Sexual Zodiac: August 2023

by Kristin T.

July 23, 2023


We’re roaring into your birthday month, Leo, and of course you can’t wait to celebrate YOU! You always love your time in the spotlight, so it’s truly your time to shine! See what the stars have in store for fulfilling your deepest fantasies and desires this month. All the other signs are here, too, so read on for your sex & love life predictions as we start to wind down from a sexy, steamy summer.  It’s gonna be hot!

Spotlight: “I am Leo, hear me roar!” Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, those born under the sign of Leo are represented by the noble & powerful symbol of the lion. If this is your sign, you are probably quite proud of it, just like you are proud of your accomplishments in life…as well you should be! Members of the lion pride are confident, natural-born leaders. They are often very popular due to their outgoing nature. They are GIANT flirts and stellar at mingling and making small talk, which makes it easy to meet a romance-compatible fellow fire sign – Aries or Sagittarius…or a quirky Aquarius for the hottest sex of your life! Leos are fiercely protective of their loved ones, so if you have a Leo as a mate, consider yourself shielded from harm in any way they can control. As long as that protective nature doesn’t turn into jealousy or possessiveness, anyone can enjoy a long and loyal romance with a loving Leo!

Aries: Aries, you are in for a passionate and adventurous month, full of self-discovery & self-expression. If you’ve felt like you’ve been hiding any part of your true self to impress a love interest or appease a partner, knock it off! It’s best to be your true self, and anyone who’s meant to love you will love you all the more for it. Take the lead in doing any work that needs to be done on your relationship, like connecting through a shared journal or a sexy game. Enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to express your true self. Remember, you are a fire sign who knows how to ignite the spark in others…you just need to believe that about yourself!  

Taurus: A Mercury-Venus conjunction in sincere Leo sends you into August on an all-time confidence high. You have an overwhelming desire to romantically wine & dine your lover or someone you’ve had your eye on…and you can rest assured it will go smoothly. With all the charm you’re oozing, you’ll soon have your partner eating out of the palm of your hand…or licking chocolate off your body. If you’re feeling good, and at a stage in your relationship that calls for a next step, this is the time to lay it all on the line. While you have no way of knowing for sure, you feel pretty strongly that your partner returns the affection and everything will go swimmingly.

Gemini: A new moon in nurturing Cancer on July 17th sends you into August wanting to love and be loved. A loyal and caring-to-a-fault water sign like Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio might be a good match for you if you’re dating, even if they don’t seem like your type at first. It’s also a time of new beginnings and potentially wanting to expand your family if you’re happily partnered. If you’ve been wanting to get pregnant, now is a great time to make a concerted effort at it…while having fun with it, of course. If kids aren’t desirable right now, even getting a plant or a pet will give you and your lover something to nurture as you grow together, too.

Cancer: Starting or growing your family or working to improve your current relationship or family life may be on your mind this month, too, Cancer. You’ll find yourself around the house “nesting”…even if you’re not expecting. Finding new ways to make sure your partner feels cared for will feel just as good to you as sex this month…but sex is essential, too! Try new things to keep it spicy. Nurturing your hobbies and creative pursuits will bring you joy as you spend this month working on things at home, and your unique talents may attract a new lover if you’re looking!

Leo: The sun in your sign for the coming month means you’re glowing and showing your best self, by just being yourself. You’ll want to surround yourself with people who are absolutely transfixed by you, and admirers are not hard to come by right now. If you’re seeking your soulmate, some hot dates will be on your schedule. You’ll be tempted to brag a bit when you meet people, and why not? You’re proud of your accomplishments, and you need a lover who adores you for them, too. Turning on your lion charm will solve pretty much any relationship difficulty you encounter this month with a smile and a wink. If your partner comes to you with a concern – like that you don’t use toys in the bedroom enough – set your pride aside and give their thing a try. You might just charm their pants off…literally…and fulfill a desire you didn’t even know you had!

Virgo: Your word this month is progress, Virgo. Whether there’s something you want to improve about yourself, like losing weight or eating healthier, or something you want to improve about your relationship, you’ll always be in forward motion. Trying new things in the bedroom, sharing your fantasies, and exploring how to truly pleasure yourself in new ways will fit nicely in between your new fitness routines or devoted date night schedule. You know any work you put in – and you have the energy to put it in – will pay dividends towards you feeling healthy, happy, and being able to enjoy life, and that’s really all you’re about.

Libra: You’re heading into the month working on yourself, too, and it shows. You are radiating confidence right now. Whether you’re trying something new with your hair, makeup, or clothes, they will all be on point and your partner, admirer, and even total strangers will take notice. Use this lunation to try daring new fashions in the bedroom, break out of your shell with some role play, or introduce something kinky you’ve been dying to try. You’ll get your point across so confidently, your lover will most likely be happy to play along with whatever dark desires you may announce.

Scorpio: As hard as it is for you to let your guard down, Scorpio, this month is an important time for you to try. If you’re in blossoming relationship, this is the time your partner expects to be getting to know you. Maybe try an intimate game day (that leads to a sexy night) or a couple’s journal to help you fall more in love every day if it’s that hard to open up on your own. If you’ve been partnered a long time, make sure you’re open to new ideas to keep things fresh in the bedroom, like trying new pleasure products or a daring new couple’s toy. New possibilities will abound if you keep an open mind and make sure you let your loved ones in.

Sagittarius: The sun in exciting & dramatic Leo brings some real sparks to your sex life this month, Sag. Your flirting game is on point, and if you’re single and seeking, a new experience like a camping trip or music festival with new friends will bring the perfect opportunity for your meet-cute. If you’re partnered up, your summer nights will be hot and heavy as you experiment with new tips and toys in the bedroom. It will be hard to resist the urge to be showy about how amazing your relationship is. PDA will be on the daily to-do list, but maybe try keeping it more private with a little panty vibe play in public. Just keep all the drama positive drama, and you’ll have a very pleasurable month indeed.

Capricorn: This month may get a tad bumpy for you with relationship expert Venus going retrograde in illuminated Leo. You may feel stuck in the past and dwelling about what could have been with an ex, but don’t fall for that trap. An ex may even come out of the woodwork and want to reconnect with you. If there’s even a chance of that causing a problem with your current relationship, don’t do it! Get out of your funk by focusing on self love and self care. Treat yourself to a luxurious treat for your shower or bath. Indulging in the ultimate pleasure will remind you of what YOU really want, and why those people from your past are in your past.

Aquarius: The warm sun in red-hot Leo is turning up the temps in your love life, too. The only way to cool it off is by having lots of the hottest sex of your life…or by going on hot dates to find someone to have that hot sex with…though you can also enjoy plenty of self-pleasure while you look! You’ll want lube and a sex blanket handy at all times, along with a powerful wand and maybe some sexy dice to spark new ideas when you feel like you’ve done everything. It will be hard not to brag to your buds about all the amazing sex you’re having!

Pisces: The fiery sun in confident Leo gives you a confidence boost this month too, Pisces. So much so that you might seem like a different person to your lover…but that may be a good thing. Stretch your creative muscles with some sexy roleplay in the bedroom, or put yourself out there and take a pole dance class so you can give your best private performance later. If you’re single and seeking, put on your extrovert panties and get out there! Boost your appeal even more with a littler pheromone perfume, and go hang out and chat with strangers at your favorite hangout place. The one for you will be drawn to your natural magnetism in no time!

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