Sexual Zodiac: April Horoscopes 2018

Sexual Zodiac: April Horoscopes 2018
POSTED ON April 2, 2018

April showers bring May flowers! Don’t let the rain get you down this month – it makes a great soundtrack for fun in the bedroom! Open the windows and breathe in the fresh air as you read your April 2018 love and sex horoscope!

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

This month, Aries is all about self-pleasure! You’re full of sexual energy and only YOU know how to truly use it to your advantage! Try to restrain your aggression when it comes to matters of love and relationships mid-month. You’ll get further with a much more relaxed approach. As they say, you catch more bees with honey! Singles will see their options multiply this month. Love is essentially chasing you. Slow down and let it catch you!

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Taurus: April 21 - May 21

This month, you’re in full control of people and situations, so enjoy it! But, avoid misunderstandings by making sure you’re fair while you enjoy running the show, especially with your lover! This month, keep yourself healthy with extra rest and lots of sunshine. A professional or personal project will keep you focused and happy.

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Gemini: May 22 - June 21

In April, social Gemini will need to connect with new people to keep their interest. It’s not because you’re bored with your current relationship(s); it’s because you love keeping things fresh! Make sure to conserve your energy as you meet and greet. Your love life is great right now – keep it healthy with little random gifts, nothing expensive, just enough to show you care and are always thinking about them.

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Cancer: June 22-July 22

You may feel like the stars are working against your love life this month, Cancer. You and your lover may discover some of your differences this month. Just remember everyone is different and the key to happiness together is accepting each other as you are. Try to stay calm and work out your differences peacefully. You’ll find yourselves even closer than before.

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Leo: July 23 - Aug 21

Leo, we’ve got bad news: this month will involve many disagreements with your loved ones, with seemingly pointless clashes threatening to pull lovers apart. You will both need to do your best to remain calm and avoid turning a small problem into something larger and harder to deal with. Try to take care of each other instead by doing things you both enjoy and avoiding conflict.

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Virgo: Aug 22 - Sep 23

Virgo is in for a treat this month with your love life kicking into high gear! Exciting developments are in store for single Virgos, including a good possibility of meeting “the one” this month! Those already in a long-term relationship will feel their partnership grow stronger as you both open your hearts to each other. You’re in harmony this April and it’s the perfect time to nurture the happiness by having fun together!

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Libra: Sep 24 - Oct 23

This month, Libra may experience some rough waters in their love life. The best way to avoid it is to make plans separately this month. We’re not suggesting that you avoid your partner altogether, but perhaps taking the pressure off and pursuing your own interests this month will help you avoid unnecessary conflict.

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Scorpio: Oct 24 - Nov 22

Scorpio should keep a low profile this month to avoid being misunderstood and hurting their love life. If you and your lover disagree about something passionately, you’ll be best advised to stop yelling and start listening. You need to push your ego aside to avoid major conflicts. Relationships are about give and take, and you will get further if you focus on giving this month.

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Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22

This is a great month for coupled Sag! The stars say that your relationship will do nothing but improve in April. You should take some time off and vacation together, or shower your lover with small gifts to show you care and intensify the bond between you. All of your efforts to show you care will pay off in April!

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Capricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20

This month the stars are not aligned for love, Capricorn. As long as you keep this in mind, and make efforts to smooth rough patches, you should escape with your love life intact. Make FUN plans together so you can gloss over any harder times with ease. Sometimes relationships take more work than other times, and April is a work month. You can do it!

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Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19

You’ll start the month with a happy relationship that gets a boost as you enjoy time together. This month you’ll feel harmony and certain of the reasons for your love. Any relationship confusion will clear up this month as you do nothing but enjoy each other’s company. Single Aquarians have a good chance of meeting your long term love this month – keep your eyes open!

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Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Pisces may feel like they’re drowning under all the affection your lover showers on you this month! Turn that attitude around and enjoy it! You’ve got everything going for you this month, Pisces, so make sure you spend quality time with your lover. The strengthened bonds you build this month will create greater understanding and help move your relationship forward.

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See you next month with more predictions from the stars, with Taurus the bull in the spotlight. Explore even more in our entire collection of sex toys and lingerie for her, sex toys and menswear for him, and everything in-between – which you can always browse discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you.