Sexual Zodiac: February 2022

by Kristin T.

January 14, 2022


That time of year when everyone just wants to hibernate is upon us. Hopefully you’re happily cozied up with a lover or serenely solo as we approach the biggest day for love on February 14th. Aquarians are ready to dig in and make the most of their month no matter what the weather (or their relationship status). February may bring outdoor chills, but hopefully nothing but thrills between the sheets!

Spotlight:  Born between January 20th and February 18th are the free-spirited, strong-willed members of the sign Aquarius. Aquarius is a easy breezy air sign of the zodiac, even though their symbol is the water bearer, which many believe represents the gifts of truth and pure intentions Aquarians bring to the world. They will have the hottest sex with a Leo lover, and they have the strongest romantic compatibility with the other air signs, Libra and Gemini, but can get along with just about anyone if they want to! Aquarius folks are generally conflict-averse and will steer clear of fighting, arguing, or drama, so don’t push them to the edge, or you might be the one to go over!  They know exactly what they want in any given moment; anyone who would stand in their way be damned. Aquarians make great friends and lovers, and are super friendly, though they may take a bit to really open up to you.  If you’re partnered with an Aquarian, it must mean you’re not egotistical or narcissistic…they can’t stand that! It also means you have an easy-going, caring, great listener to spend your life with.  Work to keep things spontaneous and learn to go with the flow for them and you’ll be happy together for a long time.  Aquarians are allergic to routine, but are satisfied as long as they are striving to make the world a better place every day, and that includes their relationships!  

Aries: Your ruling planet Mars pairs with grounded Capricorn on January 24th, sending you into February with a new air of practicality and responsibility about you. The passion you’ve enjoyed lately isn’t going anywhere; you’ll just be more inclined to communicate with your lover about the future and plan ahead a little more than usual. Making plans for a date night is a great place to start. Keep it sweet and romantic with a massage candle and making love on a bed of roses (or solo sex WITH a rose!), or make it fun and flirty with a sexy game night and experimenting with different arousal oils. Anything you plan or put in motion to nurture your relationship this month will pay off with some serious happiness down the road.

Taurus: Your typically traditional sign is starting to be able to see things from a new perspective this month, and you should welcome the change. If your partner has been wanting to try something new, like kinky bondage play or using a toy together in the bedroom, there’s no time like now to give it a shot…you may be surprised how much you enjoy it! Let your conscience be your guide, but try to show a little less restraint than usual. Try out a confidence-boosting new fragrance, slip into something supremely sexy, and let your nights go exactly how they’re meant to go. Loosen up and live a little, and we promise you’ll enjoy a fantastic flirty February.

Gemini: Your libido and love life will be off the charts, Gemini, as long as you can tune out any distractions. If there is someone or something that you feel is trying to harm your relationship, it’s time to confront them or talk the issue out with your partner. Then focus in on your love and enjoy all that hot sex. If you’re single and seeking, the universe is trying to drive your dating with dollars. Had your eye on a mysterious accountant from work or a financial guru you met in line at the bank? A new romantic fling could wind up being a smart money move if you follow those dollar signs and they turn into hearts by Valentine’s day. Being a little reckless with a side of responsible will lead to many fun bedroom rendezvous this month.

Cancer: The sun-Uranus square on January 30th sends you into February on a bit of a sour note. Things may really be trying your patience right now. A lot of changes seem to be coming for you all at once, and there is little harder for you than rolling with the punches. Focus some time on three things to help you weather it all AND keep the romance alive in this month of love: 1) self-care – treat yourself to luxurious bath treats and even a water-powered masturbation aid. 2) self-love – a powerful vibe or high-tech stroker will fulfil your wildest solo fantasies. And, 3) spending time with your partner (if you have one) – an intimate massage with warming oil and sensuous lingerie will be just the ticket to calm the rage beast clawing at the surface. Avoid overthinking, putting words in people’s mouths, or jumping to bad conclusions, and you and your relationships will get through the ups and downs unscathed.

