Sexual Zodiac: March 2022

by Kristin T.

February 16, 2022


March may come “in like a lion and out like a lamb”, but what astrological animals (or other signs) will have it best this month? Empathetic & emotional Pisces is in the spotlight this month as they celebrate their birthdays, but all the other signs are here, too. See what the stars have to say about what your sex & love life will bring this month. There are even some sensual self-love suggestions so you can take care of yourself as we slowly creep towards spring.

Spotlight: Those who swim with the school of fish known as Pisces have birthdays between February 19th and March 20th. Pisceans tend to be deeply emotional, empathic “old souls” with a heart of gold. Try as they might to maintain their inner emotional world (usually through daydreaming or artistic expression), their own feelings are often drowned out by those of others around them. They just care so. damn. much that they pick up on ALL the vibes, especially from the people they care about the most. Pisces’ symbol of the two fish facing in opposite directions reflects the duality of a Piscean’s inner struggle: on one hand, they want to be busy, active, creative, and successful, but on the other hand, they’d often prefer to pull the blankets over their head and stay in bed all day. Slothy desires aside, though, a Pisces does make an excellent romantic partner. They are extremely caring and deeply romantic – they love being in love, and they fully devote themselves to their partner like no other. They are also all about seeking pleasure, and that includes in the bedroom. A Pisces matched with a fellow water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer) will be a lifelong love made in heaven. They are all just the right levels of emotional, secretive, imaginative, and intuitive to get along very well. The hottest sex tip for Pisces is to find a Capricorn lover…because there is some truth to the old “opposites attract” story!

Aries: The ego-driven sun in emotional Pisces helps to soften your rough edges this month. Your partner or someone you’ve been talking to may be pleasantly surprised by your suddenly more compassionate and understanding tone. You, on the other hand, might be uncomfortable with this sudden emotional openness. Embrace your newfound softer side with equally soft and seductive lingerie, especially after joining your lover in the tub for a silky Lovebath. You’ve always been more comfortable with showing your feelings than talking about them, so get creative with some Romantic Boudoir Promises or an innovative couple’s toy to help you connect with your lover in ways the more serious you never could have imagined!

Taurus: A romantic Venus-Neptune sextile at the end of February sends you into March on a dreamy & optimistic cloud. If you’re single and seeking, you definitely find yourself fantasizing about “the one” a little more than usual lately. This is a good thing, though, as potential suitors will pick up on that vibe and find you even more attractive! Give yourself even more of a boost with a pheromone perfume or cologne. If you’re partnered, you may be called on this month to be your lover’s rock through some difficult times. Get comfy, put on their favorite movie, and have fun together in bed. Resist the temptation to give advice and just be their listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, and you’ll make sex an even more desirable mood booster for them!

Gemini: The celestial atmosphere is nudging you towards action this month, especially romantically. This may mean being forthcoming with someone you’ve had your eye on, finally cutting ties with a past relationship that’s holding you back, or perhaps literally getting busy with your love. Need a date? Put on your most daring dress and head out to get your flirt on! If you’ve already got your eye on someone, let them know directly, and avoid the temptation to play hard-to-get. If you’re partnered, you may find yourself impatient if they aren’t staying quite up to speed with you. It’s okay to take things slow to make sure they’re fully on board with whatever sex-venture you want to try. Be patient and give them a break and the rewards will be worth it in the end.

Cancer: The sun in idealistic Pisces has you taking stock of what you really want out of your relationship, whether you’re currently in one or looking for one. If you are constantly compromising or giving up your own desires and needs for your partner, something’s wrong. You can attempt some creative seduction and playful flirtation to get things back to how they were in the honeymoon phase, but if it’s not meant to be, know when to walk away. If you’re seeking something new, start using your intuition to the max. Manifesting your soulmate is a lot easier if you envision them as if you already had them. Once you know what you want and how to get it, there’s nothing stopping you!

Leo: You are radiating confidence in everything you do this month, Leo, and it’s a major turn-on. Your partner (or prospective one) will take notice, and you can easily bring them on board for as much passion as you want…and you have a lot to go around! Focus on the power of seductive touch this month. Use your hands to relax your lover with a sensual massage, or try a warming lube to add an enticing new sensation to your sex. A powerful 2-way wand toy will make your lover (or you!) quiver in a whole new way every time you get it out. For an extra special night, get your partner warmed up with some foreplay before bed, then wake them up for a midnight rendezvous when they least expect it. We promise they won’t complain about the interrupted sleep!

