Sexual Zodiac: January 2022

by Kristin T.

December 19, 2021


Another chilly winter is really breezing by in a hurry. There have been emotional ups and downs for many this past month, but persistent Capricorns are taking it all in stride. Keeping their love life and sex life on an even keel is important, no matter what happens! Bundle up and read on to see what the stars have in store for Capricorns and YOUR sign, too, this January.

Spotlight: Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are one of the steadfast Earth signs, along with Taurus and Virgo, with whom they are very romantically compatible. Represented by the symbol of the mythical sea-goat, Capricorn is a cardinal sign, giving them part of their “all work, no play” reputation. Capricorns get stuff DONE! They will keep trying at something until it is finished to their liking (and their standards are HIGH). This sometimes mean they pursue tasks or relationships that are not good for them a little too relentlessly. While it’s true that Capricorns are very driven to success, especially in business and finances, they are capable of “cutting loose”, usually in the form of working on a hobby like gardening, puzzles, or reading. Capricorns are strong and protective, so they often prefer a partner they can feel protective of. While other stoic, practical Earth signs are a good long-term love match for Capricorn, it is with a Cancerian that they will have the hottest sex life. Read on below for your predictions for this month as the sun is in your sign. All the other signs are here, too, as we check out how we can have the hottest sex life in January based on our star signs!

Aries: The holidays may have been challenging for you, dragging up old memories or reminders of painful relationships. The good news is, this jump-starts you in gaining closure on any past loves so you can move on and enjoy whatever your love life looks like NOW. Whether that’s partnered sex (maybe based on your zodiac sign, just for fun?) or solo playtime, you deserve the best, so go for it! You’re remembering that you and only you are in control of your happiness, and it’s time to drop that old cargo and grab the wheel again. Focus on the positive aspects of these inevitable changes, and just enjoy moving forward in the new year.

Taurus: The asteroid Ceres in your luxury-loving sign reminds you to nurture yourself and your own desires this month. You know what you want, so it’s time to go after it. Even if it feels a little selfish in the moment, your partner will understand that you just need to do you right now. Slip into something silky and sexy so the outside matches how you feel on the inside. Treat yourself to a high-end couples toy kit you can share in the bedroom, or a comfy toy mount cushion to open up new possibilities for your solo sex. You’ll come to regret it if you deny yourself your guilty pleasures this month.

Gemini: With Jupiter in imaginative Pisces, your mind is open to new possibilities for love and romance this month. You have fantasies about caressing a lover with the lotions and potions from the Touch of Romance kit, or perhaps something a littler darker, like a BDSM scenario. Maybe you’re waiting for a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet. If you’re coupled, set things in motion to make your fantasies reality. Even if these romances don’t exist outside of your daydreams, they’ll sustain you during the lonelier times.

Cancer: This month is all about goal-setting for you, so make sure you make your New Year’s resolutions count. Don’t forget about your love life when you’re setting all those ambitious goals, though! The past year has been hard on everyone, so take some time to just have fun with your partner with an erotic bedroom game. A relaxing but seductive massage, whether you do it with your hands or with a wand, are also a great way to bond through physical intimacy, so put that on your to-do list! Make a goal to get closer with your lover, and you’ll have no problem achieving it!

Leo: If you are partnered, you’re both living the dream right now. Enjoy it for now, but don’t forget to plan ahead, too. Be open with your partner and discuss your hopes and visions for the future. If you can’t wait to wear bridal white and your partner wants nothing to do with marriage, you may need to reassess. Taking time for reflection and self-love can help you narrow down your desires and exactly what you need to do to have them met. If you’re open to new relationships right now, set the bar high; you know exactly what you want out of love, and you won’t be completely happy with anyone who doesn’t fulfil those ideals.

Virgo: The start of a new year feels like a blank journal to you, and you can’t wait to write your own story. Why not make it a steamy and sexually-charged romance? If that story includes a partner, make sure you’re both on the same page. Take time regularly to slow down and bond through sex and intimacy. If you’ve had trouble communicating it in the past, it’s time to tell your lover exactly what you want. Give yourself options for solo stroking or partnered fun in the bedroom by filling your pleasure chest with versatile toys and arousal enhancers. Your story will definitely get off to an exciting start this month!

Libra: The dreamy energy from Jupiter in Pisces has you thinking about all sorts of things you’d like to do with (and to) your partner. Suggest trying something new together, whether it’s a sexy game that will help you know each other better, or a soothing massage therapy session or sexual reflexology, learning exactly how you both like to be touched. You may even convince your man to do a sexy craft project with you, like cloning his willy so you always have a toy that feels just like him! Keep using your imagination to find new ways to be intimate, and you’ll have a steamy month indeed.

Scorpio: You’re having a hard time with confidence lately, but you have no reason to be shy. You’re a catch! If you’re single and seeking, get a leg up with a pheromone perfume or cologne. You’ll smell irresistible to anyone who finds you attractive…which is a lot more people than you might think! Don’t forget self-love, either. A fancy new clitoral vibe or stroker will help you feel amazing through amazing orgasms. If you’re partnered, trying some close & intimate new sexual positions will reignite the passion between you, even if you’re feeling down. Try and see yourself the way your partner sees you, and you’ll never lack confidence again!

Capricorn: New Year’s Resolutions will be no problem for you. You know what you want out of life and you’re ready to go get it! This applies to your sex life, too. If things have been lacking in that department, make it a goal to get your mojo back. Adding sex toys to the bedroom for partnered play can help spice things up. Just like you, the Love to Love Please Me Multi-Use Vibrator is great at multitasking. You’ll come up with many ways to use it, even playing solo, and it will definitely get the job done (the job being orgasms, that is). If you need a little help getting that loving feeling started, try a CBD-infused intimate arousal oil, or bring out your caring side and give your lover a romantic massage. Keep sex as one of your priorities, and you’ll have a great month (and year) of it!

Aquarius: If things are a little awkward with your love life right now, take a step back and reassess things; it’s much better to slow down and fix the problems than charge in full speed ahead. Instead of diving right into sex like you usually might, slow things down with lots of fun foreplay with the Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition Dice or a game of Bedroom Truth or Dare. A sexy strip tease starting with lots of layers and lingerie pieces will shake things up, too. If you’re partnered, just make sure they are on the same page as you romantically, or things could get confusing.

Pisces: Jupiter entering your impressionable sign on December 28th sends you into January on an emotional high note. You can easily shut out negative thoughts and focus only on the positive (and potential positive) ones. Shut out the world, too, and focus on a romantic and sexy Weekend in Bed full of tantric massage and amazing sex with your lover(or amazing Sex for One if you are presently partnerless). Any emotional clouds you’ve been stuck behind are parting, making it easy to see & enjoy the great things about your love life. All this works together to give you an optimistic outlook for the New Year and beyond!

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