Sexual Zodiac: July 2022

by Kristin T.

June 14, 2022


It’s almost your birthday, Cancerians, and you’re ready to celebrate as we splash into the season of the Crab. You want to have the Hot Girl (or Hot Guy) Summer of a lifetime, and the stars are aligned for that to work swimmingly for you! The sex and relationship predictions for all the other star signs are here, too, so read on to see what the future holds for your love life as we float into a sexy & sweltering July!

Spotlight: Those born under Cancer, the sign of the crab, between June 21st and July 22nd, belong to an emotional water sign along with Pisces and Scorpio. They are the best romantic matches with those other sensitive signs, as well, while their hottest sex will happen with a Capricorn. Ruled by the mysterious Moon, they are passionate, creative, secretive (even though they can often be nosy AF themselves), intuitive, and deeply caring – about themselves AND their friends & family. Luxury-loving Cancer folks treasure self-care and will happily splurge on anything that will help them maintain beautiful spaces and beautiful selves. They are very into sex, especially when strong feelings are involved, and are quite good at it, too, making them excellent long-term lovers. Cancerians can sometimes come across as needy or clingy in a relationship or even a friendship, but the attention and love you give to them, they will return in spades. They are selective about who they give their time and energy to, so if a Cancer has chosen you, consider yourself special and worthy of the affection. Their love can feel intense or even overbearing at times, but it is also incredibly genuine and loyal…and very worth it!

Aries: Your emotions are running more intense than usual with the sun in sensitive cancer. Your usual independent and adventurous streak is being replaced by a needier, clingier, more emotional side. Catching feelings isn’t your favorite, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can endure it with grace. Use this opportunity to grow your emotional intimacy with your partner bonding over a game like You & Me…winner gets to choose your red hot sex act for the evening! Need to recharge your social battery instead? Some powerful self-love with The Thrusting Stroker or a Womanizer Premium is just what you need. If you’re single and seeking, a great opportunity to meet someone may arise. Give it a shot even if they don’t seem like your type at first; you might be surprised how strong a bond you’ll have.

Taurus: Nothing is predictable this month, and that may often leave you feeling a bit on edge. Take a deep breath and just go with the flow. When in doubt, flirt! You can boost your game even more with a pheromone perfume or cologne and It will help take your mind off any uncertainty. Channel any jittery feelings into exploring and trying new things with your partner (or by yourself), like sex with a strap-on or a stimulating orgasm oil. Maintaining your sense of freedom this month is important to you as you navigate shifting sands, but remember that you can still do that when coupled by keeping things fresh with your partner.

Gemini: A lucky Venus-Jupiter sextile on June 28th sends you into July on a high note, believing that fate is real and you’re in control of it! If you’re single, countless opportunities for meeting Mr. or Ms. Right will present themselves; you just have to take the plunge! In the meantime, indulge in your own pleasure with the trendiest Rose clitoral toy or a high-tech stroker. If you’re coupled, this sextile will put you in a generous mood, wanting to do or give whatever you need to make your partner smile. You don’t have to go crazy, though, especially financially. Little acts of love like a stimulating massage or impressing them with your newly improved oral skills will be plenty to have them worshipping your generosity…and your body.

Cancer: You’re enjoying things being all about you surrounding your birthday, and you can’t wait to do some things you’ve been putting off for awhile. A quiet weekend together complete with romantic rose petals and the exciting enhancements in the Geisha’s Secrets Collection could be just what you need to feel celebrated and loved. You’ll enjoy it just as much whether you’re at home or visiting a beach resort. Indulge yourself with some luxurious treats to enjoy solo or with your lover, like the Maxtasy Suction Master stroker or the Little Pleasures Collection from Le Wand…they even come in your power colors of white and silver! As much as you enjoy being pampered, you’re feeling extra nurturing this month, so you’ll want to pamper your partner, too. Take good care of them, too, and watch them melt in your arms.