Virgo: As someone who usually plays it safe, you may find your sex life stagnating a bit. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, romantically and sexually, to prevent the dreaded B word…boredom! Your partner or prospective love interest will definitely take notice of a bolder, braver you! Things won’t be able to get boring if you bring other body parts and sex styles into the mix…we recommend nipple play and plenty of oral favors! Add some flavor to your foreplay with yummy nipple balms or tingling lip gloss. Bring some fresh light into your oral routines with the Blow & Glow Kit, complete with a massage candle and buzzy toys to enhance your best BJs, partnered sex, or mutual masturbation sessions. Bring a little buzz to your nipples, too, for an irresistible sensation that will leave your sex life anything but stagnant!

Libra: Love is in the air for you this month, Libra, and you see it all through rose colored glasses. If you feel pulled in a certain direction towards someone…there’s a reason. Follow it! The sun in psychic & intuitive Pisces enhances your already strong perception of future possibilities, and things look pretty open right now! Your feelings are laser accurate all month long, and you’re finding them easier to share with your partner. If you’ve been wanting to try something new in the bedroom, like glow-in-the-dark bondage or tantalizing each other with a violet wand, now’s your chance to tell them! It’s also a great time for lots of bonding through deep conversations and sensual touch that will keep the spark alive!

Scorpio: You’re feeling pulled in a million different directions right now, which feels very distracting. Focus in on what’s most important to you….and that should include your relationship. It might not be the best time to meet someone new, but it’s okay to look while the possibilities feel so endless. If you’re already partnered, try to pay some undivided attention to your lover, even if your mind is elsewhere. Maybe a little fun nurse roleplay or a new remote-control toy can bring you back to reality? Ignore any feelings of suspicion or jealousy that may be creeping in…everything is innocent, and it’s all in your mind. It’s okay to use your imagination, but don’t let it run wild or it may go down all the wrong alleys.

Sagittarius: Your intuition is strong right now, Sag, and so is your social attractiveness and sex appeal.  You will have people coming out of the woodwork to spend time with you.  You will intuitively know who and what to say yes to, and it will all work out in your favor.  If you’re single, you may feel some amazing chemistry with someone new during the Pisces new moon on March 2nd, so don’t ignore those feelings. Friends and admirers are drawn to you right now like moths to a flame, and you’re not all that sad about it. It’s about time you’re the life of the party! If you’re with someone a little more introverted, make sure to check in with them regularly and make sure they’re not feeling left out while you’re off being a social butterfly.  Include them as much as you can, and you two will always have plenty to talk about so you can keep up your happy couple vibes!    

Capricorn: Things may feel a little chaotic right now, but the sun in easygoing Pisces will settle things down a bit.  This means you will have the energy to do the little things that will have your partner truly impressed, even if it doesn’t seem like much to you at the time.  Cook them dinner, take out the trash without them asking, buy them a new toy the two of you can use together, or even offer them sexual favors in the form of a scratch-off ticket. It will all feel particularly meaningful coming from you this month. Practice self-care (and self-love), and make any updates you’ve been considering to your personal style. Get some good sleep and pay attention to your dreams…there may be hints in there leading you to your soul mate, or exactly what you need to do to keep your love life amazing.

Aquarius: This month is all about experimentation for you, Aquarius, as part of a quest for finding your comfort zone.  Whether you’re single or coupled, you’ll find your groove and just feel a really strong desire to be yourself…once you figure out exactly what that is.  You need a lover that makes you feel comfortable and at home in your own skin.  A game of sexy scenarios and trying some role play are great ways for you and your lover to dabble with letting loose in the bedroom.  You never know what you’ll discover that really does it for you! You’ll want everything to go your way, of course, and it might not always.  Just like in life, if you can build up the resiliency to laugh at yourself and embrace the awkward moments, things will go a lot more smoothly.  Your sense of humor is part of what endears you to those around you, so let it show!  

Pisces: The sun in your sign means it’s your time to shine, Pisces! Your intuition and creativity are off the charts, helping you feel drawn to your lover or others who will support your journey…maybe even a new lover, who you will no doubt meet while doing something you love! Spend some quality time with your partner with the help of an intimate game or a book to help you try exciting new sex positions. Let your artistic side show by creating some edible art on your lover’s body with Aphrodisiac Chocolate Body Paint. Treat yourself to plenty of “you time” this month, too. Get comfy and enjoy some sexy snuggles, or nurture yourself with some powerful orgasms created by the Nami Sonic Vibe or the Zolo Stickshift Masturbator. You definitely deserve to treat yourself for your birthday! While you usually feel like you have to work really hard to keep yourself and your partner happy, it will come easily this month, as well it should. Relationships take work, but your soul mate will never make it feel like a chore.