Sexual Zodiac: February 2019 Horoscopes

Sexual Zodiac: February 2019 Horoscopes
POSTED ON January 28, 2019

Just because February is the shortest month of the year doesn't mean it's boring. This February is about to be HOT HOT HOT especially for all you Aquarians out there, so prepare yourself and get ready for another chapter in the great book of you!

Spotlight: Born between January 21 and February 19 Aquarians are the independent creative free thinkers who are loyal, idealistic, and friendly humanitarians. They're also known for be hard working and curious inventors, which can occasionally lead to them being stubborn and rebellious. An Aquarius's best match for love is Libra but the connection with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries.

As much as you love humanity and community, this month is about falling back in love with yourself. We know you had the same forecast last month, but the one person you're stuck with your entire life is you, so you better love that person otherwise it's going to be a rough ride. Valentine's Day is practically here so it's especially important to turn up the romance and intimacy whether you have a partner or not. Guys, there's a whole lot of strokers, more traditional ones like the Main Squeeze - Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker or more innovative ones like the Fun Factory Manta along with tons of prostate toys, cock rings, butt plugs, etc. Ladies, you everything else under the sun. I mean bullets, clitoral vibes, dildos, g-spot vibes, rabbit vibes, and there's still so much more. Maybe you just want to have your favorite meal for dinner, or binge a new show, indulge yourself a bit. Reconnect with yourself.

Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

This month is pretty opposite from Aquarius. The most important thing you can do take your eyes off yourself and put them on your significant other, or if you're single put them on your crush. It's great to love yourself and love how you look, but there are a lot of good looking people in this world, so look at them! Better yet, go talk to them, they're just people. If you want some extra help try out a pheromone. For guys, a little spritz of confidence works wonders, and morning glow is a girl's best friend. You might find out that you have a lot more friends than you thought you would. Some of them may want to be more than friends 😉

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

New year, new you. Time to get you into some new intimate apparel, guys & girls. Do you want to surprise that special someone? That right piece of lingerie should perk them up. Girls, as you probably know, have a lot to choose from. From babydolls to bodystockings and chemises to corsets to teddies, there's more than we have time to talk about. The fun doesn't just end there though, you can mix and match whatever super sexy lingerie you pick out with any sort of accessory. Maybe you love the top but need some shorts? We got you covered, literally and metaphorically. Haha, ok I'll stop now, but you get the point. We got tons of choices just waiting for you.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

You're definitely getting your money's worth out of your bed this month Taurus. As Barney Stinson would say, you're going to have a perfect month, except it doesn't have to be 31 different people for all you couples. February is the month of love with Valentine's Day, are you ready? Do you have everything you need for your perfect month? Everyone can always use more lube and you never want to be caught without a condom. Toko Organica & Uberlube are some of the best out there but there are other up and comers like Intimate Earth's soothe, melt, and hydra.

Gemini: May 21 - June 21

You dive into your darker side this month Gemini. You find yourself, bound, gagged, blindfolded, spanked, tickled, fucked, and it could not feel any better. Maybe you're the dominating one and you see them at your complete mercy, so you have your way with them, and they scream out your name again and again and again. If you're a guy imagine this, you're totally restrained to the bed, each wrist and ankle is handcuffed. She goes down, and you don't know how long you can handle it because she's just that good, like she does stuff with her tongue and her mouth that you never even dreamed of. Not to mention, her butt is right in front of your face. Then she climbs over you, and assumes the cowgirl position. Then she brings out her own handcuffs and cuffs her hands behind her back then plunges up and down on your pleasure rod. Her breasts are jiggling. She's moaning and bouncing up and down. Enjoy the view buddy. For all you female Gemini out there, picture this:

