Sexual Zodiac: March 2023

by Kristin T.

February 19, 2023


Dreary March may come “in like a lion and out like a lamb”, but what astrological animals (and other signs) will have it best this month? Emotional, empathetic Pisces is in the spotlight as they excitedly celebrate their birthdays, but all the other signs are here, too. See what the stars say your sex & love life will bring this month. There are even some sensual self-love suggestions so you can provide plenty of your own pleasure as we slowly creep towards a sunnier spring (and hotter nights).

Spotlight: Those who swim with the school of fish known as Pisces have birthdays between February 19th and March 20th. Pisceans are deeply emotional, empathic “old souls” with a heart of gold. Try as they might to maintain their inner emotional world (usually through daydreaming or artistic expression), their own feelings are often drowned out by those of others around them. They just care so. damn. much. that they absorb ALL the vibes, especially from the people they care about most. Pisces’ symbol of the two fish facing in opposite directions reflects the duality of a Piscean’s inner struggle: on one hand, they want to be busy, active, creative, and successful, but on the other hand, their deep emotions make it so they’d often prefer to pull the blankets over their head and stay in bed all day. Sloth-like desires aside, a Pisces makes an excellent romantic partner. They are extremely caring and deeply romantic – they love being in love, and they fully devote themselves to their partner like no other. They are also all about seeking pleasure, and that includes in the bedroom. A Pisces matched with a fellow water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer) will be a lifelong love made in heaven. They are all just the right levels of emotional, secretive, imaginative, and intuitive to get along very well. The hottest sex tip for Pisces is to find a Capricorn lover…because there is some truth to the old adage, “opposites attract”!

Aries: Partnership-centric Venus in your fiery sign starting on February 20th sends you in to March ready to mingle. If you’re single and seeking, put yourself out there…maybe with a boost from a seductive pheromone perfume. If you’re paired up already, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to spice things up between the sheets. Try something spontaneous, like shopping together for a new sex toy to enjoy, or change up your scenery. Take a weekend getaway complete with sensual minis, or just try making love in a new room in your home. A new view for your romantic times will keep things fresh and exciting as you light the fires of passion with your lover.

Taurus: Once you get through some chaotic annoyances that started last month, it will be smooth sailing for you and your relationship in March, Taurus. The sun in sweet, soft-spoken Pisces lends a hand to your romantic side, so kick that loving feeling into high gear. You’ll probably feel like canceling social engagements so you can just enjoy quiet nights in with your lover. Sensual couple’s massages, cozy lingerie or men’s loungewear, and romantic touches are the name of the game during this cuddly transit. It’s also great to live for loving yourself by taking time for self-care and self-love.

Gemini: Passionate Venus in confident, daring Aries beginning on February 20th sends you into March ready to go! You know exactly what you want, in love and life in general, and you’re not afraid to go after it. Affairs of the heart will all go your way, so it’s a good time to join a dating app, play matchmaker for a friend, or go all-in on your own relationship. Sex will be spontaneous, quick, and SUPER hot this month rather than drawn-out and romantic. That doesn’t make it any less satisfying or meaningful, though. Reconnect with your lover over an intimate game if you need to remind your lover you can slow things down.

Cancer: The new moon on the 20th means you’re heading into Pisces season ready to go out and have new adventures and experiences. Bonus points if your exploring can happen with your partner by your side! Single? A solo trip might allow you to meet a fellow lusty wanderer of your dreams! You’re not content with sitting still this month, so pack your bags with lots of sexy surprises and commit to traveling somewhere you’ve always wanted with your lover. You’ll both be inspired by romantic settings and exciting changes of scenery, but you will also look forward to returning home or to your hotel room every night and making hot, passionate love.

Leo: If you’ve been keeping your distance from your partner or a potential mate, the sun in caring, sensitive Pisces means it’s time to change all that. Your cool heart is warming up and you’re ready to spend some serious time on your relationship. Devote a romantic weekend in bed to your lover and just reconnect through loving touch and emotional communication…preferably in the nude. If you trust your heart, you’ll happily embrace change and commitment this month. As long as it’s what you want, don’t be afraid to let your love get serious!

