Sexual Zodiac: April 2023

by Kristin T.

March 19, 2023


Spring is starting to peek through, and with it comes Aries season. People under the brave & bold sign represented by the symbol of the ram will have a sex-charged month with their innate warmth and passion in full effect, but what about YOUR romantic prowess? The weather is heating up, and so is the bedroom action for pretty much everyone! All the signs are here, so read on to see what the stars have in store for your sex and love life this April.

Spotlight: Those born between March 21st and April 19th flock under the sign of the sturdy ram known as Aries. Aries is often referred to as the ‘baby’ of the zodiac, but this is solely because it’s the first sign in order. There’s nothing babyish about Aries individuals…except maybe that they can be a tad needy at times, especially for physical affection and attention. Aries folks are often big & bold, loud & proud personalities. They love competition and being the center of attention, so you can often find them on the stage or screen, in leadership roles at work, or playing and/or watching sports. Rams are courageous and never shy away from a challenge or adventure, especially if it’s physical, and even if it’s kinda dangerous! Fair warning that if you’re partnered with an Aries, you may have to spend more time in the ER with them than you might prefer! Aries peeps are always on the move, and they need a partner who can keep up. Their excess of energy + their generosity and caring nature means you can often find them doing volunteer work for causes they care about. If you’re trying to pair up with an Aries you’ve been eyeing from afar, that’s a great place to start! Underneath all that frenetic energy, Aries folks are genuinely warm, passionate, and loving, so they can make wonderful romantic partners for the right person. The best love matches for Aries will often come from their fellow bright and bubbly fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo). Their best sex will come from a Libra lover; even though they don’t have much in common on the surface, finding a way to make it work is just another exciting challenge!

Aries: A new moon in your sign on March 21st gets your season off to a great start. It’s a good time for a clean slate if you need one, so set your new intentions in life & love and stick to them! If you’re committed and have been impatient with your partner lately, take a deep breath and show them some tender loving care. If things have been moving too slow for you, speed things up with some erotic adventures. A zappy electrosex wand or some fun flogging should do the trick…and don’t forget to cuddle after! Sometimes you need a reminder to set your selfishness aside for the sake of the relationship. If you’re single and seeking, now is a good time for something platonic to blossom into something more serious. Taking things X-rated will help you find out if you’re compatible for the long haul!

Taurus: Venus in your 1st house and Pluto in your social sector make this a very powerful time for you and your relationships, Taurus. All of your best features are being highlighted in a very favorable light, so it’s the perfect time to attract someone you’ve had your eye on. You’re willing to let go of inhibitions and focus on making connections. If you’re already partnered, you’re feeling more intimate & secure in your relationship than ever before. Great sex comes easily to you now, so lube up, add a couple’s toy or two, and enjoy the ride!

Gemini: A potential surprise from a past lover may pop up on March 30th, possibly sending you into April on a weird note. Be honest and transparent about your emotions, especially if your current partner has concerns. Remind them that your feelings are for them and only them with a Lover’s Choice game and a sensual striptease (complete with sexy lingerie or skivvies) just for them. Don’t open yourself up to that ex’s approach too much, and give them more of a chance than they deserve. If you are single and seeking, it may be a secret admirer that surprises you instead. Be cautious, but still take the plunge with them, and you may have a more amorous April than you were expecting.

Cancer: For awhile now, you’ve felt the pressure of your career and life in general weighing down your mood and your intimate life, and it’s finally time for that to change. Calmer waters are ahead and you’re ready dive in with your lover, or get out on the town (with a boost from pheromones) to meet someone. Take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the scenery, and just relax through some quiet evenings of intimate massage or Netflix & chill. A sexy dice game will bring lighthearted fun to your bedroom, and you and your lover can love and lounge until the sun comes up…all month long. Enjoy this intimate & emotional break…you’ve earned it!

