Sexual Zodiac: February 2023

by Kristin T.

January 22, 2023


We’ve reached that frozen time of year when most people just want to hibernate and escape the daily grind. Hopefully you can spend some time happily cozied up with your lover or serenely solo as we approach the biggest day for love (and self-love…and platonic love) on February 14th! Aquarians are ready to bundle up & head out to make the most of their season no matter what the weather (or their relationship status), but what about your sign? February may bring outdoor chills, but hopefully nothing but thrills between the sheets!

Spotlight: Born between January 20th and February 18th are the free-spirited, strong-willed members of the sign Aquarius. Aquarius is an easy-breezy air sign of the zodiac even though their symbol is a water bearer. Many believe this icon represents the gifts of truth and pure intentions Aquarians bring to the world. They always march to the beat of their own drums, but we need people who do! An Aquarian will have the hottest sex with a Leo lover, and the strongest romantic compatibility with the other air signs – Libra and Gemini – but can get along with just about anyone if they want to! Aquarius folks are generally conflict-averse and will steer clear of fighting, arguing, or drama. Don’t push them to the edge, or you might be the one to go over!  They know exactly what they want in any given situation; anyone who would stand in their way be damned. Aquarians make great friends and lovers, and are super friendly, though a side dish of social awkwardness means they may take a bit to open up to you.  If you’re partnered with an Aquarian, it probably means you’re not egotistical or narcissistic…they can’t stand those traits! It also means you have an easy-going, caring, great listener to spend your life with. Work to keep things spontaneous and learn to go with the flow with them and you’ll be happy together for a long time.  Aquarians are allergic to routine, but are content as long as they are striving to make the world a better place every day, and that includes their relationships!  

Aries: It may feel like you’ve been living your life in hiding lately, not able to show your true self to the world or even your partner. That changes this month as you feel confident and ready to come out of your shell. It’s okay to outwardly declare your affection for your partner. Give them an amazing erotic massage, complete with a warm heart, or treat them to some oral delights. It’s a good reminder of your true feelings for them, and they may be feeling left out in the cold lately. Don’t shy away from asking out someone you’ve had your eye on, either. Everything in the love scene is bound to go your way this month if you only trust your instincts.

Taurus: Your mantra for this February is “take it slow“, Taurus. If you are single, you’re yearning to meet someone who brings more joy to your life…but don’t rush into any major decisions. If you’re attached, you long to deepen that connection. Look for new ways to demonstrate your feelings and desires, and your partner will return the favor. Whether spent with friends or with your lover, you will have tons of fun and not feel left out this Valentine’s Day. Everything will fall into place if you tune into what your heart wants and just let love happen.

Gemini: You’re determined to make a difference in the world this month, Gemini, even if it’s just by showing more love. Your soulmate and your social circles will both be easy to win over & convince so you can loop them in on your project. Create a fundraiser, volunteer for a cause you care about (which can be a great place to meet people, too), or just spend more time with your loved ones. Plan a special date night for Valentine’s Day to keep romance in the picture. Going solo is OK, too, so show yourself a little more love than you have been lately and you’ll still feel the impact of your desire to do good.

Cancer: You’ve been intensely focused on your career or other projects lately, leaving you little time to pursue dating or spend with your partner. Try to correct course this month and make an effort towards renewing the spark. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you can’t wait to spoil your lover and be spoiled! If you get a cold shoulder instead of flowers and chocolates, it may be because your partner feels disconnected from you right now, or that you’re too hard to please. You’ll be disappointed, but try not to be dramatic. Make time to make things right with a sensual massage and plan a different special date night. Life goes on!

Leo: A full moon in your sultry sign on February 5th starts the month on a note of change. It’s time to put any old issues to rest and embark on a new journey – perhaps a new relationship is just about to blossom? Being boosted by Venus, your libido is at an all-time high right now, so make plenty of time to dive into self-pleasure or spend with your partner. Don’t be afraid to get creative between the sheets. You will definitely find yourself wanting “more, more, more” this month, but you loom just large enough to make it yours!

Virgo: Whether you are single or partnered, nothing can disturb your happiness this month. Valentine’s Day will be the time to show off your peak glow, so make sure to celebrate it having fun with friends or embracing your lover. Give your higher-than-usual sensuality a boost with pheromone perfume and someone you have your eye on is bound to notice. If you’re in a relationship, your bond will grow even stronger this month through communication. Let your bodies do the talking while you try tons of new sex positions on a canvas that embodies your cosmic love.

Libra: You and your partner (or someone you’re interested in) are really vibing on the same wavelength this month. Good communication can get you what you want. Valentine’s Day gifting is a perfect opportunity to come together and make sure you both get something you’ve been wanting to try. Maybe a luxurious bondage kit or something to introduce a strap-on to play with the balance of power in the bedroom? You can’t go wrong this month if you just play together…or by yourself! Remember to make sure your partner is on board with your plans and desires; it’s not always all about you, even if you wish it were.

Scorpio: This is a great month for you to reflect on all the wonderful memories you’ve made with your partner so far, and plan to make some new memories through travel or shared experiences. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a candlelight dinner full of aphrodisiac foods and cocktails, then take all that sexual energy to a romantically prepared bedroom – at home or at a hotel. Enjoy a special night of intimacy with new sex essentials to offer some suggestions. If you’re cozied up solo for V-day, treat yourself to a luxury toy for your Vor your Por your B. You love love, but you can also enjoy plenty of awesome pleasure all on your own!

Sagittarius: If you’re single and seeking, Cupid’s arrow will certainly lead you to your soulmate soon. Your magnetism is hard to ignore, and any dating efforts you put forth will hit the bullseye. Love is in the air if you are in a relationship, too. It’s a perfect time to rekindle the flame if your sex life has been more like dying embers lately. Take a romantic getaway complete with minis of some sensual enhancements to spice up your night. Get through any challenging patches the month may hold with plenty of self-love, and meditation, yoga, or loving mindfulness practices you can do together. Light it up!

Capricorn: February has you focused on the future, Caps. Your eye is on the prize and you know what you need to do to win it. If partnered, you’re working hard to cultivate the best relationship possible. Communication and quality time with your lover are the tickets to a happy home life. You want your love life to flow harmoniously and feel effortless, and this month, it will! If you’re single, spend some time on self-love and thinking about what you truly want for an ideal match. The person who can give you that perfect happy home is out there, and you can manifest the relationship you need easily during the month of love.

Aquarius: The sun in your sign means it’s your time to shine, Aquarius. Your charm and attractiveness are undeniable this month, and your lover or admirers will be eating out of the palm of your hand. Communication comes easily, and you’ll have no problem convincing others to see (and do) things your way. This is a great time to try something new, for yourself or with a partner. Talk to your lover about a bondage fantasy or some new toys you’ve wanted to introduce to the bedroom, and they’ll have a hard time saying no. Make your love even sweeter with a couple’s massage or a hipster cushion that will truly liberate your sex life and it will feel like Valentine’s Day all month for you!

Pisces: The keyword for your love relationships this month is “understanding”. Remind yourself to be patient and understanding with your partner through anything they’re going through, or about a potential love interest that’s just not panning out. Find ways to help your partner be understanding of your needs & desires, too. A provocative game is a good place to start understanding each other on a deeper level, and just might lead to some amazing sex in the bedroom, too. You can never have too much communication and teamwork, which will go a long way towards enhancing your partnership or a budding romance this February.

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