Leo: A more imaginative mood is coming over you this month, freeing space up for fantasy and daydreaming. If you’ve been curious about trying erotic role play or maybe sensation play with your lover, put the option on the table instead of just wondering if it’s an option. It’s also going to be a time of overcoming any communication problems that exist between you. Don’t default to being critical of your partner, that will only cause more silence and resentment. Instead, bring any issues up in a gentle way and talk about what you can both do to solve them…together. If you’re single and starting to see someone from your past communicating again and trying to make amends, don’t stonewall that, either. As long as you two have chemistry, it’s okay to have fun together and see where it goes.

Virgo: You may start this month with troubles at work that may spill over and affect your relationships, too. Communication is key to getting through it. Whatever is going on with your career, keep your lover in the loop or you’ll only make things worse between you. If you have to cancel a date because of your job (even if it’s just because you’re in a bad mood) make sure to reschedule it ASAP. Keep the romance alive through this stressful time by bonding through physical touch. If you only have yourself to worry about, try a unique new g-spot toy or a space-age stroker to feed your sexual needs. Coupled? Activities like couples massage, a little light bondage play followed by cuddling as aftercare, and some creative make-out sessions followed by sex in new positions will all help you weather the choppy waters happily and healthily.

Libra: Your ruling planet of Venus goes direct in organized & task-oriented Capricorn on January 29th, which sends you into February ready to get things done! If your love life has been feeling off, it’s back on track, but give it a sexual boost with a couple’s toy, if needed. If you’ve been playing the dating game, it’s time to clean out those DMs and old texts from past flames. Keeping them around doesn’t do you any favors and there are better ways to get your jollies. If you’re coupled, check all the boring tasks off your to-do list quickly so you can get to the fun stuff! Treat yourself to a little romantic getaway when you’re done…even if you don’t leave the bedroom. A scheduled night or two of seduction and sex will give you something to look forward to, motivating you to accomplish your necessary stuff.

Scorpio: It’s hard for you to trust people and even harder to open up to them, but if you’re partnered, it’s time to let your partner in, physically and emotionally. You do understand that they truly love you and only have your best interests at heart, right? It’s time to accept that they are not out to hurt you (unless you want them to, of course 😉 ). This even applies to new budding romances; don’t stonewall genuine conversation and prevent a potential love interest from getting to know you. Turn deeper communication into a game with You & Me or Mind, Body, Soul…then the winner gets to choose your next sexual adventure. Maybe open those mouths in a different way with some oral fun? The more you talk to and listen to your partner, the more they’ll steal your heart all over again.

Capricorn: Magic will be happening for you this month, Capricorn…just make sure you’re open to all the possibilities love has to bring. While you’ve never been one to believe in sappy stuff like love at first sight, true love is out there for you, and you’ve either already found it or will find it soon! Love is in the air; you just need to put the right vibes out into the universe to accept that love. Flirt it up with a pheromone perfume when you’re headed out on a date, or plan a romantic surprise weekend for your lover that will make them fall for you in a whole new way. If you’re still single come Valentine’s Day, don’t let it get you down…you can love yourself just as easily for now; just don’t lose sight of what’s possible!

Aquarius: Your personality is truly shining this month as the sun is in your breezy sign. Free yourself and let it soar. Surround yourself only with people who can match or at least appreciate your energy; don’t let the haters get you down; not everyone is for you, and that’s ok. If you’re partnered, lean in to love with lots of quality time spent together…and make sure you’re touching each other a lot, too. If you’re flying solo, It’s a good month to lay the groundwork for accepting someone who loves you for you. Practice for more amazing orgasms in a pleasurable way by doing kegel exercises with LELO Hula Beads in your supercharged power color of aqua blue, or read up on what kind of sex you really want…then go get it!

Pisces: You’re probably doing a bit of an emotional purge right now, Pisces, and that’s a good thing that will pay dividends for your love life and emotional state. As sensitive as you are, you usually try not to be overdramatic, but it’s not overdramatic to speak up about what’s on your mind or what you need out of your relationship. Chances are your partner is holding some things back as well, so a full-on, cry-it-out bonding session may be just what you need to become closer than ever. After the heavy stuff, lighten sex up with a strip tease game or some fun glow-in-the-dark sex toys. Soothe your stressed muscles with some CBD balm, then make sex feel better with some CBD arousal oil. It’s also a good month to lighten your emotional load by finally gaining closure with an ex; don’t let someone who has overstayed their welcome in your heart hang around any longer.

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