worth it, but we assure you it is! Roll with the punches and spend some time on self-love and on making your partner feel great. Excite each other’s senses with pheromone oils and perfumes and dive right in. Make sure not to be too critical of your partner; you’re running a little hot right now, and your perceived helpfulness may just insult them. Slow and steady wins the race.

Gemini: May 22 – June 20

Mercury in Aquarius is finally allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief, Gemini. You’ve been stuck in high-strung mode…like, things are going well enough for you, but you’ve had a hard time just relaxing and accepting that fact! Your love life is in full swing, too, because of Venus in Pisces. You’ll be seeing plenty of action, and you’ll have the energy to just enjoy it. Really, the planets are just aligning to give you a very peaceful and romantic month. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to pay tons of attention to your lover or even a hopeful flame-to-be. Show your softer side with gifts of satiny lingerie and fuzzy cuffs for fun and flirtatious bondage play, and you won’t need to worry about getting reservations at a restaurant…just enjoy each other!

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Venus in Pisces is giving you and all the other water signs some serious love goddess (or god) mojo right now. Your life suddenly feels like a fairy tale, even if the year so far has felt like a hot garbage fire in the middle of a train wreck! You’re going to have a very lucky, easy-going month, indeed! Lucky you! If you’re single, February brings chances to fall in love and begin a beautiful lasting romance. If you’re with someone, you two are going to feel SO lucky in love this month as you connect deeper than ever and just enjoy each other. You can show your sexual skills and impress your lover by trying some fun new positions with the help of sex furniture or positioning pieces. Ride the good vibes and just let yourself enjoy everything this month has to bring for your love life!

Leo: July 23 – August 22

You might be feeling very busy and overwhelmed this month, Leo, but an overwhelming feeling of love will get you through even the tough times. This is your time to love and be loved, touch and be touched. Stop being so critical of yourself and others, and just let the love in. A new moon in Aquarius at the end of January allows you to step back and look at your relationship from a new perspective. Think about what others see in the two of you, and how you can make your best characteristics as a couple shine. Make sure that no matter how busy you get, you make time for love and romance. And don’t let your busy schedule make you forget that it’s better to be spontaneous sometimes. Surprise your lover with a meaningful gift or a return to the location of your first date, and they’ll be ready to help you clear your calendar for the whole weekend so you can spend it in bed together!

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

You have opportunities for love and romance approaching you from every angle. You just need to be decisive about the ones you go after. This is, of course, easier if you’re in a relationship. If you’re single, you will at least have lots of options! Don’t fall for traps; listen to your heart and surf right over those emotional waves that may come your way, and everything will turn out for the best! You are radiating positivity and oozing sexual attraction right now, and others will pick up on that glow. This is a great month for experimentation and innovation, so if there’s something you’ve been curious about sexually, like role play or anal toys, this is a good time to try them out! Your lover will be up for anything you offer, hoping some of your happiness and great love vibes will transfer to them!

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Those scales are tipping in your favor for relationships, Libra, but not necessarily the romantic types. Your friends, coworkers, and new acquaintances will all fall into sync with you and vibe with your positive outlook. You might feel some pressures from work, family, and the general responsibilities of life getting you down, but you can focus and stay above it. If you meet someone to pursue romantically during this month, it will turn out great as long as your proceed with care. If you’re already with the love of your life, they will see that you’re feeling a little swamped this month and can help you through it. Self love and self care is the name of the game for you this month, or you may find yourself getting run down by illness. Be gentle with yourself and your lover, and you will both emerge happier and healthier than when you started the month.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

You have a great month for love coming your way, Scorpio. The Venus in Pisces transit has you in full-on glow mode, and it will be noticed by others. If you’re single, you may find you have more admirers than you knew, and if you’re coupled, that radiant sexual energy will be yours for the giving to your partner, and they will LOVE it! Any social engagements you participate in will go your way, and that includes dates, so do it up for Valentine’s Day and beyond. You’re feeling more charming than ever, and less walled off from others. Let those people in that care about you and deserve you at your best, and you can trust they will also be there for you at your worst…but you shouldn’t hit your worst this month at all. Show off your confidence with a super sexy robe in the bedroom, and demonstrate that you have lots of love to give through a sensual massage.

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

You’ll be super busy this month, Archer, but it’s a good busy. Your social calendar will be jam packed, and you’ll be chatting it up with everyone. Talking, emailing, FaceTiming, Instagramming…whatever you’re into, you’ll be using it to stay connected to others. These social connections will all go really well for you too, so it would be a good time to network, go on first dates…maybe introduce your new love to your family if you haven’t gotten that far yet? Just make sure to take time for yourself, too, or you’ll burn out pretty quickly. Your love life will be passionate this month and the sex will be hot, but your focus should definitely be on the foreplay this month; that’s where you’re really going to excite your lover. A blindfold is a fun way to keep them guessing while you surprise them with a warming lube or maybe a new nipple toy to create fun sensations. Expect (and provide) the unexpected this month and you’ll do just fine.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Things may have felt a little chaotic for you at the end of January, but Mercury in Aquarius will help settle things down and get your life back to normal for February. This means you will have the energy to do little down-to-earth things that will have your partner truly impressed, even if it doesn’t seem like much to you at the time. Cook them dinner, take out the trash without them asking, buy them a new toy the two of you can use together…it will all feel particularly meaningful coming from you this month. If you’re single and seeking, you’ll see an uptick in messages and right-swipes, and connecting with someone important should come pretty easily. Get some good sleep and pay attention to your dreams…there may be hints in there leading you to your soul mate. You’re all about connecting deeply this month, and it’s made easier by the warmth and openness you’ll be radiating more than usual. Don’t forget to do something special for your Valentine, or you’ll be accused of being impossibly emotionless all over again!

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