Sexual Zodiac: June 2022

by Kristin T.

May 13, 2022


We’re just getting into the swing of summertime as we head into Gemini season. Those who reside under the sign of the twins will have a happy birthday indeed, as the sun in their sign illuminates sexy new possibilities. We have sexy tips and predictions for ALL the signs, so read on to see what the stars have in store for your sex life in June.

Spotlight: Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini – “the twins” – are an air sign along with Libra and Aquarius.  The breezy air element helps explain Gemini’s sometimes flighty personality and their ability to blow in and out of people’s lives without much thought.  If a Gemini has chosen you for a life partner, feel honored: the thought of “settling down” is a fate equivalent to death for most Geminis.  They cherish variety and like to be done with one thing and on to the next in rapid succession.  Geminis are amazingly smart, curious, playful (read: sometimes immature), and very emotionally chill, which can be frustrating when their partner just wishes they would FEEL something, dammit!  If you are easy-going enough to love a Gemini, they will bring you a lifetime of excitement through their love of travel, partying, and their driving need to communicate with words, making them very romantic, even if it’s only for short bursts of time. The dual personality embodied by the symbol of the twins can be difficult to manage in relationships, but once a Gemini matches with the right soul, they’ll be a steady partner for a lifetime, and a lot less Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Aries: Your take-charge and can-do attitude is even stronger than usual, Aries, and you’re ready to put it to work in your love life if needed. Your aggressive planetary guide Mars in your powerful sign is soaking up that energy and bouncing it right back to you. You will radiate confidence this month, making it a good time for tricky negotiations, whether at work or in your relationship. If you’re single and seeking, dab on some sensual pheromones and go out and see how admirers flock to you like moths to a flame. If you and your partner have felt distant and need a bonding activity, try taking it literally with bondage play. Show that you can take control when you need to but are still loving and sweet by offering a tasty kissable erotic massage after a scene. It takes two to make a relationship work, but this month, it might take YOU to steer it back on course.

Taurus: Venus is moving out of risk-taking Aries into your steady & reliable sign. You’re feeling more at home in this predictable space and it shows. June should be a month for common sense and practical vibes, but that doesn’t mean things need to get boring! Keep things in your comfort zone by starting in a comfy romper or exciting lingerie set under your normal clothes and play a striptease card game with your lover. Everyone wins when you’re both getting naked! Speaking of being practical (and naked), keep your bedding clean despite all the sexy lubes and massage oils you’ll be using on each other with a Fascinator throw. Treat yourself to some squirty self-love sessions, too, with a luxury toy intended to give you the ultimate orgasm or a stroker with a slick twist. The throw will make for easy cleanup afterwards! Just enjoy being at ease in your zone this month, wherever that may be…but still keep things fresh and new!

Gemini: Mercury retrograde getting out of your chaotic sign and back in trustworthy Taurus calms things down for you a little this month, so get ready to sit on your butt and take it easy for a bit…you’ve earned it! If your partner has been feeling left behind while you’ve been busy running around trying to figure things out, it’s time to reconnect! A candlelit intimate massage would be a great place to start; maybe they can offer you one first as a birthday treat? Next, work on joining your souls on a sexual and spiritual level with some Kama Sutra experimentation. You’re sure to find positions and maneuvers that hit the spot perfectly…just like this dual ended clitoral vibe with interchangeable heads and a g-spot wand on the other end that’s tons of fun for coupled or solo play! If you have any doubts in your mind about whether you and your partner or a potential lover are compatible, this month’s strong and steady energy will give you time to find out.

Cancer: The new moon in Gemini on May 30th sends you into June with a clean slate. You’ve found closure with any ghosts from your past, and you’re ready to embrace your current reality. If you’re single and seeking, you’ll know when the right one comes along, and you’re allowed to be choosy. If you’re happily coupled, focus on playful romance to keep your love young. A bedroom role play or kinky dice game could be just the thing to get a fun evening started…just make sure you have all the necessary props on hand before you get down to getting adventurous. Just enjoy how smooth and serene everything is right now, and add the right levels of spice as needed. Your love story is yours to write, and you can definitely make it have a happy ending.

