Sexual Zodiac: December 2023

by Kristin T.

November 26, 2023


The quiet mystery of early winter and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season radiates feelings of possibility and adventure…which are a Sagittarian’s favorite things! It’s a great time for taking risks and putting things in motion toward living the life you want…if you don’t have it already. That includes getting exactly what you want out of your sex and love life, too! See what the stars have in store for the romantic lives of Sagittarius (and YOUR sign) as we head into a daring and delightful December.

Spotlight: With birthdays between November 22nd and December 21st, hedonistic Sagittarius is ready to celebrate their special day…as long as they get to do it exactly how they want! Sagittarius’ sharpshooting symbol of the archer represents them well, as they aim to please. This includes their partners, though they are sometimes more focused on pleasing themselves, enough to come across as selfish. They are usually the bright, bouncy, loveable ‘Tiggers’ of the zodiac, but they can have a serious streak, too, when they need to. If you love a Sagittarian, you may have noticed they have no filter, which means they can come across as brutally honest, or even rude. They make up for it, though, by being loyal and caring, and also the best huggers in the zodiac. A fellow fire sign like Aries or Leo will make an excellent romantic connection with Sagittarius. If you want to attract a steadfast and sweet Sag as a lover, impress them with possibility. Show a Sagittarius how you can expand their horizons, offer adventures, and improve their life, and you’ll shoot cupid’s arrow right through their secretly squishy little heart.

Aries: Your strong leader Mars in fiery Sagittarius sends you into this month ready to try new things and take some risks. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never have? The holidays make a good time to go for it! If you’re on board for getting kinky, heat things up with some warm wax play or experiment with a neon wand to try zapping your way to ecstasy! More on the vanilla side? Add a new stimulating arousal cream for her or a gel just for him to your bedroom arsenal. A buzzy cock ring or an anal toy/c-ring combo for coupled play would be a great move, too. You can’t go wrong by working on writing your sexual bucket list this month…then get to checking off some of those exciting new items!

Taurus: The sun in exciting & confident Sagittarius means this month is all about being YOU, whoever that may be. If you’re single, you’ll find ways to embrace your singlehood and truly be happy taking care of you. If you’re partnered, you’ll be unafraid to speak your true feelings and introduce fun new ideas. You may find that “you” is a little more adventurous than usual this month. Spontaneity will be your friend, both to help you spice things up in the bedroom and for life in general. Trust your animal instincts, go with the flow, and say yes to new opportunities that sound exciting to you, and you’ll have a very sexy month, indeed.

Gemini: The full moon in your inquisitive sign on November 27th sends you into December on a curious streak. You’ll want to find out more about that potential match you’ve had your eye on. Start that process on a sweet date night, maybe to go see some holiday lights. Maybe you’ll even get to warm up with some hot chocolate later! If you’re happily partnered, this month’s lunation is helping you to see the big picture. You have a tendency to get bogged down in the little details, but everything will clear up this month. Spend some time with your lover for some romantic massage and quiet conversation so they know you’re still focused on making a happy life with them.

Cancer: Your leader Luna is full on Nov. 27th in diverse Gemini, making December full of possibilities for you. You can see all your options laid out like cards on a table in front of you, and the future looks good! Whether single or partnered, right now, you have an all-embracing, open-minded outlook on love that will bring a breath of fresh air to your relationship(s). Don’t rush anything, though. Re-learn to love yourself or spend some intimate time with your partner – maybe with sexy game night or a couple’s massage – if you’ve been neglecting those things for a bit. You know deep in your soul that love and family are everything, and the holidays are a great time to show that. Enjoy them!

Leo: The sun in fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, brings out your impulsive side. You’re more willing to take some risks and put yourself out there this month. Bring up that kinky BDSM role play scenario or new couple’s toy you’ve been wanting to try to your partner – the worst they can say is no! Single and seeking? Any moves you make towards someone you’ve been admiring from afar will be noticed. You’re perfectly content on your own, but you have a feeling that life could me a little more exciting with an adventure partner by your side. Don’t be afraid to gamble on love a little this month; it will pay off.

