Sexual Zodiac: December 2022

by Kristin T.

November 20, 2022


The quiet mystery of early winter and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season radiates feelings of possibility and adventure…which are a Sagittarian’s favorite things! It’s a great time for taking risks and putting things in motion toward living the life you want…if you don’t have it already. That includes getting exactly what you want out of your sex and love life, too! See what the stars have in store for the romantic lives of Sagittarius (and YOUR sign) as we head into a daring and delightful December.

Spotlight: With birthdays between November 22nd and December 21st, hedonistic Sagittarius is ready to celebrate their special day…as long as they get to do it exactly how they want! Sagittarius’ sharpshooting symbol of the archer represents them well, as they aim to please. This includes their partners, though they are sometimes more focused on pleasing themselves, enough to come across as selfish. They are usually the bright, bouncy, loveable ‘Tiggers’ of the zodiac, but they can have a serious streak, too, when they need to.

If you love a Sagittarian, you may have noticed they have no filter, which means they can come across as brutally honest, or even rude. They make up for it, though, by being loyal and caring, and also the best huggers in the zodiac. A fellow fire sign like Aries or Leo will make an excellent romantic connection with Sagittarius.

If you want to attract a steadfast and sweet Sag as a lover, impress them with possibility. Show a Sagittarius how you can expand their horizons, offer adventures, and improve their life, and you’ll shoot cupid’s arrow right through their secretly squishy little heart.

Aries: The Mars-Saturn trine on November 28th sends you into December with a clear picture of what you want out of your love life. You’ll see this month that wonderful love and romance can be yours…if you are willing to work for it. A perfect relationship doesn’t just fall into your lap fully formed. Show your partner you are willing to put in the work with a romantic bonding and massage-focused weekend in bed. Sex and desire are good motivations for love, but they’re not the only reasons you want a stable partnership. You deserve a healthy love relationship, and you can have it if you try!

Taurus: The sun in sizzling Sagittarius illuminates your transformation zone and encourages you to grow and expand your horizons, whether as a couple or on your own. If you are single and seeking, put on some pheromone perfume and get out there! Being outgoing is the only way to show off your natural magnetism, which will win over the person who will love you right! As a couple, grow closer together by sharing your darkest fantasies or most intimate desires…then make them happen! Uncovering hidden feelings and becoming closer with your lover has never been this much fun!

Gemini: Fun-loving and adventurous Sagittarius season encourages you to learn something new or do something exciting together. Plan a spontaneous weekend trip where you divulge your darkest secrets and indulge your most intimate desires with your lover. Pack the essentials and just have fun with it! If you’re flying solo, explore new possibilities on your own. Study up on self-pleasure, then treat yourself to an exciting toy that will bring you all the orgasms you need…for now! If you’ve had your eye on someone, it’s a good time to make your move, too!

Cancer: The universe is sending you all sorts of messages this month about your karmic bond with your lover, or guiding you to your soulmate if you’re seeking one, and you should pay attention! It’s a good time to get a synastry report, dream analysis, or tarot reading together. Discuss your results and make an action plan to help you flourish as a couple. Exploring the kama sutra (or the gayma sutra if that’s a better fit for you), tasty body worship sessions, or sensual hot wax play may be just what you need to heed the universe’s call for deeper connection.

Leo: The sun-Pluto sextile that began on November 18th is sending you into December on a very welcome sexual high note. Your sex appeal and determination are at an all-time high, so use that to your advantage. Single? Make a move! Don’t fight the intense chemistry you feel with someone new; it could lead to romance and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Coupled? It’s relatively easy to convince your partner to go along with what you want right now, so invite them to that hot nurse bondage fantasy you’ve been dreaming about, or play in public with a buzzy couple’s toy set. Be a generous lover, and they’ll be generous with you!

Virgo: A forceful Mercury-Mars opposition on November 29th has you all worked up as you head into December. An already stressful month for most, you’ll find yourself wanting to argue for no good reason. Try not to take your aggression out on your partner, who most likely has nothing to do with what you’re angry about. Heck, you might not even know why you’re angry, and that’s okay! Take a self-love break with a soothing bath with some targeted pleasure, slip into something comfy, and just submit to cuddling the night away until you find your zen back.

Libra: This will be a beautiful and lucky month for you in the love department, Libra, so relax and enjoy it! If you’re happily coupled, you find yourself grateful for what you already have, and looking forward to what the future holds. Let that sun shine on your relationship and draw you even closer together. Anything you try together, whether it’s a romantic bedroom game or some gentle anal exploration, will lead to pure bliss. Others will genuinely wish they clicked with their lovers as well as you two do right now, so be good role models!

Scorpio: The end of November may be emotionally rocky for you, and your relationship may have suffered for it. Hopefully you didn’t do anything you seriously regret, but you still have a chance to make it right if you did. If you let your lover down, now is the time to repair the relationship. Encourage them to open back up to you through some creative date night ideas and plenty of sweet kisses. If you show your love through your actions AND your words, things will smooth over and continue to go your way in December. Be gentle with yourself.

Sagittarius: The sun in your sign this season is giving you a chance to dive into making some serious personal changes…if you need to. If you need a do-over, get comfy and focus on reinventing yourself, including in the pleasure department. If there’s an ex in your recent past, learning of your burst of emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental growth will have them wondering why they ever let you go. Partnered? Your lover will take notice. Embrace this chance for new beginnings and make some exciting plans together; this is the perfect time to experience the things you’ve always wanted to…together! Get it on and make beautiful art with your bodies, try a dungeon session with a sultry velvet kinky kit, or treat yourself to the ultimate fantasy toy for her or for him, and Sagittarius szn will be smooth and sexy sailing for you!

Capricorn: This is a month for focusing on follow-through for you, Caps. Whether you promised your partner a special date night, or have been promising to seek couple’s counseling to heal your marriage, now is the time to make good on it. Show that you’re willing to put in the work by wearing something sexy and just listening while you give your lover a soothing massage, or by fulfilling that bedroom bondage fantasy they’ve been talking about. Dependability will pay off in remarkably sexy and romantic ways.

Aquarius: Venus and the sun in shiny, bubbly Sagittarius this month has your optimism at an all-time high. You can see plenty of possibilities for your romantic future, and you’re ready to pursue all of them. Spritz on some pheromone cologne or perfume and go out and meet your match, or be playful in public with a sexy panty vibe. It’s a great time to experiment with new products or new positions in the bedroom, too. Just be patient if your partner isn’t quite as enthusiastic as you. They’ll get there as they see how fun you make the ride!

Pisces: Your attention this month is focused on making the world around you a better place, and that includes making things amazing for your partner. Study up on what he or she wants, and truly talk to them about it, maybe over a relaxing massage they’ve been needing. You want a a partner you know is truly by your side through it all, and that includes being able to go out and be charitable or do random acts of kindness together. Volunteer for a cause you both feel strongly about, then go home and bond with a new strapless strap-on and some random acts of kinky fun. Keep making the world a beautiful place for love!

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