Leo: As your cosmic guide the Sun is in dual-personality, free-thinking Gemini, you’re going to be a little less than reliable this month. Don’t surprised if your partner calls you flighty, or if you accidentally stand up a date. Hopefully they’ll understand. Your other strong traits are in full force, though, including your charm and ability to communicate, so you should be able to talk your way out of any sticky situation. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep, but make sure to pay some attention to your partner or a crush…they’re ready to eat your charisma right up…and maybe some other parts of you, too. 😉

Virgo: A supportive Mercury-Mars sextile sends you into June with some well-founded confidence. It’s the perfect time to trust that inner voice and make any decisions you’ve been delaying on…they will work out in your favor. Step up and take the initiative to ask out someone you’ve had your eye on, or convince your lover to try something you’ve been curious about, like trying new positions to spice things up. With Mercury still in retrograde, you may be led down a wrong path or two briefly, but your heart will make sure you end up where you need to be in the end.

Libra: The sun in kindred air sign Gemini has you feeling in your element and at peace, but also a little distracted. Avoid making any major decisions unless you’re totally certain of them; you may come to regret it. If you’re single and seeking, it’s time to let your true personality shine through to attract a lover you will be most compatible with…which is likely another air sign. You free and easy folks know to enjoy this sunny transition by going with the flow and riding the waves of pleasure; you might as well do it together! Lie on a beach or spend a weekend in bed; either way you’ll both have fun with your easy, breezy approach to romance this month.

Scorpio: You’re feeling shockingly competitive this month for someone who’s usually a calm and gentle spirit in disguise. If you’re partnered, remember that they are on your side. It’s the two of you against the world…and you make a great team. Don’t let your lover get on your bad side during this transit. As long as you don’t get on theirs, you’ll ride this more aggressive spell out with ease. This month should be all about sharing the love, maybe with a fun high-tech couple’s toy or a BDSM scenario you’ve both been wanting to try. If you’re single and have had your eye on someone new, take it slow and show them how into them you are…if you rush and make it into a race, you may come across as selfish or pushy, which isn’t you.

Sagittarius: The sun in pleasure-loving Gemini has you feeling social and ready to par-tay! If you’re single & seeking, boost up your sex appeal with a pheromone spray and head out to work your magic. Your charm is undeniable, so you’ll have an easy time attracting friends and lovers alike. If you’re partnered, make sure you consider how any newfound friendships will make your partner feel. You don’t want them sitting at home alone while you’re out having fun. Bring them along by setting up some group dates (with some secret sexy foreplay), or start checking off your bucket list of fun places to have sex. Keep everything light and fun, and you can’t go wrong!

Capricorn: The end of May was likely a bit stressful for you, possibly forcing you to choose to focus on one part of your life over another. Don’t worry; easier times are coming in June. Allow yourself to relax and decompress until you’re feeling like yourself again. If it was your love life that had to drop a few notches on the priority list, it’s time to honor it again. Put that dating site profile back online, or check in with your lover over a candlelit dinner and a sexy game of Sensations. It’s sure to set the scene for a sensual evening of reconnecting. It would also be a good idea to let your partner take care of you for a bit. Just remember that your needs are important, too, and that keeping your love life happy and healthy fulfils one of those needs.

Aquarius: The sun in fellow freedom-loving sign, Gemini, has you feeling truly alive and free this month. Your independent streak is strong, so the last thing you want is to feel tied down right now. If you are partnered, hopefully your lover is understanding and can give you that space to just be yourself…they can always find ways to take care of themselves while you’re off exploring, too! If you are playing the dating game, finding a steady mate seems a lot less urgent now. Take your time and make sure you find someone who really vibes with you. Whether searching for someone new or bonding with your partner, trust the process and just enjoy this new lightened mood.

Pisces: You are strongly in tune with the energies the universe is sending you right now, and you’re focused on using them to cultivate your best life. Pay attention to the symbolism of your dreams, and maybe get a tarot reading or a customized star chart made to learn about all the great things in store for you, then get to work on manifesting that ish! Create a romantic space and a bedroom look that really reflects who you are, then set up for a quiet evening at home with your lover. Talking and cuddling will likely become something more intense, so be prepared with condoms, lube, toys…maybe even a creative project! You can’t go wrong this month as long as everything you do aligns with the future you feel the universe has in store for you.

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