Leo: You’ve been a little all over the place for the last month, and you’ve had trouble focusing your mind and your attention on any one thing. Emotional Cancer season means it’s time for things to settle down again, and if you’re partnered, you can rely on them to help ground you…or literally tie you down, if that’s what you’re into! Dim the lights and focus all your attention on making them feel good. An erotic massage complete with candle-warmed massage oil, or a romantic romp complete with a couple’s toy can be just the ticket to have you feeling like yourself again. Or tune out the world and re-center yourself with the unique sensations of a Sundaze Pulse Vibrator or the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker. Remember what’s important and give it your best, and everything else will fall into place.

Virgo: Some major news will start this month, and it may be really good or not so good. Either way, it’s a pretty big deal. Have faith that you can endure the bad or celebrate the good, either with the support of your partner or your own nurturing self-love. A soothing couple’s massage with the Touch of Romance Collection, or a fun and sexy game can both serve as relaxing and balancing or celebratory! If you’re playing solo, the rumbly, fluttery Volta Vibrator or the Remote Control Dual Pulsating Prostate Probe can help re-center you with amazing new sensations. There’s no shame in taking care of yourself and celebrating all your little victories with pleasure!

Libra: The universe absolutely has your back when it comes to communication this month, so have that important conversation with your lover or send that DM you’ve been hesitating about…you won’t be disappointed by the results. Bond with a kinky bondage scene, or make plans for a week of sex with the Kama Sutra Scratcher Game, and sext them with a reminder every day. Learn to listen to your own body and how it communicates with you, too, and give in to its desires for pleasure. Solo or for partnered play, a classic Magic Wand in a mini size can help you deliver what your body loves, or the Arcwave Voy allows you to adjust your squeeze just how you like it. Pay attention to what your words, actions, and body language are communicating this month, and you’ll get exactly what you need.

Scorpio: Neptune in its reflective retrograde cycle in psychic Pisces has you tuned into your dreams and intuitions, and you can trust your instincts with good results. Take the leap into a new relationship and get to know your lover better through an intimate game, or please your partner or yourself with a creative couples toy. Just to enjoy this dreamy transit and remember to pay some attention to your partner even if you’re very inwardly focused right now. Reality may slap you in the face a few times this month, but be brave and trust in love and you can weather anything! Everything will be okay.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself dealing with some unexpected drama this month. It feels uncalled for, but it may open up some new doors in your relationship, especially if there’s a love interest from the past that comes tapping at your window of opportunity again. Follow your gut and know you can handle it. Whether you’re single or taking a step back from a troubled love, enjoy some self-love sessions with the Cora Thumping Vibrator or the Zolo Blowbot Masturbator. Toys that provide solo pleasure can’t start shit, and sometimes it’s just good to take that break. Remember the great parts of your love, though, and try to make it work if you can and it’s worth it.

Capricorn: You’re feeling braver than usual this month, and any leaps of faith you take in the arena of love and sex will pay off! Don’t be afraid to put on some pheromone perfume or cologne and get your flirt on. If you’re in a monogamous relationship, indulging some secret fantasies will help you take things to the next level. Try a sexy role play scenario or go dark and dangerous with some bondage-ready sex furniture to give you endless playful possibilities. Communicate clearly and pay attention to the signals of your partner or love interest, and every shot you take will land perfectly.

Aquarius: Dreamy Neptune in introverted Pisces may feel like it’s clouding your vision this month, but it’s actually a great time to pursue some more cerebral and romantic ideas you’ve been considering. Give into passion with your partner and “come together” with the 2 Become 1 Strapless strap-on, or indulge your own pleasures solo with the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure or the Sam Neo stroker. If you are feeling confused or hazy about something, it may be time to just man up (or woman up) and deal with it in the most satisfying way possible. Love will conquer all if you open your mind to all the possibilities instead of dwelling on (questionably factual) facts.

Pisces: The sun in fellow water sign Cancer means your sensitive and nurturing sides are in full force. You want to take great care of someone this month, whether it’s your partner or yourself. It’s okay to invest in your pleasure and try something new to pamper yourself, like a Rose Quartz G-Wand or a Warming Dome masturbator. Partnered? Treat your lover to an intimate body worship session with some kissable body dust to make them feel better when they’ve had a bad day. You’ll love lavishing attention all over them, and they’ll appreciate the time and consideration, too. Just try not to smother, and remember to be understanding if they tell you they need a little space.