Sexual Zodiac: July 2023

by Kristin T.

June 24, 2023


Hey, Cancerians, it’s almost your birthday! You’re beyond ready to celebrate as we splash into the season of the Crab. You’re ready to have the chillest summer & the hottest sex life possible, and the stars are aligned perfectly for that! Love & sex predictions for all the other star signs are here, too. Read on to see what the future holds for your love life as we swim into a sexy & sweltering July!

Spotlight: Those born under Cancer, the sign of the crab, between June 21st and July 22nd, belong to an emotional water sign along with Pisces and Scorpio. They are the best romantic matches with those other sensitive signs, as well, while their hottest sex will happen with a Capricorn. Ruled by the mysterious Moon, they are passionate, creative, secretive (even though they can often be nosy AF themselves), intuitive, and deeply caring – about themselves AND their friends & family. Luxury-loving Cancer folks treasure self-care and will happily splurge on anything that will help them maintain beautiful spaces and beautiful selves. They are very into sex, especially when strong romantic feelings are involved, and are quite good at it, too, making them excellent long-term lovers. Cancerians can sometimes come across as needy or clingy in relationships or even a friendships, but the attention and love you give to them, they will return in spades. They are selective about who they give their time and energy to, so if a Cancer has chosen you, consider yourself special and worthy of the affection. Their love can feel intense or even overbearing at times, but it is also incredibly genuine and loyal…and very worth it!

Aries: You’ve been in a stubborn, secretive funk lately, Aries, but you’re ready to shed that heading into Cancer season. Take a deep breath and let the sun shine in. Remember your partner who is always there for you, or that babe you have your eye on? It’s time to show them your best through some bold communication moves. Sext your lover all day, then roll on some pheromone perfume and surprise them with a naughty night out on the town, or enjoy a romantic date night staying in and sharing your deepest feelings for each other. If you’ve been admiring someone from afar, send them an old-school love note confessing your admiration. It feels scary, but it might just win over their heart.

Taurus: The fiery sun in intensely deep-feeling Cancer this month means you’re in for a hot & passionate ride this month. If you’re partnered, you two will feel so close, it will be hard to tell where you end and your partner begins. You love this feeling of unity, and can strengthen it through intimate game nights, candlelit massages, or just lounging together talking about life. Single or recently matched? You feel an intense need to settle down with someone this month, but don’t rush. Safety & security are important to you, and you’ll only get those by really getting to know someone. Take your time and take care of you, Taurus!

Gemini: Communication is key for you this month, Gemini, and you know it’s an area you need to work on. Conversations will always go better when you don’t try to talk over your lover or persuade them to your way of thinking. Instead, focus on laying your ideas bare, then really listening to theirs, and seeing how you can come together somewhere in the middle. And yes, that includes a need to talk about sex. True connection will come with a person whose soul speaks to yours the most; you just need to work at it and take it slow.

Cancer: The sun in your sensitive first house for the month means you’ll really have to work at not taking everything so personally. Do you really think your partner is trying to hurt your feelings intentionally? The answer is almost always no! Work through this touchy time as a couple with plenty of playful foreplay. Sexy games or a clever double vibe can ease you into opening up and trusting your lover. It may not be the best time to try new things in the bedroom, but just have fun with it! As always, you’re ready to treat yo’ self for your birthday season, and we have just the thing! Whether you’re single & seeking or magically matched, indulge yourself with the new Womanizer Wave Pleasure showerhead to turn your everyday shower into an orgasmic oasis any time you want it to be! Embrace the power of water to unwind your sensitive water sign self!

Leo: You are radiating sexual energy and giving off an aura of serious hotness this month, Leo, and we know you’re okay with that! You may be coming out of a more emotional period these last few weeks, so use this lunation to reconnect with your partner; a loving reminder that you’re there for each other is never out of place. Finding a shared goal to work towards – like being more kinky or communicating better – is a good place to start. It’s also a good time to make romantic magic happen with someone you’ve had your eye on. Your natural magnetism will attract them, and your personality should do the rest to keep them if it’s meant to be.

Virgo: You’re on a quest to find your true self and develop your deepest desires this month, and you may feel scattered by distractions and mixed messages. Your partner, unfortunately, may not be the best sounding board for whatever you’re working on, and their words or actions may make you feel deflated. It’s okay to tune them out a bit and focus on you. Whether you’re debating a career change or just thinking that a romantic getaway might spice things up, keep them informed, but remember, it’s your life. It’s okay to truly focus on finding & loving yourself so you can be your best self for your partner…and more importantly, for you.

Libra: Neptune retrograde traveling through procrastinating Pisces brings a period of real & reflective thought and potentially opportunities for growth or reckoning. You’re taking off the rose-colored glasses and seeing things for what they really are…that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Confront any little annoyances or problems you’ve been sweeping under the rug, then refresh yourself with bonding through intimate massage and some next-level sex. Treat things for what they are, as they come up, and you’ll maintain your inner peace and outer presentation of love.

Scorpio: You are on a creative streak, and charged up with ideas about how to reinvigorate your love and sex life right now. Having some unusual thoughts on a broad range of topics means you may want to explore new sex positions, try some kinky dungeon furniture, or snuggle up for some romantic conversations while body painting on each other…and you may want all of that at the same time! You may feel like you’re going off on weird tangents and losing the plot, but everything will come together if you slow down and explain your ideas and desires to your lover. They will understand and embrace your beautiful brand of crazy, just like they always do. It’s part of your charm!

Sagittarius: A gentle, enlightening Sun-Mercury conjunction in your partnership zone on June 30th sends you into the month wanting to deepen your connection with your partner, or with someone you’ve had your eye on. You may both do some serious opening up once you get each other talking. Bond over an intimate game, or by working to create sensual love rituals. Either way, you are tuned in to their body language, tone, and mood, and are able to be sympathetic & supportive…and very in sync, sexually and otherwise. This deeper connection and enhanced communication will help your love blossom like never before.

Capricorn: This month is all about priorities for you, Capricorn. Having a great sex and love life is part of your top ones, but some more pressing ones like career or family goals may come into play. Change is good sometimes, and you need to gently loop your partner in on what’s going on in your inner world. They may surprise you by being right there with you! After those serious talks, lighten things up in the bedroom with a playful dice game and some role play fun. It’s okay to design a relationship and a life that works perfectly for you and your partner, no matter what that may look like.

Aquarius: You’ve felt off your game for the past few weeks, Aquarians, but this is your time to shine. Whether you’re happily dating & mating or single & seeking, sparks are about to fly in your current romantic arrangements. You’ll enjoy kinky sex (or self-love) as much as you appreciate just snuggling and talking, and all this chemistry helps you grow more intimate. Help the magic along by committing to radical self-acceptance. You know the importance of connection, and anyone who is meant to be with you loves you for exactly who you are. If they’re on the fence or playing mind games with you, they’re not the one for you!

Pisces: Your leader Neptune going retrograde means your intuition is at an all-time high. Trust it, and embrace those psychic visions and deep reflections, but don’t get too bogged down by the details. Make planning for the future sexy and fun with some sensual astrology, and plan a weekend in bed for just the two of you. Discussing the past and bonding with some sweet nostalgic touches like Kama Sutra MadLibs and a sweet blue babydoll, or some horny-helping gummy bears and a rabbit c-ring full of good vibes, and the only thing in your future will be passion and intimacy.

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