Virgo: An uplifting Mercury-Mars trine in your sign on Feb. 22nd gives you and your love life an infusion of good moods and positivity. Your enthusiasm is at an all-time high, and you’re willing and able to devote that excited energy to improving your relationship. Your partner will take notice that you’re suddenly really listening to them when they talk, expressing your desires, and wanting to plan special date nights together. You’re also feeling more outgoing and confident than usual, so don’t be afraid to make your own moves to win someone over. Even if you just focus on loving yourself, you’ll be full of smiles all March long.

Libra: The sun in caring, understanding Pisces + loving Venus in your partnership house means your March will be off to a very romantic start. Delicious opportunities for romance & intimacy will present themselves all the time, so pay attention, and take advantage of them! You’ll also have a bit of an introverted streak this month. If you’re partnered, this will mean you’re a little clingier than normal. It will feel like it’s you and your lover against the world. As long as you don’t tune out the rest of the world, it’s fine. If you’re single, it means you’ll be a lot more guarded. You may be afraid of getting hurt, but not opening up could cause you to miss out on a fantastic opportunity to meet your match. Take care of yourself and ease into any new romances slowly; it will be worth the risk.

Scorpio: An expressive Mercury-Mars trine on February 22nd means you’re heading into March with the gift of gab. You’re able to express yourself confidently and kindly, taking a break from your usual ‘strong, silent type’ persona. Your partner will take notice and appreciate your openness. Just remember that your partner’s opinion matters as much as yours, so spend a little less time persuading and more time listening. Sharing a couple’s massage with relaxing CBD oil, then playing an intimate game that will lead to some cozy fun between the sheets will help you and your lover deepen your spiritual connection. You’re also in touch with your own desires and have no problem giving into the self-pleasure you want.

Sagittarius: You’re very goal-oriented this month, Sagittarius. While that’s good for your career, it’s not so great in the bedroom. You may find yourself becoming irritated with your partner if they’re not as action-driven in the sack as you are. Remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the journey of sex, and even your own masturbation. Getting to the orgasm is always great fun, but there’s a lot of important, intimate bonding (and self-reflection) that needs to happen on the way. Quickies are great every so often, but give into your partner’s desires for longer-lasting, more romantic sex as well.

Capricorn: The hot, passionate energy dealt from the Venus-Aries hookup on February 20th will carry you into March ready to act. While you normally want to weigh the pros and cons of every situation or romantic encounter, you don’t get the luxury of that time this month. If you snooze you lose, so start trusting your instincts. If it feels good, just do it, and trust the universe to guide you through what you need to do next. You’ll also have tons of ideas for fun ways to surprise your lover. They’ll be super impressed with your new spontaneous, sexual self.

Aquarius: You’ll be driven more by the desire for material possessions more than usual this month, Aquarius. You’ll find yourself fantasizing about driving a nicer car, living in a nicer house, or even just having more money. If you’re single and find yourself with a wealthy prospective partner after you, you jump in with both feet, and it will likely work out surprisingly well. Whatever your situation, if you find yourself wishing things were better, just remember to enjoy what you have. You can enjoy plenty of self-pleasure and partnered pleasure even on a budget, and the emotional bonds are more important to you than money any day.

Pisces: The sun in your house this month illuminates a new path for you, and you’re excited for everything that lies ahead. If you’re single and seeking, you likely have a secret admirer out there, because you’re hot stuff. Just make sure you never settle for less than exactly what you want. If your relationship has been begging for a fresh start, you’ll find plenty of fun new ways to play to reignite the spark. Don’t overlook the importance of water and how much enjoyment the waves can bring to your life this month. Whether you take a trip to the beach or your bathtub, enjoy the sensual spiritual energy you can soak up from this vital element.

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