Leo: Saturn ruling your romance sector once again means your love life is rolling out the red carpet for you. Little opportunities for sex and love will abound, and you’re ready to embrace them. If you’re happily with someone but haven’t talked about the C word lately (commitment), it’s a good time to do so. Your heart knows if the connection will last for the long haul. A fresh focus on physical intimacy will carry you far this month. Lavish your lover’s body with a massage oil (that doubles as a lube) and gentle touch, or bring a new toy in to fire things up in the bedroom. Whether in dating or mating this month, you won’t regret taking it slow and keeping it sexy.

Virgo: The name of the game this month is nurturing, Virgo…what that looks like for you may be different from everyone else and that’s okay. Maybe it’s nurturing yourself with plenty of self-love and relaxation. Maybe it’s nurturing your relationship, growing together through deep, intimate games that turn sexy. If you don’t devote some time to healing your love from time to time, any weak spots could get worse. You’re looking for how you can be nurturing to others, too, so you may be thinking or talking about whether or not you want to expand your family, whether that’s through having kids, adopting a pet, or even just making new friends.

Libra: A new moon in your partnership sector on March 21st means powerful new beginnings for your relationships are coming your way this Aries season. If you’re single and seeking, that may mean someone you’ve had your eye on finally looking your way, too. If you’re happily partnered, it’s time to try new things to help love blossom between you. Introducing some kinky BDSM play or new love essentials to try can bring amazing possibilities. If you’ve been unhappy in your relationship, that new beginning may come in the form of an end, and it’s a blessing in disguise. Keep your eyes open to all the new opportunities around you and you’ll be off to a great new start.

Scorpio: Your energetic co-ruler mars heads into clingy, emotional Cancer and your ninth house of adventure & expansion on March 25th, so April will be all about exploration and growth for you. If you’re partnered, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can with your lover. It will feel like even running errands with them may bring exciting new chances for connection and romance. Capitalize on this prime time for growth as a couple by taking a weekend away together, or learning something sexual you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re looking for long-term love, aim for a Capricorn or Pisces who is a world traveler or college professor…you’ll match well with someone who can keep expanding your horizons.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been feeling a sense of discontentment or imbalance lately, relief is coming this April. Changes ushered in by the solar eclipse in your relationship house will help you find balance between your own personal needs, your romantic needs, and your social needs. You find you can express yourself more joyfully, and you know exactly what you want. Any lover who can embrace bold new you is the perfect match, and will understand your need for social & self-love time.

Capricorn: Your attention to your one-on-one relationships is newly focused this month. This could be an amazing thing, giving you and your lover a chance to bond like you never have before. You can spend romantic evenings full of candlelight massage and new experiences to help you grow together. If confrontation has already been brewing, though, this could add fuel to the fire. Your electric personality makes you easier to get along with, but you’re still not for everyone. Make sure to communicate clearly and spend plenty of time romancing yourself to make sure the future you’re chasing is really what you want.

Aquarius: Pluto, the kinda heavy planet of death, rebirth, and transformation enters your sign on March 23rd, bringing with it a chance for you to be a sort of romantic phoenix. Things you need to change or eliminate from your life to be truly happy are becoming clear. This obviously may affect your love relationships, but not always negatively. If you have an understanding partner and spend time bonding and seeing how flexible you can be, you can get through unscathed. Just don’t forget to take time out to take care of yourself.

Pisces: After some potentially difficult periods or a bit of a romantic dry spell, the fire is relit and the passion is full-force. You’ve finally learned to accept and demand the levels of respect and love you deserve, and you refuse to settle for less. Your partner is realizing they may have to step up their game, or they might not get to keep you. Partnered Pisces will have an intimate & passionate month full of growth and discovery. If you’ve had your eye on someone, you may realize it’s finally time to approach them and see if there’s a spark. Don’t do anything that feels forced, though, or it won’t last. Follow your very warm, kind heart and intuition and you’ll stay on the right path through love and life.

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