Sexual Zodiac: August 2022

by Kristin T.

July 19, 2022


We’re roaring into your birthday month, Leo, and of course you can’t wait to celebrate YOU!  You are all about your turn in the spotlight, so it’s your lucky time to shine! See what the stars have in store for fulfilling your deepest fantasies and desires this month.  All the other signs are here, too, so keep reading for your sex & love life predictions as we near the end of a sexy, steamy summer.  It’s gonna be hot!

Spotlight: I am a Leo, hear me roar! Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo folks are represented by the noble and powerful symbol of the lion.  If this is your sign, you are probably quite proud of it, just as you are proud of your accomplishments in life…as well you should be!  Members of the lion pride are confident, natural-born leaders, and they are often very popular due to their outgoing nature.  They are GIANT flirts and stellar at mingling and small talk, which makes it easy to meet a romance-compatible fellow fire sign – Aries or Sagittarius…or a quirky Aquarius for the hottest sex of your life!  Leos are fiercely protective of their loved ones, so if you love a Leo, consider yourself shielded from harm in any way they can control.  As long as that protectiveness doesn’t turn into jealousy or possessiveness, anyone can enjoy a long and loyal romance with a loving Leo!

Aries: Your usually restless sign is getting introspective this month, thanks to Chiron retrograde in your sign. Focus on internal affairs and reflect on any outstanding issues from a past relationship, or in your current one. Stop blaming the universe and see where responsibility really lies; if it’s your fault, owning it can bring closure and healing. If the issue is in your present love, take some time to talk and reconnect with a relaxing sensual massage while you talk about your desires and needs for the future. Some rest and reconnection will take you far this month, so relax your busy bones and let it happen.

Taurus: A Venus-Jupiter square on July 24th sends you into Leo season with a jealous streak. Don’t let it turn into ugly possessive behavior or you might ruin a really good thing. If you really think you have reason to distrust your partner in any way, talk to them before making any accusations. An intimate game with sex as the prize for the “winner” is a fun way to break the ice. The emotional roller coaster you’re on this month means that whether you’re single, happily paired, or dating someone new, it’s important to focus on the good parts and serendipitous romantic moments, and take the rest with a grain of salt. Just cruise along; those little annoyances aren’t important in the grand scheme of your sexual happiness and love life.

Gemini: Your ruling planet of Mercury in loud Leo means you’re ready to talk! Whether that means getting up the courage to flirt with someone at your favorite bookstore or in that class you’re taking, or pouring out your heart and soul for the love of your life. Let that gift of gab go to work, and you’ll see wonderful things begin to happen. Tell your crush or your partner your true feelings; there’s no time or necessity for subtlety. Playing coy or hard-to-get can be cute sometimes, but it’s totally not your style in this attention-seeking transit. Just say what’s on your mind, both positive and needing improvement, and there can be no room for misinterpretation…only action!

Cancer: This is your month to manifest exactly what you want out of life, including in the sex and romance department. If you’re single and seeking, picture your soulmate and envision them wrapping their arms around you…then go out and flirt up a storm with some Matchmaker pheromone perfume or cologne. If you are partnered, it’s time to fantasize and set things in motion to make your deepest desires and fantasies a reality, whether it’s kinky bondage exploration or a night of champagne, erotic massages, and luxury toys. You deserve to be loved exactly how you want, Cancer, and this lunation is perfect for making it happen.  

Leo: The new moon on July 28th sends you into August on a confident high note, ready to manifest everything you deserve and desire. Keep your sex life exciting by discussing your fantasies (role play? rope bondage?) with your partner, then making them happen. They are eager to please you right now, and everything you do together will be sensual and intense, just like your personality. No partner? No problem. Manifest the right person into your life (they’re out there, promise!), but in the meantime, ride waves of self-pleasure with the Lelo Ida Wave in your power color of orange, or explore backdoor play with the Gender X Ring Pop vibrator. Don’t waste what you wish for when you blow out your birthday candles, and you’ll have an exciting month!

Virgo: Even if it feels like the world is falling apart around you, it’s an important time to stay grounded and put your romantic responsibilities first. If you’re single, that means focusing on self-love while also developing a mental image of what you want out of love…then going out and getting it! If you’re partnered, it means spending plenty of time with your partner, really getting to know each other, and indulging each other’s deepest fantasies. Whether you use sensual games, introduce exciting anal toys, or bond over trust-building bondage activities in the bedroom, any time spent on enhancing your relationship this month will pay off in spades.

Libra: Things will be happening around you this month that will make you make you feel incredibly lucky, but don’t let your guard down just yet. Your desire to chase those exciting sensations and loving endorphin highs may lead you astray if you pursue them too hard. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, but only you know when to say when. Focus on taking things slow and slaying self care. Stay cautious even if things seem to be working out perfectly; your diligence will pay off in the end as you watch things unfold naturally and in all the right ways.

Scorpio: Some skeletons may have fallen out of your closet recently that you would have preferred to keep hidden, and it’s possible you know that someone from your past let them out. Instead of holding a grudge or a rage-fueled vendetta, focus on setting the record straight with people who are in your life now, and taking action towards getting closure. If there’s any tension between you and your current partner, relax it away with intimate massages by candlelight and long chats; maybe even a sexy night in the dark. It’s better to share your own secrets before they become a problem, and then work on reinventing yourself for a future free of fear of what might come out about you.

Sagittarius: Your adventurous leader Jupiter going retrograde on July 28th sends you into August on a contemplative wave. The less impulsive you can be in the coming months, the better…especially concerning matters of the heart. It’s okay to slow down and think about what you really want. Play a game with your partner that will get you talking, or enjoy some crazy orgasms with a wand session if you need a reminder of why things are so great right where you’re at. Flying solo and not ready to jump into a new relationship right now? Handle your own pleasure needs with an amazing oral-simulating clit vibe or stroker, or explore your own backdoor. It’s a good idea to try things out on your own before introducing them to your lover, just to make sure!

Capricorn: August should be all about priorities for you, Capricorn. This applies to all areas of your life, but especially your love and sex life. Make sure you’re focusing on the right things and spending your energy in the right places…and make sure your partner agrees with your assessment. If you find anything that needs changing, embrace it, then change it! It might be a good time to make a sexual bucket list with your lover. The romantic and kinky suggestions in the Love Club Coupon Book can be a great place to start! Talk about what toys you’d like to try together, or what BDSM fantasies you’d like to explore, then start making them happen. As long as you focus your energy on what needs that focus, you’ll have an exciting month, indeed.

Aquarius: There’s a fun, empowering new moon in Leo on July 28th that sends you into August with your relationship (or your libido…or both) fully charged. If you’re seeking a mate, get ready to mingle with some pheromone perfume and the sexiest number you can find. Even if you’ve been with the same partner forever, you’re feeling particularly confident in your relationship and proud of them right now. It’s okay to peacock a little on social media. Save the sultry details for each other, though, and share them through your private dirty talk or secret sexting. You don’t want to make your friends too jealous!

Pisces: There’s a strong possibility you’ve been grappling with some heavy relationship stuff for awhile now, and you’re still not sure how to handle it. The answers will become clear in time, as long as you focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past; especially if you are dealing with any past infidelity or trust issues. You are a different person now, and how you handle your partner and your relationship has surely changed as well, and you know what’s right for you. Make sure to spend time bonding with your partner through intimate massages or a kinky dice game to bring out your playful side.

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