Sexual Zodiac: June 2019 Horoscope

Sexual Zodiac: June 2019 Horoscope
POSTED ON May 23, 2019

Geminis are going to have an especially dirty month but don't worry, they don't get to have all the fun ;) with summer on our door step, things are heating up for all 12 signs. Time to find out what's in store for you!

Spotlight: Born between May 22 & June 21 Geminis are the super extroverted life of the party type but also some of the biggest book worms. They have huge imaginations and love to meet new friends. Their naturally high energy and ravenous curiosity makes them some of the most creative lovers out there.

When was the last time you explored or tried out a new fetish? Things in the bedroom don't have to be stale to try something new. Have you ever heard of WAM or sploshing? It's essentially when you apply copious amounts of a substance to your naked body and/or a partner(s). Such substances are more often than not edible like chocolate, frosting, cake, whipped cream, copious amounts of a flavored lube. A Gemini's best lover is most likely a Libra, Aquarius, or Aries.

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

Cancer, this is your month to find real passionate love. This month you connect to a much deeper and raw love than ever before. For you already spoken for Cancers, make sure you're in tune to your partner's feelings and desires so you don't miss out on anything especially steamy (you never know what may be in store). For all you single Cancers out there prepare yourself for the clothes ripping, mind blowing, earth shattering sex you're going to have when you hook up with that special someone. A Cancer's best lover is most likely a Taurus, Scorpio, or Virgo.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 21

The weekends are where it's at Leo! Now, you might've already known that, but the weekends this month are different. Time to dive deep into intimacy. You'll experience tantalizing pleasure from someone very close to you. One of the many great parts of summer is everybody is wearing less clothing. Bring on the swim suits, tank tops, crop tops, and short shorts. A Leo's best lover is most likely a Sagittarius, Aries, or Gemini. Although they have an especially titillating relationship with Tauruses.

Virgo: Aug 22 - Sep 23

Time to embrace tantric sex Virgo!! Connect with your partner and explore the depths of mindfulness to experience orgasms unlike ever before. Your partner is going to crave you more and more. Who doesn't want that? Continuing on with the month of sensuality, when was the last time you gave them a good massage? Who knows, you might have a happy ending, if you're good enough. A Virgo's best lover is most likely a Taurus, Cancer, or Capricorn.

Libra: Sep 24 - Oct 23

Time to tip the scales with some BDSM this month Libra! Whether you just want a playful pair of handcuffs or looking for something more extreme, this month is all about your kinks and fetishes. The Geminis will be diving into a fetish so why not follow along and try something out like nipple play or maybe electro-stim? There's still strap-ons & spanking, ball-gags & blindfolds! So much to explore, so little time to do it. Better get started! A Libra's best lover is most likely a Aquarius, Gemini, or Sagittarius.

Scorpio: Oct 24 - Nov 22

Time to take that vacation Scorpio and head someplace romantic because you're in for some great get away sex. Go out and see the sights during the day, and at night the real party begins. Maybe you'll surprise that special someone with a trip to their long awaited favorite travel destination and one night they have a sexy surprise waiting for you, like them waiting in lingerie on a rose petal covered bed. Just don't forget your lube and it'll be a great time 😉 A Scorpio's best lover is most likely a Cancer, Capricorn, or Pisces.

Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22

Hold on tight Sagittarius, this month is going to be a rough one, but the good news is there's fantastic make-up sex at the end. You're going to have an intensely passionate month, just not the same kind of passion as Cancer until the end of the month. The good news is, the more someone values something, the harder they fight. So the worse and worse your fighting is, that only means the more you care, and the sooner you get to that realization, the sooner you can get to making up and make-up sex. A Sagittarius's best lover is most likely a Aries, Aquarius, or Leo.

Capricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20

You may or may not know this Capricorn, but we talk about butt stuff a lot on this blog and this month it's all about the butt for you. The butt is the great equalizer as everyone has one. Whoever you are, whatever your gender is or isn't, you can have multiple orgasms from anal stimulation. Now this isn't like sticking a dildo up your poophole the first time and having five orgasms. You have to work towards it. Whether it's the prostate or the g-spot, once you know how to stimulate it well, it can be the time of your life. A Capricorn's best lover is most likely a Taurus, Pisces, or Virgo.

Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19

Hey water-bearer time for you to get wet! Whether it's the lake, the ocean, a hot tub, pool, bath, or shower, you'll be getting super wet in more than one meaning of the word. However, just because you're in water doesn't mean you don't need lube. While waterbased lube is the go to for a lot of people, try out some silicone lube because it'll last longer and not get washed away as easily as a waterbased. For something a little kinkier, try out the Lux Suction Cup Handcuffs. An Aquarius's best lover is most likely a Sagittarius, Libra, or Gemini. But watch out for those feisty Pisces.

Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Playtime Pisces! That's right it's foreplay time. For all you out there with female partners this is going to be an especially important month. (Generally) Women take longer to become aroused than men, and their level of arousal directly impacts the quality of sex/orgasm for both parties.

Think about it this way: if you're romancing her for a prolonged period of time and you know she's getting more and more into it the more likely she is to reciprocate during the main event (not guaranteed though). The more time you invest into cultivating your partner's sexual desires, the more explosive the sex will be. If they're into massages, then give them a nice long massage. If they're into role play, then you should be into role play. If they want you to slowly kiss them in all the right places as if you're seducing them for the very first time then do it! A Pisces's best lover is most likely a Scorpio, Cancer, or Capricorn.

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

Let's explore all the bedroom accessories out there. This month could be super spicy with everything available at your fingertips. Things heat up when you dive into temperature play with warming oils & wax play. Roses are a classic and body paint is one of the most sensual things out there. Plus there's just about edible everything: edible panties, edible pouches, edible penises, and so much more. After all that, sometimes you need something with a little more versatility. The human body isn't exactly made to taste good, so why not treat your tongue and most to some strawberries? An Aries's best lover is most likely a Gemini, Sagittarius, or Leo.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21

Tell your loved ones you love them Taurus. You're already a great friend and family member, but a lot of times your loved ones just need to hear it a bit more. And not only hear it but feel that you mean it too. Give 'em a good squeeze every once in a while and let them know how much you care. This is especially true of your significant other. A Taurus's best lover is most likely a Cancer, Capricorn, or Pisces.


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