Sexual Zodiac: January 2023

by Kristin T.

December 26, 2022


Another cold winter is blowing by in a hurry. There may be emotional ups and downs for many this month, but persistent Capricorns are taking it all in stride. Keeping their love and sex life on an even keel is important, no matter what may try to get in the way! Snuggle up and read on to see what the stars have in store for Capricorns, and YOUR sign too, this January.

Spotlight: Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are one of the steadfast Earth signs, along with Taurus and Virgo, with whom they are very romantically compatible. Represented by the symbol of the mythical sea-goat, Capricorn is a cardinal sign, giving them part of their “all work, no play” reputation. Capricorns get stuff DONE! They will keep trying at something until it is finished to their liking (and their standards are HIGH). This sometimes mean they pursue tasks or relationships that are not good for them a little too relentlessly. While it’s true that Capricorns are very driven to success, especially in business and finances, they are capable of “cutting loose”, usually in the form of working on a hobby like gardening, puzzles, or reading. Capricorns are strong and protective, so they often prefer a partner they can feel protective of. While other stoic, practical Earth signs are a good long-term love match for Capricorn, it is with a Cancer that they will have the hottest sex life. Caps and all the other signs can read on to see what the stars have in store for your romantic pursuits this January.

Aries: Jupiter paired with your adventurous sign at the beginning of the month encourages you to expand your horizons. If you’re single and seeking, that may mean getting back to the dating scene, but trying out new venues to be flirty. If you’re happily partnered, it’s time to try new things together! If you’ve been curious about trying BDSM, an introductory kit and a game of Funishment are just the ticket to discuss consent and explore your desires and boundaries. You can spice up your bedroom in more vanilla ways, too, by trying some new positions and adding a couple’s vibe. Whether you’re expanding your horizons on the dating or mating front, luck is on your side this month, so enjoy!

Taurus: A rejuvenating sun-Uranus retrograde trine in your sign on the 5th reminds you that being spontaneous isn’t so scary. Surprise your lover with a romantic weekend getaway, complete exciting new sensual essentials to experiment with. Keep an open mind on the dating scene, or to any fantasies your partner has been wanting to explore, too. You may just find you LOVE being tied up with rope, or blindfolded during foreplay (or a masturbation sesh) with a bullet vibe. Taking gradual steps towards change can be thrilling and improve your relationship…as long as you don’t insist on standing still.

Gemini: Mercury Retrograde may have you feeling a little out of sorts, but it’s nothing a little quiet time and self-love can’t fix. You may find yourself having lots of tech issues, so take things back to basics with metal and glass toys in the bedroom. An intense Venus-Mars trine on the 9th will light the fires of passion, and you won’t be able to keep your hands off your lover (or that potential lover you’ve had your eye on…and they’re unlikely to say no if you make your move now!). Spend a weekend in bed full of tantric massage, complete a sensual oil and robes to lounge in afterwards. Anything you do together will bring you closer, literally and figuratively, so you’ll stay plenty warm this January!

Cancer: The month starts out with the moon in your intensely emotional sign, so you might feel extremely sensitive for a week or two. You might feel particularly upset if your partner wants to express their (physical) feelings more/less often or differently than you. Get to know each other better over a sexy game of Intimacy and see where you can compromise; sharing a healthy sex life is important to your emotional well-being, too! Ride out the difficult feelings and the waves of change and you’ll come out unscathed. You’re excited to look forward instead of backward for a change!

Leo: This month is all about experimentation & exploration for you. If you’re single, that means you are dead-set on doing whatever you need to do to find a partner. Already happily partnered? Then it’s time to shake things up! There are so many new trends to experiment with that can really spice up your sex life. Try adding a rose suction vibe to your solo or coupled play, or indulge your kinky curiosities with a gorgeous BDSM kit. Be open-minded to trying new things, stop if anything makes either of you uncomfortable, and you’ll have an amazing month of exploring new horizons.

Virgo: Your January starts with a weird combination of cosmic energies affecting your life, and you’re feeling the effects. If you are not connecting with your partner well – or feel lost in your search for love – you are not alone. Come back together with a grounding (and sexy) game, or treat yourself to solo sex with a new toy. Later in the month, things will settle into an easier routine, but you’ll be so focused on chores and tasks, you may forget to spend time with your lover. Slow things down with a soothing CBD couple’s massage…or you can always please each other while you work with a remote control undie vibe! You’ll be feeling back to normal again soon!

Libra: A Venus-Jupiter sextile beginning this month has you feeling extra happy and on a lucky streak. You may get some gentle (but positive) reminders from the universe that fate is always part of the equation. You should trust it more often! Broadening your perspective is a good idea this month, so watch foreign movies, try new (aphrodisiac) foods, try some role play or a couple’s toy in the bedroom, or travel together. A flirty & rebellious streak later in the month may cause wandering eyes (yours!), but it’s nothing you can’t chill out with some self-love sessions. It’s okay to expand your horizons & explore your independence, as long as it doesn’t drive you to cheat.

Scorpio: Motivating Mars going direct in your moody & mysterious eighth house in mid-January means it’s time to mingle! Communication & teamwork will go your way this month, so if you’ve been holding back from telling your partner or a love interest something, now is NOT the time to bite your tongue! If there’s a friend you’ve been drawing closer to, it may be time for that to blossom into more. You’re chatty and curious this month, so it’s a good time for getting to know your beloved better. Do so with an intimate game night in, or an exciting date night away somewhere, complete with romantic touches and a sensual toy that will heighten every touch.

Sagittarius: If things have been a little rocky lately, you’ll find you are able to coexist with your lover a little better this month. You still have things you disagree on, but it won’t matter as much as you relax in each other’s embrace. A weekend in bed with your lover, complete with a sensual massage oil and trying some sexy new moves, will smooth things over and make you everything you have been worried about seem petty and unimportant. You end the month on a high note as your home planet, lucky Jupiter sextiles with the excitement of the bright sun. Everything is coming up roses, and you have no problem leaving your romantic life to fate for a bit…it will all work out perfectly!

Capricorn: This will be a month of serious enlightenment for you, Caps, in all aspects of your life! Trust your instincts and embark on a little fact-finding mission about someone you’ve had your eye on. Already partnered? Enjoy an intimate game night perfect for getting to know each other on a deeper level. Some shadowy sun-Pluto action may make you feel like you have to work harder than usual to get to the bottom of anything that’s been puzzling you about your lover, but a little pillow talk and romancing will go a lot farther than sneakiness or brute force. Just taking your time and listening will go a long way towards getting you the answers you want in love and life.

Aquarius: You’re super stoked about your relationship and love in general this month, so don’t be afraid to celebrate it! Put on some sexy music and light some candles (bonus if it’s a massage candle). Indulge yourselves in some little luxuries and sultry sweets as you show your deepest love for one another. And if you’re single, don’t let that get you down, either. There’s nothing wrong with practicing plenty of self-love and exploration with new toys while you suss out exactly what you want in a lover. You love love this month, and that’s always a good thing!

Pisces: This month is all about turning your dreams into reality. You are often accused of spacing out or having your head in the clouds, but that’s okay right now. Use this lucky & confident lunation to tune into the sexy beast inside of you. You’re at your sexiest right now and you’re not afraid to show it! Maybe an extravagant romantic gift that will have you begging for each other’s touch is the ticket? Share some things you’ve been curious about with your lover. Whether it’s a role play scenario or trying a kinky scene with a first time kit, they’ll say yes and it will go just how you hope! The future is yours to write this month, so what do YOU want it to look like?

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