Virgo: An intense Mars-Pluto sextile at the start of Sagittarius season means this month is for proving your sexual prowess. You know what you’re good at in the bedroom (Oral? Rope bondage? Sexy role play?), and now is your time to really let those skills shine. Your partner will take notice and hopefully up their game and talk to you about sex so they can impress you just as much. Your urge to blow your lover away every time you go at it means you will give and receive some pretty mind-blowing pleasure! Just don’t let sex become a competition. Do what you do best, but just trying to outdo each other in the bedroom isn’t sexy.

Libra: You may find yourself caught up in some unease about your romantic or sexual situation this month. Whether it’s wondering if things are going in the right direction with a new squeeze, or questioning a long-time love, your mind might wander into some uncomfortable places. Maybe you just need to heat things up to remind yourself of how great it is? Ride it out and make sure you don’t make any rash decisions you may regret during this tumultuous time. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and get your concerns answered, but then lay low. Your lover and same old solid routine will be waiting for you on the other side.

Scorpio: The holidays can be a tough time for someone as secretly sensitive as you, Scorpio. Keep yourself busy with hot & creative fun to help keep your mind off things. The uninhibited Mars-Sun-Sagittarius transit this month makes getting on the naughty list easy! Spend quality time with your lover going on creative date nights or come up with exciting new ways to make them cum! Have some arts & crafts fun and give your favorite person the gift of your cock! Creating a sensual art project together can help you see the big picture, too, and remind you of how much you are loved even when things get hard. If you can open your mind, you’ll see how good things can be when you zoom out a little.

Sagittarius: The sun in your sign this month illuminates any shadowy places in your relationship (or your self concept) so you and your lover can address any problems head-on. You’re more committed than ever at being there for each other. Enjoy this fresh perspective and find new ways of filling one another’s lives with joy and pleasure…or making your own! Singles should spritz on some pheromone perfume and get out there to find their human happy place! Already paired? Right before the holidays would be a great time to take a little sensual getaway and focus on your love. Pack the essentials for sex and massage, book a babysitter, and travel to a beautiful locale (or even just a local hotel room) for a weekend in bed devoted to each other. A little time away for your birthday and to celebrate your love for each other will do the mind, body, and soul good!

Capricorn: You’re craving a combination of romance and routine & responsibility this month, Caps. If you’re single and seeking, this could result in falling for a co-worker. The heart wants what it wants, but just make sure that’s a good idea before you dive in. Coupled? Time to focus more on you & your partner and less on your socials. Did you know you could be cockblocking yourself with how much time you spend on those sites? Naughty! Tune out the distractions, lavish attention on your lover, and put the phone down unless you’re using it to control a new sex toy. Branch out to try new things and build a sexy routine that keeps you as popular in your own bedroom as you are on the interwebs.

Aquarius: You recognize that how you’ve always done things doesn’t always work, and routine is a killer of innovation. You need to shake things up with your sex life or you’ll get bored. While you wish you could make a magic wand to make everything exciting, you’ll have to do a little work. Now’s the time to address any current issues with your partner straight up, instead of putting them off where they’ll just fester and build resentment. If things are pretty good, just spend some time relaxing, focused on them, maybe cuddled up by the fire on a snowy night. Warm each other up with sensual massages before you head to the bedroom to try out tons of new sex positions. Make things interesting with your sex or self love routine, and you’ll send boredom flying out the window like the Christmas Carol ghosts!

Pisces: Scorpio season was a little bumpy for you, but you rode the waves and made it through. Little did you know you were laying the groundwork to have an incredible December. Getting your priorities in order and quelling your procrastination are important to yourself and your relationships, and it’s smooth sailing now that you’re ready to make it happen. You’ll do a better job than usual this month expressing your needs and desires to your partner, who will be eager to play together and make you happy. This means Santa will bring you some incredible sex sessions that will leave you sweating, dripping, and glowing from head to toe. Lucky you!

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