He blindfolds you. Then he starts undressing you, and explores every inch of your body. His fingers are trailing along every curve every hot spot. He slowly runs his thumb along your lips then slides down your neck, caresses your breasts, and pulls you close to him when he  presses into the small of your back. He whispers into your ear you're mine tonight. He lingers there for a second, holding you close, then steps away. He pushes you back onto the big king size bed in you're hotel room. He climbs over you and handcuffs you behind the bedpost. The the kisses begin, lip kisses are rare but slow and they actually steal your breath away for a moment. He kisses your neck, your ears, your cheek, your nose, your breasts, all while feeling every other part of you, his hands graze over your breasts just enough to tease the nipple. The kisses go further south, past the belly button, and he stays on your inner thigh for way longer than you want while his fingers have free reign over the rest of you. You bite your lower lip. One of his hands leaves your breast, and you feel his warm touch on your vagina as he slowly rubs up, down, and all around. Your breathing becomes heavier as he slides a couple fingers inside and his mouth goes straight for your clit. You start moaning, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES YES YES!! You feel as if every bit of stress, pain, and discomfort leaves your body and in its place lies the warm tingly happiness of pure ecstasy.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Here's my question for you Cancer: why would you ever live YOUR life in a way that won't give you the lifestyle you want? It blows my mind that people squeak by, fake orgasms, never talk to their crush, or don't communicate well with an intimate partner or any other person in their life simply out of fear. I mean, it just shocks me! You were not gifted with the power of breath so you could simply wake up, go sit in traffic, work for hours and hours on end doing something you probably don't even like but you convinced yourself you do because you need the money, come home to plop on the couch like a sack of potatoes, or go run a million errands to spend money you don't have, then come home and have bad sex (if any) only to wake up the next morning and do it all again. It's time to take hold of your life and go after what you want. If you like BDSM culture, if you're the one that likes to be bound up, that's great, it can actually be quite liberating for a lot of people. I'm not recommending it for everybody, but if you haven't tried it there's no real harm in just dipping your toe in to test the water, but keep the bondage to the bedroom and don't let it seep into any other area of your life.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 21

Leo, leader of the zodiac, have you ever wanted to be someone else? Being the leader is great and fulfilling, but maybe just wanted to see what it was like in someone else's shoes? No fear, there's role play. If you've ever wanted to be a maid, school girl, sexy police officer, nurse, or my favorite, the cute farmer's daughter, then we have just what you need. Role play can be a great way to heat up your foreplay.

Virgo: Aug 22 - Sep 23

This month you're being called to enlist as an anal adventurer! You're all about the butt this month, your butt and your partner's butt. Booty booty booty booty booty. There's actually a lot of pleasure and satisfaction that can come from the butt, but (double butt, haha) most people don't explore it because of fear, social stigma, etc. Open your mind to the possibilities and you will lead a much happier life. In other words, Embrace the Booty!!

Libra: Sep 24 - Oct 23

Hey Libra! It's time to tip the scales with some games this month. They can seem odd and awkward at first, especially if you've never play an adult game like these before. Here's three recommendations that are all a bit different. The goal of Orgasmixxx is to not orgasm until you get to the last square. You & Me Game of Love & Intimacy is as you may have intuited about building intimacy, and the winner gets to ask for their ultimate wish. Who will be the first to 30 points and win? Last, but certainly not least, Sensations is an all time fan favorite dedicated to help couples rekindle the spark through some intense foreplay and exploring each other's desires.

Scorpio: Oct 24th - Nov 22

It's important to stay warm in the winter months, so heat things up with a sexy massage or two this month, and who knows, you might get a little extra something out of it. Just think about it: the lights are dimmed, there's a couple candles in the room, it's summer time so the winds are open and a warm breeze wafts in filling the room with the sweet scent of summer heat. Your partner is naked and laying face down on the bed while you rub them all over and their skin shines from the lavender massage oil. They turn over so they're now lying on their back and your jaw almost drops. They give you the look, and that's when the fun really begins 😉

Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22

This is the month to develop your creative side. You may even find something you're passionate about and your lover(s) is sure to love whatever you come up with whether it be using the chocolate body paint to create a masterpiece on them, then lick it all away or simply delight them with any one of the Kama Sutra kissable body oils. Maybe you decorate the room with rose petals before leading that special someone into the room?

Capricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20

It may still be February but that just means it's time to prepare for beach season. Do you have a hot swimsuit? The Good Vibes Bikini is sure to draw a lot of looks. Another good way to prepare is to shape up your body, and what better exercise is there than good sex? It's time to shape up Capricorn, how're you doing on your new year's resolution? Are you still going steady or have you given up like most of America? Choose the path of most resistance Capricorn, because on the other end is greatness, in any arena. What would you do today if the world was going to end tomorrow? What would you do this week if the world was going to end next week? Why aren't you doing those things right now? Because aren't they really what you want to do? If you had a month to live, would you waste it worrying about dying or live the life you've always wanted to live? It's your choice.